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Rep. Eastman attends Mike Lindell election security conference in South Dakota

Rep. David Eastman was a speaker Wednesday at a Mike Lindell’s (My Pillow) Cyber Symposium in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, an event that ends today.

Eastman spoke about the U.S. Constitution being words on a page until people have the conviction to follow those words. As far as election integrity, he said, if there is no obligation on the part of those who administer elections to provide answers to reasonable questions and transparency to the public, “then you don’t really have an election.”

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Eastman recounted briefly the hack of the Alaska Election Division last year before the election.

“The fact that we were hacked before the election, and we as legislators were not told about that, and the public was not told about that, and information not released until after the election is unconscionable,” he said.

Hackers gained access in 2016 to the server that hosts Alaska’s elections website.

In 2020, Unknown hackers stole state of Alaska voter information, such as birth dates and drivers license numbers, from about 113,000 voters on file with the Division of Elections. The information about the cyber break-in was discovered in October, 2020 but not made public until December by Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer.

The conference, which has about 200 attendees, is being broadcast on

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. It’s refreshing to see a member of Our Alaska Legislature speaking up in support of Our Constitution of the United States! What really took place regarding Ballot Tampering & other varieties of Election fraud in the November Election?! There appears to be more then enough sworn witnesses, circumstancial evidence, and suspicious vote tallies to warrant a full Criminal Investigation! Where’s the DOJ, FBI, SCOTUS, with so much suspicious activity, and no reasonable explanation why they’ve refused to even look at the evidence?

  2. David could not be more right about Kevin Meyer being a greater disappointment to everyone ….except the democrats.
    Both he and the Governor fail to challenge the courts on the “now Witness needed” decision or perhaps just tell the court to pound sand and they both clearly had knowledge of the voter records hack and who know how much other information they had on other voter fraud..!!…the voter registrations are still out of wack and nothing is yet being done to clean them up….

  3. Eastman continues to chase his own tail with his vague arguments about hacking (if there’s any proof it affected the elections, let’s see it), the clearly debunked Lindell scam that now is either going down in flames or circling the drain (choose whichever analogy you like), and the fact that he has shown he has any real knowledge of what the Constitution says or how it has been interpreted, lo these many years, by the SCOTUS.
    A fantasy pillow salesman with his feathers blowing in the wind, waiting to get stuffed.

    • Sold to the highest bidder-CCP, yes you, Greg! Do you even fathom that our Republic is at stake here? Oh wait, with your comment, it showed you sold your soul to the CCP! Wake the FORK up!

      We The People, govern … not the government who’s made us bow down too many years, as we got complacent. The tyrannical mind set needs to be made known, Patriots from ALL walks of life had enough of you telling us! You were elected in good faith to serve the betterment of the people of Alaska, not to benefit your own agenda.

      Mr. D. Eastman, I am sure there are many that will stand behind you as, we the people, bind together, to defend our God given Republic for which it stands, one Nation, under God!

      Just as our forefathers fought to their death for freedom for the people, by the people, so will Patriots across this great Nation. Stand up Alaskan’s! Unite for our Republic… for which She stands, One Nation, under God

      • Oh my, Amy J, you have fallen for the line that the government is some vile institution that is meaning to impose its evil will on all of us, and apparently the Russians are behind it. There may be evil people in government, I can think of a few who will remain unnamed, but if they have been elected, by hook or by crook, or even by the most accurate election in history, we have only ourselves to blame. We put them there.
        That is a far better solution to avoiding tyranny than storming the Capitol Building or repeating the lie that the election was fraudulent in order to keep an autocratic narcissist in power so he can impose his will on all of us.
        That’s the real tyranny.

        • Greg R, our founders believed that Government was in fact capable of being an evil organization. This is why they limited the size and scope of the Federal Government by way of a document called the Constitution. George Washington himself likened Government to fire, a helpful servant but a fearful master. Government was considered a necessary evil by nearly all of the Founders. I would suggest that we have an out of whack Federal system at present, which Greg, is Tyrannical.

