Rep. Boebert brings articles of impeachment to floor of House


Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Republican from Colorado, says President Joe Biden intentionally ceded command and control of the southern border to cartels, and he should be removed from office.

“His dereliction of duty caused the deaths of over 900 Coloradans from fentanyl, enabled sex-trafficking, and allowed an invasion. I brought my articles of impeachment up via a privileged motion to force a vote,” she said.

“In his failure to uphold the rule of law President Biden has demonstrated that he will neglect his duty to execute the office to which he has been entrusted, violating his oath to the constitution if allowed to remain in office,” Boebert said.

This means members of Congress would have to vote on impeachment of the president. It’s part of a pattern in the House among the Freedom Caucus. In May, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia Announced articles of impeachment against Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director and U.S. Attorney General Chris Wray. Another articles of impeachment has been made against Vice President Kamala Harris. But this one is the most striking of them all, as it bypasses committees.

Boebert technically introduced the articles of impeachment earlier this month. But she surprised everyone by bringing it to the floor as a privileged motion on Tuesday night.

There are two impeachment articles in the document, including one relating to Biden’s abuse of power, and another accusing him of dereliction of duty.

House Democratic Whip Katherine Clark said that Democrats will make a motion to table the resolution when it comes up for a vote on the floor, a procedural move that could block the resolution from being voted on altogether.

The articles of impeachment can be read at this link.


  1. Day late and a dollar short. This congress should have done this after McCarthy took the Speakers seat.

  2. Along with MTG, she’s a total loon. If this wing of the GOP ends up taking over the party, you can kiss election success goodbye. She barely won re-election in 2022.

    She seems to not know, for instance, that there’s a thing called the Establishment Clause in the Constitution, or, at the very least, she seems to think adherence to it is optional.

    • Denial not just a river in Egypt.
      I guess you ignore comments made by lefty “loons” AOC, rashida Talib, Ayanna Presley, ilhan Omar, jerry nadler, Adam schiff, Eric swallwell, Beto orourke, Maxine waters, Nancy pelosi, Al sharpton, the mainstream media, anyone who participated in the two sham impeachment at of Trump, anyone who condemned the Covington kids, anyone who rattled off insane tweets about Kyle rittenhouse, anyone who believes George Floyd was murdered, anyone who commented on j6 being an insurrection…….well any liberal “loon” such as yourself really.

      • AOC, Omar and Talib are loons as well. The article that I commented on just happens to be about a right wing loon, but thanks for asking.

      • MSNBC ignores all that stuff so the cman has no clue what you’re talking about in his bubble they’re all hero’s just doing their best fighting for the underdog against those heartless notsi republicans

    • Again with more of your ‘glowing’ bootlicking and kneejerk support for the ruling class establishment, cman, and denigration of anyone as a “loon” who opposes or challenges the ruling class power structure.

      I wonder how much the NSA and/or CIA and/or DHS pay you to troll your specious pro-establishment gaslighting and propaganda here?

        • Cman, another classic idiot opining at MRAK, trying to show his grits. Unfortunately, it comes out looking more like Frosted Flakes.

      • From what I’m hearing, Todd, you may still have a shot. Sell the Cub and the Cats and start buying AR-15s and Sigs. Boebert has REAL powder.

  3. Lauren Boebert is a patriot hero. We need to deport the 45 million criminal invaders and occupation army of America. We need to have buses and planes going 24/7 back to Mexico and no more immigration until the line jumpers are gone.

    • Massie is far and away the best congressman in the U.S.A TBF the bar is extremely low. he was anti-lockdown when Trump was calling for it. hes anti-mandates he singlehandedly tried to stop the inflation crisis that trump started and biden ran away with. he’s anti war and cautionary on the vax. instead of a vax salesman

      the guy lives by a code and isnt all blather and a neocon suck up the way trump is. so he’s a pos

  4. Good. Even though it’s likely to die in procedural hell, do it. Again and again.

    At this point, the victory is less important than the willingness to fight.

    Then do the same to Garland and Myorkas.

    • “……..Even though it’s likely to die in procedural hell, do it. Again and again………”
      This. They did it to Trump, so it’s the new norm. Welcome to Hell. Impeach the feathermucker.

  5. Boebert, bowl in hand, is breathin’ hot and spittin’ fire in the soup line!

  6. Did you all see Biden speech on how they were gonna “build a railroad from the pacific ocean to the Indian Ocean”?
    He has dementia and has since day one. Taking us all down in the wake.
    This Impeachment needed to be done a year ago….

  7. Can’t argue hers points of fact. But will anything come from this? Probably not, but I’ll take note of which republicans vote each way.

  8. I wholeheartedly support this impeachment and look forward to our Alaskan delegates to support it as well.

  9. so long overlord bidden , all hail overlord harris
    maybe that’s what Alzheimer in chief was referring to with god save the queen statement the other day

  10. Liberals did this to Trump so turn around is fair play. And win or loose, actually she may have a more factual basis!

  11. Pregnant dropout divorced failed burger flipper. Learned that a pencil skirt and a rabid pro gun diatribe can get you a seat in Congress. Almost ejected after the last election, and will sweat out the next one, only to lose and be sent packing. PTL.

  12. She’s right.

    US Constitution says:

    “Section 4.
    The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.”

    If anyone is to suggest that the 7 to 9 million illegal criminals that have invaded us, is not an invasion… BS!

    Biden must be impeached.

  13. Sorry, I forgot to include “trailer trash with pervy ex”. Please excuse the omission. I’ll try to be more thorough next time.

  14. It is the Abuse of Power charge they will get him on.
    I remember when using the Power of the Office of President to target political rivals was an impeachable offense. There is precedent. This will go to the Senate.
    Oh… who am I kidding. It will die on the House if it even sees a vote. Everyone will ignore what the swamp does, and target anyone exposing the corruption and outright criminal actions of the DC insiders.

  15. Its a good thing children arent allowed to impeach parents. If it werent for all the cash the family has been able to reign in I am certain those impeachment procedures would have been filed by the family. Hunter was on the verge of spilling the beans about his dimentia before the last 2020 selection.

  16. I’m hearing many of the usual suspects saying not now, not this fight. It might upset people.

    If not now, when? If not this fight, which one?

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