Rep. Hannan to request cancellation of vanity license plate


Editor’s note: Read at your own risk. Democrat activists and Recall Dunleavy lawyers are alleging this story supports Nazis.

Rep. Sara Hannan of Juneau says she has requested the Division of Motor Vehicles revoke the vanity license plate that spells “3REICH.”

Her action comes at the request of her constituent Libby Bakalar of Juneau, who is deeply involved with various liberal political causes and who is an internet sensation who specializes in vulgarity.

Presumably the 3REICH refers to Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. But it may also be someone’s last name — there are at least 75 voters in Alaska with the last name of Reich.

The Third Reich means “Third Realm” or “Third Empire,” and was meant to indicate Nazi Germany’s heir to the Holy Roman Empire and the German Empire.

Bakalar also wants the state to cancel another vanity plate that spells out “FUHRER,” the German word for “ruthless leader,” often used to refer to Adolf Hitler.

At least five voters in Alaska have the last name of Fuhrer.

The process for removing a plate is not as simple as a representative demanding it. The Division of Motor Vehicles puts together a panel to review the plate in question, and the panel asks the owner of the plate about the meaning of it before making a decision.


  1. Seems like a no-brainer to me. Maybe like XTRUMP or BANDAN.
    But, as my wife so generously tells me, I need to know more about my brain.
    Let the reply gates open.

  2. Libby should take up a new hobby and let people live their lives without her “oversight”

    Bet she’s a mask shaker, too.

    • Typical hide behind a nom de plume basement dweller.

      And I don’t mean Libby.

      Nice to see all the racist loud boys and 3%r’s out themselves by defending those Obvious should not have been issued vanity plates.

      But I suppose all y’all defending it would have been right at home in 1937 Berlin.

      • “I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – incorrectly attributed to Voltaire, but still a powerful affirmation of free speech. Unlike the left, which seeks to censor all speech that offends it, conservatives believe that free speech is essential for any society to thrive and grow. Show me a country where free speech is suppressed and I’ll show you a country where tyranny oppresses the people.

  3. Checked out her blog. Vulgar, profanity ridden, self righteous, full of contempt for everyone she disagrees with. No telling what else is there if someone dug long enough

    Perfect for the new banana republic of Alaska

  4. This reminds me of the time a guy had a plate that read CMFIC. When DMV inquired its meaning he said “Clergy Make Friends in Church”. LOL
    Honestly, who would dare to have either of the two plates in this story! Free Speech is not always wise speech.

    • I agree. Whoever added the word “ruthless” doesn’t have a clue or is inserting their twisted bias. It is a common word meaning “Leader” that is used exactly as we would use it every day. If someone is inferring something about naziism or anything else percieved as negative, by displaying that word, is what we call free speech. I don’t believe in nazi dogma and will fight against it with all my might but defend their right to speak out however they will, as long as they are civil and respectful of my rights. People who are for stiffeling free speach have control issues that need therapy.

  5. The real reason they want the 3REICH plate canceled is so Dunbar can have it should he be elected mayor of Anchorage.

  6. Sounds like its only supporting the narrative Trump supporters are white so eventually they can demonize the christianity some dont like forcing the kind of christianity others want.
    Trump supporters were the most diverse group of people with ideas, heritages, sexual orientations, faiths, ages, politics, and careers.

  7. Bakalar proves again she is nothing more than a foul mouthed idiot. Could be someone with one of those plates might take or make it personal that Idiot Bakalar is coming after them. She might find that a private citizen doesn’t have to play by the same rules as the politicians she continually use her foul mouth on. Typical Lib thinking her free speech is the only speech that should be free.

    • This reads like a threat to her safety. I should probable screenshot this persons post and contact the Local FBI about it.

      As I recall, since she is a lawyer, she is an Officer of the Court.

  8. Leftists/democrats want all to be restricted to their ‘train’ of thought, speech and actions, or none at all. One of the basics of communism. Silence dissent. All is fair for them to do that (they think). Another in the mountain of reasons that Alaska deserves better. Preaching to the choir again, I guess. Faith is still a real word. America only lost 51,000 jobs on opening day, to the marionettes. More to come. The puppet is losing credibility.

  9. The state is a basket case but this legislator chooses to focus on a license plate. Here’s a suggestion, fix the budget shortfall and then worry about the license plate. As a group, Alaska must have the dumbest legislators in the country.

  10. As per usual Suzanne Downing is dog whistling to the lowest common denominator. Here is a hint folks. Nazis are bad. The jerk who drives the H2 is a Nazi. We don’t want Nazis in Alaska or the US. This is the end of my TED talk.

  11. The person with this plate could have the last name Reich (or a part of their name) and be their parents 3rd child.

  12. Personalized license plates are subject to a few basic requirements that include the following things that aren’t allowed:
    Vulgar, racist, or offensive messages.
    Special symbols like &, %, and #.
    Ham radio call signs.
    Duplicates of current vanity plates.
    Seems like a license plate that says 3REICH wouldn’t have made it past the Vulgar, racist, or offensive messages section without good reason…hating Jews, and being a Nazi aren’t good reasons.

    • There’s also a vanity plate on an fire engine red Chrysler that says ARYAN. Therefore, methinks we have Nazis reviewing and approving AK vanity plates.

      • Aryan is the word that ancient Persians and Hindus used to describe themselves. Perhaps this person is Iranian or Indian. What a closed minded hate filled paranoid life you must live Sophie.

  13. As a collector of antique radios I feel entitled to use the numbers of vintage vacuum tubes. Sadly I don’t have enough vehicles to request all of them:


    Prurient minds could imagine all sorts of things.

  14. Both of my grandfathers fought in WW2 against Nazi’s and Fascism. It breaks my heart and sickens me that so many Americans have been seduced by and or are apologist’s for these anti-American values. Shame on you!

  15. I know the owner of the License Plate.. They are originally from Switzerland and are Alaskan citizens. They are from the municipality of “Eich” which is in the district of Sursee in the canton of Lucerne in Switzerland. They are teachers who are educating our children in the 3R’s… Reading, wRiting, and aRithmatic.. They are NOT Nazis!!!!

  16. I know of many plates that mean things that the DMV “review team” would have a stroke over if they knew the truth. It’s the owner’s name, they had a really good explanation when asked about it so it passed muster, or the DMV dropped the ball. Regardless, the owner will have to change it now because the perpetually offended left will hunt that vehicle down and vandalized it and torture the owner, their relatives, their employer,…We all know the playbook.

    • That’s why I never put a MAGA bumper sticker on my car. I have a $500 deductible so a windshield would come out of my pocket. The “No-Trumpers” have been so violently militant for the past 4 years.

  17. Making an issue out of the last person’s name. Are you making an issue about a person’s last name just to grab culture cancel attention for your own political gains?
    If you like to take issue with Vanity plates how about 8ak or 8OBAMA
    Do not even try to claim my vanity plate FCANCR which stands for Fight Cancer if you read it as something else that your issue

  18. Libby Bakalar offends me. By my standards its offensive. Please have that name removed from all government documents. When I hear or see that name I get upset and feel its not a nice name.

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