    • I’m disappointed that you don’t quite understand the focus of the Cyber Symposium and don’t think Mike Lindell is worthy of an opinion or should share the information with the public and legislators from all 50 states. Please note, anyone has a protected right to present the case to other American citizens, just as you have added your protected opinion. The claims, with supporting evidence, suggests the 2020 Election was compromised by multiple hacks. The claims are credible, in my opinion, and must be investigated and corrected. My concerns are related to the Ballot Measures, bonds, judges, and down ballot candidates. The focus has been on the Presidential race, but if the evidence suggests that race is corrupted, it follows the other contests may have also been compromised. I think we deserve to know what happened and it appears the only real option is a full forensic audit.

      • Whoo, where to start…
        Of course Mr. Pillowman is entitled to his opinion, but not to expect everyone to truckle under and believe it. It has been resoundingly disproven. In fact, he had no real evidence to present at all.
        That doesn’t mean the gullible won’t be deceived. There’s a meme in science that states that many a beautiful, logical hypothesis has been destroy by vile facts. We need, and deserve, evidence to show that something has merit. Mr. Pillowman failed miserably. Even his helpers are abandoning his irrational theory.
        The election of 2020 has been shown to be the most accurate in history. It has been shaken and stirred so many times even James Bond won’t drink down the lies made to defame it. This is simply a case of evidence being presented over and over against the lie that the election was fraudulent. It appears you believe that not only was the Presidential race fraudulent, but state and local races were, too. How do you explain that during the election that Trump lost, Republican candidates in state and local elections made gains? Were those results fraudulent also?
        You only have to throw things off a tall building so many times to show that there is great reliability that gravity works. Trump is telling you it doesn’t, and he’s recruiting minions to say it doesn’t, but I’m not sure any of them would want to jump off a building to prove it doesn’t.
        Well, maybe Mr. Pillowman.

      • Pam B.
        If I’m not mistaken I recall Mike Lindell repeat himself time & time again, the focus is not on the rightful President but the integrity of our voting process. If it isn’t corrected for the 2020 Election, then we, in America won’t have another representation of the American voters.
        Thank you for your comment.

      • Mike Lindell is a recovering Crack addict who just happened into good luck in business and is — sorry to say — OBVIOUSLY brain damaged from smoking all that “rock.”

        So sad he and all the rest of you Trunp Walking Dead Cult members won’t go back to being productive members of society.

        • Sophie…
          Just today read an article of your government is an official abuser…

          Interesting enough you fit perfectly the abuser mentally by the trait of your comment.

          Yes, Mike Lindell is a recovering crack head and publicly confesses his sins. Thing is Sophie, he had the balls to pick himself up and became clean. It would be my honor to meet him because he for one has stuck his neck out to show the American people our Republic is hanging by a thread.

          When 2 or 3 agree in one accord, it becomes stronger. Guess what Sophie, I am in agreement with Mike Lindell and the cause of our freedom.

          May the God, I know touch your heart.

          • Funny how people like to call people out they repeatedly using their first name, and then get all churchy on them in the end. I’m pretty sure your God would not approve of such behavior.

    • And I suppose you believe yourself to have a rein on interpreting the constitution? Nothing you have said in your comment is anything more than slander of men with good character that love this country. Do you love this country? Do you study and pour through primary source documents that were written for the founding of our nation? I highly doubt it. Please, write something with substance and that isn’t derogatory.

      • Elizabeth,
        You have a right to give your opinion of me, hey, more power to ya! HA!

        I hold high regard for men of great character. What comes out of the mouth of men (or woman) is stored in their hearts.

        What happened to these 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?

        Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died.

        Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned.

        Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army.

        One had two sons captured.

        Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War.

        They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

        What kind of men were they?

        Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists, eleven were merchants, nine were farmers and large plantation owners – men of means, well-educated. But they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured.

    • Greg you remind me of this quote by Mark Twain:

      “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”

    • We have Amy, Pam and Elizabeth properly schooling Greg R as the fallacies of his thinking. These women speak as true patriots with respect for our constitution. The stereotype of women these days is they usually embrace leftist/socialist/communist ideology. Thankfully, we see decent, thoughtful, patriotic females speaking out on this comment board in contravention to the herd mentality of far too many American women.

      • Mr. Coogan, Nothing like an Irishman coming to the defense of Haybags! I commend you sir! Especially when they are attacked by the likes of Greg R.

        • Shanty, haybags? Be thoughtful.
          Few things imaginable are more inherently beautiful than a conservative woman.

