Rep. Geran Tarr lays bare the bullying tactics used by Democrats through their surrogates Rep. Fields and leg-wrestling party blogger


Rep. Geran Tarr took to social media on Wednesday to describe to her friends and constituents the bullying tactics used by members of her own caucus and the Alaska Democratic Party. Her post shows just how involved the party is in trying to make legislators vote certain ways. It’s a 180-degree difference from the Alaska Republican Party, which works to elect lawmakers and then hopes for the best.

Tarr described at length how she had been bullied by Rep. Zack Fields and leftist blogger Jeff Landfield. The two men were part of a leg-wrestling, pingpong and beer party in the Capitol complex this winter while the Capitol was closed to the public.

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Tarr on Wednesday said that she would not, in fact, be accepting per diem for special session, just as she did not in 2019. She has issues with the way the Legislative Council has interpreted statute, which says no per diem can be awarded if the budget has not passed. The council has decided that after the budget is passed, all the back-pay per diem can then be paid, and Tarr believes this is flouting the law.

But more to the point, she explained how Democrats have bullied her, including The Alaska Center for the Environment, a political group that she had formerly considered a friend; Tarr is a hard-left environmentalist with values in line with the Alaska Center for the Environment, a surrogate group for the Alaska Democratic Party.

“When I wouldn’t join a caucus this year because the very dysfunctionality you’re seeing right now and the unwillingness of some of my colleagues to compromise, my colleague Rep. Zach Fields, made up a story that I was upset about a committee chair position. This is a position I had previously suggested a Republican for in an effort to get the legislature organized,” Tarr explained.

“First, he tried to get at least two colleagues to call people who had supported me in an effort to put pressure on me. I’m grateful that those two colleagues said no to that kind of nonsense.

“Then, since that wasn’t low enough, he called the Alaska Democratic Party, a union leader, and a prominent Democratic leader to put pressure on me. This was pretty disappointing as I felt they did put pressure on me and didn’t even ask me what the real story was.

“Then, since that wasn’t low enough, he tried to make it about race, and called the NAACP, the Alaska Black Caucus, and some neighbors. This was a mixed bag as some believed his made up story, but neighbors knew immediately it was nonsense,” Tarr wrote.

The Alaska Black Caucus was just awarded $1.1 million by the Anchorage Assembly to do this kind of work.

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“Then, since that wasn’t low enough, he got The Alaska Center to start a phone bank into our district and continue to spread the made up story. This was extremely disappointing as this is an organization where I’ve known the executive director for over 20 years and have worked with closely in my legislative work. I didn’t even get a courtesy call to see if the story he was circulating was true, they just started making calls,” Tarr continued.

“The outcome here was something that lifted my spirits in a way I can hardly describe. Every conversation I had with neighbors included things like we trust you, we know you’re working hard for our area, we know you’re doing the right thing, and you go girl. My relationships with you are important to me and are ones where I’ve worked hard to build trust and the trust you placed in me was an incredible feeling.

“Then, Jeff Landfield, never to be outdone in the category of misogynistic behavior, wrote a blog post spreading the lie and calling me racist. This was very upsetting, not because he said things about me, he always does that, but because my brand new colleague and the Chair of the Committee being referenced was now involved in this nonsense. Instead of just being able to celebrate his accomplishment as a new legislator, now he was swept up in something that wasn’t even true. This was really upsetting to me and I shared that with Speaker Stutes. Her idea was to call Jeff into her office so I could tell the truth and she thought he would issue a retraction or an apology. I never believed he would do that, but the fact that she was willing to stand up for me was something that had never happened before so I took her up on the opportunity. The three of us sat in the Speaker’s office where both she and I explained this had nothing to do with a committee chair and everything to do with me trying to create a more functioning legislature. I wasn’t surprised at all when his response was that he wouldn’t be issuing a retraction or an apology because he said he had tried to call my office the day it happened and since he didn’t hear back for me he felt comfortable with what he wrote. I was so grateful my colleague accepted my apology for this nonsense and even more grateful later when he let me write him a letter of recommendation for a training opportunity. I would suggest this is one of the reasons that reading the blogs is not a good use of your time.”

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  1. I never cared for Tarr, but she pales in her evilness to this snarky twit, Zack Fields. What a piece of work he is! As a teacher, for nearly 40 years I have lots of students in my classes who were just like Fields: arrogant, disruptive, disrespectful, manipulative… yet smart as can be. Whatever area of the state voted this putz in, I hope he gets thrown out office. He needs to go to the private sector and earn an honest living. Well, I guess that goes for most of them…

  2. My opinion of Rep. Tarr just went up a notch if it is true that she wouldn’t accept per diem until the Legislature passes a legitimate budget! The other grifters, however, continue to disappoint.

  3. Tarr would surely win a leg wrestling match against Fields. Zack’s twiggy little legs look scrawny enough to break under the weight of a a few leaves. Merrick needs to feed Fields, preferably some cookie dough to grow a little flesh on those twigs.

  4. “—-Not reading blogs is not a good use of your time.” Which blogs are Tarr referring to, because we know Democrats and friendly non partisans as Landfield stick together. To me sounds like another sneaking way attacking Must Read Alaska and any other local writing group that challenges Alaska Democrats and their friendly following Republicans and nonpartisans.

    My opinion is different. I’d rather see someone reading different ‘blogs’ than playing stupid phone games!

  5. Once again proving that even in a significant minority, Demonrats can completely screw up everything. I can go for no state government for a year.

  6. Landfield views his stay in Juneau as an excuse to party.
    He is a character out of a 1980’s Rodney Dangerfield movie.
    Unfortunately now that he got his press pass, we will have to deal with his adolescent behavior for some time to come.

  7. They will Eat, their own kind or throw you to the wolves.
    What do you expect from a Democrat.

  8. Taking notes from the Alaska Republican Party. Just shows no matter what party you are, if you get out of line you will be attacked.

  9. I almost like Rep. Tarr a little bit! It is so nice to see them eat their own. I’m in Fields district, unfortunately. I’ve never seen hide nor hair of him. Ever. I’m not quite sure what he does besides inappropriate actions and foot-in-mouth exercises.
    The Alaska Landmine, the spawn of that troglodytic love child, is a total waste of time. I can’t believe anyone would take this person seriously. I would much rather read Babylon Bee and at least get a laugh.

  10. Why is the speaker of the house having a closed door meeting, behind numerous closed to the public doors, with a guy who was caught violating restricted access areas and a house member who had her feelings hurt because of a blog post?
    These people should not be elected representatives.

  11. How pathetic….All of them, including Tarr, she still made sure to vote the way they all do. A show for all the kiddos to sway sympathy as some kind of whistle blower, while being the pot calling the kettle black, and sticking it to the people.

  12. To understand the workings of Juneau, one must read The Godfather. ‘Sorry Tessio, it’s nothing personal, it’s just business.’ ‘Leave the car, bring the cannoli.’

  13. Before anyone gets all teary-eyed about Ms Tarr, please peruse the legislative record to see the bills she supports and has supported. Anyone who cares about their Fourth Amendment rights should be happy to see Ms Tarr go away.

  14. Twiggy Fields needs to put some meat somewhere. It might just as well be his legs. Upstairs, it’s pretty hollow too.

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