      • You sound as if you’re trying to get a date. Don’t use gender as a way of condoning rude behavior and personal attacks. I’ve known some pretty mean women in my time, and some were reminiscent of the bobbit chick. Sleep with one eye open.

    • Finally, the voice of sanity and reality. Thank you Greg for expressing what the majority of Americans understand is the meaning of the US Constitution. Lindell and Trump are con-men grifting the ignorant few Americans with their loud meaningless voices.

  4. Greg R. You are too brainwashed to realize that the only thing you’re going to get from the communist is a Front Row Seat to your own destruction.

  5. A full election forensic audit should be done immediately in all our states the evidence is and has been exposed for all to clearly see. Election integrity is all a citizen has it is our right for the people of the people by the people. I understand what has happened and has been done to all voters in our country. I am trying to contact Chris tuck here he will act on election integrity.I have been thinking politicians done this to us here all. Nope dominion voting machines and a handful of evil dominion elected villains accomplished this evil wicked deeds committed upon all voters. We must support our legislators and there team immediately GOD unite us all here to save our country.Mike lindell and oan news we all love you.

  6. In the USA the government is given its power by the voters. If our votes are compromised by fraud and the government chooses to turn a blind eye to the fraud then the rule of law has no meaning. There may or may not have been fraud in the last presidential election but the simple way to find out the truth is to conduct a full forensic audit. Anyone who has nothing to hide shouldn’t have a problem with it and the results should settle the matter once and for all. I believe that Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer should step up to the plate and order a full forensic audit immediately. The voters of Alaska deserve to know the truth however it may turn out!

    • The audits have been done. Many of them over and over. Still, some insist another audit needs to be made, and made again, and made again, until they get the results they want. There’s this saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again until you get a different result.
      But then, it seems sometimes like the whole world has gone insane.

      • Greg:
        The audits aren’t complete because the Democrat controlled counties in the swing states won’t turn over much of their ballot results. This will require court assistance. And even then, Democrats have enough time to doctor-up the true results. Why are the Democrats always afraid of the truth? What are the hiding?

    • Election results are decided long before ballots are cast. It was decided that Obama would be the anointed one. It was decided that Hillary was too dumb to run the oval office. It was decided that Kennedy would beat Nixon in 1960 even though he didn’t. A lot of things are decided before the dog and pony election results are revealed. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news and to burst your bubble but voters have little to say about outcomes nowadays.

      • ”It was decided that Hillary was too dumb to run the oval office.”
        I agree totally. I just wonder what happened to the people making that decision in 2020…

  7. I’m glad he’s still on this. Maybe he can convince the rest of the legislation to do an audit of the 2020 election. I won’t count my chickens though since AKs legislation is a beers pong republic giving out passes in supposedly shut down capital buildings. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it does happen.

  8. I think that regardless of what party you’re affiliated with, you should feel encouraged that voter rolls and election integrity issues are addressed on a regular basis. The fact that so many people are being censored on a variety of conservative concerns is equally troubling. If you express doubt regarding the efficacy of the COVID vaccines on IG, Facebook or Twitter, you get flagged or get a banner pop-up implying that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Similarly if one questions the 2020 election results. The most glaring reason to question the election is that a nearly 80 year old senile man, with a son who’s raking in millions from a Ukrainian oil and gas company (without a shred of prior experience), then protects said son from an investigation by threatening to withhold U.S. aid if the investigation isn’t dropped and the prosecutor fired…. wow. And that doesn’t even include his laptop fiascos. Oh, and Uncle Mumbles rarely left his bunker to campaign yet washes away a 700,000+ vote deficit in Pennsylvania overnight?!!? C’mon Greg R. There aren’t enough Trump hating voters out there to get Joey across the finish line without SOMETHING being amiss. But David Eastman and Mike Lindell trouble you? Frankly, I don’t see anything being overturned but, I’d like to see voter rolls revisited and, voter I.D. implemented – for EVERYONE’S best interest and the protection of the election process.

    • Correct. Why folks on the left side of the political aisle seem to think any question about an election is ridiculous is beyond me.
      If there are odd items that happen during the voting, counting of the votes, it is the right thing to question them, and ask for an investigation. When Dunbar lost the Mayoral run-off a few months ago, there were some odd things that happened. (Why would the clerk store blank ballots in the counting room? Why were there people in the building after counting stopped? Why were the observers ejected?) .

      Dunbar should have demanded a full audit. And, I would have fully supported him in doing so, even though I wanted Bronson to win.

  9. There was so much information that came out during this symposium about election hacking! We need a full forensic audit of the 2020 elections here in AK! The primary thing uncovered is a .bat file that weakens the Dominion EMS system and also decrypts the traffic going over the MSSQLSERVER the adjudication system is attached too. Also found deleted logs within one forensic image they had of the adjudication system from CO after Dominion went and applied their update on the systems. Definitely enough evidence just in that alone, that warrants a full forensic audit of all 50 states!

  10. Greg R. No one could have said it more concisely than you. You only get brainwashed if you allow it.

  11. Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our constitutional republic. If we cannot trust our election system, we can no longer believe that we are being governed by people who represent the will of the people.

    While we continually hear concern from politicians who want to pervert our election system with things like no voter ID, etc. because certain groups will be disenfranchised, no one seems to care that everyone is disenfranchised when we see obvious fraud and cannot get a forensic audit to address our concerns. Refusing to do this audit only adds to suspicion and further undermines confidence in our government.

    I refuse to vote for another politician that is not loudly demanding a full forensic audit for all 50 states.

    If you want to work with others to demand a forensic audit, join Alaska First Audit on the Telegram app. This is part of the America First Audit effort.

  12. Wait a minute…an Alaska Republican standing up for his convictions and America? Isn’t this against the rules? Please have him stuffed and mounted!

    • I see him standing up for his convictions (maybe one day he’ll get convicted), but I don’t see him standing up for America. I see him standing up for Trump. Not the same thing.

  13. My two cents:
    We need to make sure that an audit will be a Full FORENSIC Audit. Nothing less.
    Thank you.

  14. It was nice to have Alaska represented. The amount of questionable activity around our last election is startling.

    I am disgusted by Lt. Governor Meyer’s lack of response. He’s either ignorant or complicit – either choice is a terrible look.

    The token rerunning of the ballots through the same machines was not an audit of Ballot measure 2.

    It’s disgusting how corrupt our state has become. If a legislator does not support a full forensic audit of the last election, I ask myself, “What are they trying to hide?”

    • I think it would be a good thing if people who don’t believe the last election was fair and accurate decided never to vote again.

      • Wow Greg really? I am going to encourage you to sit down and take a good hard look at the evidence. Set the political parties and possible agendas aside. I believe you will be unpleasantly surprised at the data that will be revealed to you. You’re acting like a child being forced by a parent to “just try it” and after all the fussing and fighting… little Gregory actually became educated to the facts. I hope your able to live with your prideful self when reality slaps you upside the head! Do us all a favor…. Get educated.

        • I love it when people do their best to personally attack and talk down to someone as a way of trying to promote their agenda. All it does is make them look ignorant in the eyes of the reader.

      • Question:
        If Trump had won, and you saw the things that went down, would you still be claiming the election was fair and accurate?

  15. The Big Lie, as it’s referred to. So let me ask: why did the Democrats who controlled the ballot counting in Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta have to suddenly stop their counting for eight hours? Why did they throw all election observers out of the ballot rooms? Why did they cover the windows with paper and cardboard? Why did unmarked vans get caught rolling into underground garages at 4:00am with truckloads of boxes? What was hidden under the tables at the ballot centers? Why did 1000 affidavits get filed by witnesses who worked as observers on election night? Why were the Dominion machines plugged into the internet during election day?

    • Answers:
      The Democrats were desperate to get Trump out of office and they ran out of ways to do it. Twice impeached by the lunatic Pelosi. Made-up stories of Russian collusion. Media-fueled lies about Trump.
      Last resort:. Election Fraud… .in cities controlled by Black Democrats where cries of racism and threats of a race war would be waged if the courts dared to examine the true evidence.
      All orchestrated by Democrats and kept secret while the last fraudulent effort was being plotted. The Black leaders in Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia stuffed ballot boxes with only Joe Biden’s name as to push him over the top in those contested states. All covered up.
      The Big Lie is that Joe Biden is a legitimate president. Not even a remotely honest Democrat believes that he is.

      • So what’s your point? Do you think it’s going to change anything? When they found out that Kennedy stole the election, did they kick him out of the White House and move Nixon in? Was there this big hoopla apology and dragging Kennedy through the gutters of the supreme Court? Nothing’s going to happen folks. Best to simmer down, sit down as you people like to say, and try to lower your blood pressure and come up with a plan that you hope will be more successful next time around. That’s really the alternatives. Oh you can come on here and cry and stomp and complain for all the good that will do you. But again nothing will happen.

        • It is going to change a lot.
          The 2022 midterm elections will be a lot more honest and open. Attempts to continue counting ballots without observers in the room will be a lot more difficult. A box of ballots will not suddenly be discovered, just in time. The scanners and machines will not be connected to any internet routers, or any network at all if possible.
          Also, the voter rolls will be reinforced. Those no longer eligible will not receive an unrequested ballot in the mail. Statistically odd items will be investigated immediately. And, “corrected” ballots will undergo a lot more scrutiny before anyone takes a pen to them. Speaking of pens, voters that are handed a Sharpie, or other permanent marker that will bleed through the ballot will request another pen, in order to ensure their vote is counted.
          Removing the current pResident is not likely to happen, but ensuring that the voice of the people is heard will. That is what is going to happen.

  16. Dr. Shiva made some unwarranted assumptions about the Chinese election hack based on his quick analysis of the fraudulent vote tallies versus the actual vote tallies (by state) and then spoke out on Steve Bannon’s radio show.
    From the numbers it seems that 4.2% of the votes were flipped from Trump to Biden across all jurisdictions.
    Dr. Shiva revealed this and then started talking about disinformation campaigns and widespread setups designed to cast doubt on the Chinese hack theory and, by association, the other election fraud schemes in play.
    The fact that a computer algorithm based vote manipulation scheme remained consistent across the entire United States doesn’t discredit the Chinese hack theory…it strengthens it because that’s exactly how a computer algorithm would work.
    Whoever did this never expected to be discovered and wouldn’t have been except for the real time data packet captures on election night. Nobody knew that was going on and without that data this 4.2% flip would never have been found out.
    So think about it and ask yourself which scenario seems more likely…that someone engaged in a massive disinformation campaign probably costing millions and involving hundreds or thousands of people in the hope that it would be discovered, acted on and widely publicized just in case someone started agitating about election fraud or that the Chinese (or someone) actually did hack our election via computer algorithm to get Trump out of office and to install enough liberal senators and representatives to weaken their main global competitor and threat.
    Figure it out and don’t jump to illogical conclusions the way that Dr. Shiva did.

  17. Somebody feels very threatened by the FACTS Patriot Lindell learned about the massive fraud you are euphemistically calling “an election” and had thugs enter the Patriot Lindell’s hotel room and beat him up. They are trying to shut him up but it is evidence!. “Put the evidence in the car Junior”. It needs to be placed in a functioning court I guess that means a military tribunal in a few days to get it out there and authorize remedy. And you, little flower, don’t want to know the painful facts. It’s a wee bit unpleasant to think our country has been co-opted by the monarchs and global satanists who hate our liberties and economic opportunities.

  18. So thankful David was at the Symposium representing Alaska. Its apparent that many closed minded individuals can’t even fathom this is not a left or right issue, it is an American issue. Many of our family members have been in the military, been POW’s, been physically and mentally damaged by the enemy fighting for our Country. Now that proof exists that the fraudulent electronic voting machines have been manipulated by foreign interference and the American Votes have been changed, its time for a Full Forensic Audit of ALL 50 States to be done. Out of RESPECT for those who have gave all for this country and those who are still in the daily battle with life long injuries, why on Gods Green Earth would you not want this investigated? If it is proven a nothing burger PRAISE GOD. If not maybe YOU deniers have something to hide? If things are on the up and up…. Whats the problem? If you were not able to watch 8-10 hrs daily of the Symposium….. SHUT YOUR FACE! We the American People are Pizzed off!! We WANT ANSWERS NOW!!!

    • Okay here’s the answer that you’ve all been waiting for. Why did Trump lose? The answer, because he ran his big fat mouth too much. He turned people off. I know even rednecks down here, strong Trump supporters were turned off by the constant Jabberwocky coming from him. People started to realize that this guy was a flipping idiot. He should have just shut his damn mouth, did the good job he was doing as president and live to fight another day. The reason Democrats hated him so much because they were made insane by the constant Non-Stop gibberish coming from him. I bet Melania has sound canceling earphones, ear plugs, big thick pillows, anything else you can get a hold of to drowned out the constant insane blabbering coming from.

  19. A forensic audit is the only way to show the proof to the naysayers. Go ahead, show us the entire 2020 elections in AK were not tampered with so you can throw it in the face of those pushing for the audit. I find it puzzling that 107% of AK registered voters actually voted. How do we have 107%? Unless the 2010 census was used to file ballots of non voting registered voters. We know the population decreased since the 2010 census, which makes me super curious. I say do the forensic audit to prove there was no tampering or malfunctioning of the machines.

  20. Demand forensic election audits in ALL States, now! The 2020 election was a s@#t show, of that there is no doubt.

    • Thank you Mr. Eastman!
      Zack was too busy I’m sure, staying limber and strengthing the leg muscles for beer pong and legwrestling.
      Amazing facts were brought to the light by Patriots during the symposium.
      Im grateful that Mr. Lindell would give his time and finance something that the state and federal government should have done.
      Please back up these people working to exposing the fraud perpetrated on our country and its citizens on 11-4 2020 and 01-06-2021.

  21. There were thousands of operatives, some highly skilled and trained, with a budget in the hundreds of millions, working diligently to control the outcome of the election. Pretty hard to beat that.

  22. You’re not going to turn back the hands of time at this late date. You may make it harder for shenanigans in the future. Regardless, Mike is entitled to his free speech without being beat on or his house invaded. People on this forum are entitled to their free speech without being personally attacked but that doesn’t happen either does it?

  23. Those of us who believe that the 2020 election was not on the up and up want a full forensic audit of the election in all 50 states. There were too many deviations of the norm to say that there is not a fire with so much smoke in evidence and so many sworn statements by witnesses to the smoke. There has not been a forum for this evidence to be reviewed as the courts deferred to the state legislatures that have the authority over any review. Alaska needs a full forensic review to insure that our election is safe and secure and if the electronics create a risk or have been compromised, then only a full forensic audit can determine that. If the politicians are fighting this, then the simple question is “why?” elections belong to the people and that includes the machines that tabulate the votes. Let us see in full forensic audit like they are doing in Arizona.

  24. Mrs Vic thank you ma’am all we have is our vote it should be held as a priceless item by all. Our country needs us all more than ever ever before home of the brave.

  25. I have been reaching out to Mr. Eastman with no response as of yet. Alaska needs to conduct a full forensic audit and the people need to come together to see it completed. Also, Dunleavy just filed for re-election. I suggest everyone who cares about election integrity call the Governor and tell him we want to see his support for an audit and an explanation of why his Lt. Governor withheld the hack from the people until the end of the year. It is time for answers folks, there is a war for our Republic going on and we need to be engaged or we will lose it! Mike Lindell is a national hero! He has spent over 15 million dollars of his own money and endured relentless attacks by the left’s propaganda machine for us. For our Freedom! How can we do anything less?

    • The stupid is strong here. Lindell has been full of it this entire time and he is running out of money and time. Heheh!
      He and Eastman deserve each other.

      • Yankee,
        You obviously don’t see our Republic at stake. Took for granted what our forefathers wanted for America The Land that honors God. Our forefathers honored God thus, “God Bless America”. He blessed America. I suppose you don’t believe in the God I know. That’s ok, we have the freedom to choose our beliefs. It’s not forced upon us.

        Our American Flag has great meaning. So does the pledge… it’s an allegiance to the flag.

        I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

        That in itself needs to be engraved in the American mind & Patriots to the Great United States of America.

        • Our Republic was in peril with the last president and his attempted coup up until and culminating in Jan 6 attack on our Congress.
          This was stopped by several principled individuals, some only now coming to light, that stood up to that traitor.
          This has nothing to do with your God or anyone else’ God. The rule of law is/was what is at stake and will play out in due time. Justice wheels sometimes grind slowly but it does appear they are well on their way.
          We are looking forward to the previous guy being frog-marched into a penal institution. Heheh!

          • Yankee,
            The Jan 6 insurrection was false just like the Russian collision. Maybe you should investigate other clips beside what the MSM feeds you. Or ask yourself, why wasn’t the WHOLE DC Police in full force? Why the bicycle fences used rather than heavy duty fences? Why did one of the police officers waved in folks to go his way to the Capital? I can go on and on w/ the leftist who attempted to setup & blame it all on our 45th President and/or Patriots?

          • Wolf, nice collection of your opinions that don’t hold water except with the low-watt bulbs on this site.
            Get a grip here as you need some help.
            As for Kemosabee, that imbecile has never had a clue but does keep trying-to give us some laughs I suppose. Heheh!

        • Bill Yankee is nothing but an old retired fool, old hippie, troll, who sits on his computer, and smokes a lot of medical pot, praying to frogs that his arthritic old fingers can bang enough keys to still opine on some old socialism that he studied in college in the mid-60’s.
          IE. Not much intellectual firepower between his sagging white temples.?

      • Great rebuttal hehehehe RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” You should try virtue signaling for a change of pace.

  26. I hope those who choose to ignore this important topic and slander patriots that are concerned about election integrity were among the Alaskans that had their information stolen during the 2020 vote. When I received notice of the data breach it certainly raised red (no pun intended) flags. Should the naysayers get hacked it will serve them right and good luck getting their 1% overlords to help them!

  27. Alaskans! Please demand a full forensic audit of the November 3, 2020 election. Every state in this country was affected by the dominion voting machines and whoever is behind them. We in ALASKA use those machines. Ballot measure 2 probably did not pass. Please go to Sign the petition to demand an audit here in Alaska. Call your representative and demand that they stand up for election integrity.

    • Several House District seats in Fairbanks and Anchorage are currently held by Democrats who gained office via election fraud. Would you like to know which ones, and who the prime orchestrator was?

      • yes I would like to know. There are only 2 house seats held by democrats in Fairbanks. District 4, I checked back to 1992 election. The seat has been held by a democrat since John Davies. The district stayed strongly democrat through 2 redistrictings. Wool’s district 5 was mixed but seemed to go for a candidate over party. Looking at 2014 they went for Begich, Young , Walker, Bishop and Wool. Hopkins won 2020 with 54% of the vote to Kuber 46%. Please show us the election fraud here.

        • Go check with Scott Kendall; Recall Dunleavy master, Prop 1 & 2 organizer, Al Gross balloteer, and former chief of staff to the highly-disgraced former governor Bill Walker.
          Oh, and Kendall is son-in-law of former mayor Luke Hopkins, the idiot up in Fairbanks who tried to start a civil war between residents. Kendall ran the back-door election of Adam Wool and of Kendall’s brother-in-law Grier Hopkins, two other Communists from up in Fairbanks. Kendall also ran election fraud operations in several Anchorage House Districts that Democrats got very narrow control over.
          And now Bill Walker is summoning the handiwork of Scott Kendall to see if he can be rehabilitated for a run against Dunleavy. Democrats have no boundaries when it comes to elections. At least four and possibly seven House seats in Alaska were obtained fraudulently by Democrats in 2020.

          • If proven, can we get Scott Kendall indicted? That would put Byron Mallott in some company, rather than being the sole criminal from the disgraced Walker Administration.

          • Actually checking into that now, Judie. A silent audit is being conducted in Anchorage and Fairbanks. Working the absentee ballot lists against those who claim to be legitimate voters. Results will be run here at Must Read. Stay tuned! We’re coming for sleazy Scott Kendall next.

  28. Let’s keep things simple. A full forensic audit of our elections is the best way to proceed in this digital age. If our voting systems are hackable we need to know. If they have been hacked in any way, then ‘We the people’ must demand safe and fair election processes. We should all want the TRUTH. In my opinion, anyone against ‘taking a good look under the hood’ is either uninformed or for some reason isn’t interested in the Truth. I thank Mr Eastman for taking a stand and desiring to find the truth about Alaska’s elections.

  29. Sadly, most Democrats over 65 have these same attributes and afflictions. I keep my own statistical data. Many of them are my patients

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