Rep. Andrew Gray on Must Read Alaska Show: Alaska’s poor need full PFD



State Rep. Andrew Gray says Alaskans who are poor need the full Permanent Fund dividend, and that’s a big reason why he supports it, rather than the annually negotiated PFD checks that have short-changed recipients.

In this episode of The Must Read Alaska Show, host John Quick is joined by Rep. Gray. Gray of Anchorage. He says he is invested in Alaska’s future, advocating for the full funding of the Permanent Fund dividend to ensure Alaskans continue to benefit from this state program.

As a veteran and physician assistant, Rep. Gray, a Democrat, provides insights into the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee work and discusses House bills and resolutions of interest to Alaskans.

Gray, a Democrat, also shares his legislative goals, emphasizing the need for long-term fiscal plans to secure Alaska’s prosperity.

Beyond politics, Andrew connects with his community through his own popular podcasts, “East Anchorage Book Club” and “East Anchorage Matters,” where he explores diverse perspectives and matters close to the heart of East Anchorage residents and beyond.

Check out Gray’s personal and political podcasts here:


  1. There was never nothing wrong with Alaskans receiving a full PFD. Its not going to bankrupt Alaska. What will bankrupt Alaska is Not reducing the size of government and sending out layoff notice. We are a state with 700,000 people. For our state size, we do not need a big government.

    Him bring a Democrat plus bring a politician I can’t really believe he really believes what he says. Politicians say anything to advance their careers. This makes him look better a gubnatorial candidate to swallow than Dunbar. Democrats are looking toward putting a Democrat in the Govenor’s office after Dunleavy finishes… I wouldn’t put too much on this opinion of his while the rest of his camp criticize the pfd as welfare.

  2. Also too I still remember his Assembly testimony against or Railing Mayor Bronson a new mayor not giving Bronson a chance, that’s not a person who is as moderate as this podcast portrays. A moderate will had at least given Msyor Bronson a chance to be successful not feeding the fire against him with their own tinder wood.

    • Do you think that poor people are really concerned about flat screens and electric gadgets? Neither of those things shelters you, keeps you warm, gets you to work or fills your belly.

      I can honestly say that I’ve NEVER bought a TV in my entire life.

    • I have some debt I would pay off first. Then I would get a head start on clearing and planting my land to make a better future for my family. You reek of condescension.

  3. Invested in Alaska’s future is our Andrew?
    Through the Democrat looking-glass could this be Alaska’s bright blue future guaranteed by helping (poor) bums and illegal aliens register to vote, and vote correctly, aided perhaps by visions of full PFD’s?

  4. The State has lied and not kept its promise regarding PFDs. The State doesn’t follow the law regarding PFDs.

    It’s that simple.

  5. I’m left wondering a few things after suffering, out of the same blind curiosity of a train wreck, a few things:

    1. Why does MRAK give platform to this radical socialist when he has his own “most popular in Alaska” blog?

    2. Why Shelly Hughes would ever seek allegiance and workings with such. Think about that alliance. Both claim to be on the minority “outs” and to be declawed, ineffective house cats. I suppose friends find friendship in strange purposes. All the same, a representative from the bastion of working class conservatism, this “be an effective legislator and working across the aisle” thing sure does smell and look like Mukowskiism.

    3. This whole sales, or income tax thing completely smacks of socialist/Marxist nonsense and lacks the basics if economics and math. There is no amount of sales taxes that can cure the bloat emanating from Juneau. The hundreds of millions of dollars flying in and out of there is stunning. One could write a book on things the state spends money on that it should not, funding a gas line now mostly owned by pirate equity, (didn’t hear about THAT transfer didja kids?), $65M cold storage projects, funding the university, $40M food security task force, a takeover of the state’s grid to install renewables that we shouldn’t do…. And so much more! And what is the likes of Gray’s response? Crush what little free market the state’s servant’s class DOES have by taxing it to oblivion.

    Ponder on this: If, as Gray states in an effort to guilt people into accepting taxes, people in this state are down to a few thousand dollars a year to survive on, where’s the real solution to ensure that they are not?

    The only conclusion is that politicians actually desire to keep people in the poverty zoo to derive votes and power from. Nothing else makes sense. The last thing that would serve their purposes is for them to attain the glory of self sufficiency and freedom.

    Change my mind.

    • Agree 100% !!! Hughes is a phony conservative. She has aligned with rino Wilson b4, too. Her coffee meetings are PR to make uninformed voters think she is on their side. But watching her on gavel to gavel is an eye opener.
      And I thought the same thing that why on earth is
      MRAK giving Gray attention. He, as governor, would be a final nail in Alaska’s coffin. Ugh.

  6. I am very sorry to say rep Andrew Gray is about as far as one could be when it comes to conservatism I am not sure if he is just young and lacks real world experience or if he is well educated and just prefers the socialist ideology as far as I can tell he has no idea how to fix the economy longterm his type will always run out of other peoples money to spend he is completely disconnected from the flow of money in this state as more and more people leave this state for better economic opportunities the state government will continue to grow increasing the need for more of the people’s money only to drive more people out and so on continuing the sick cycle of abusive government using the people’s money against them as far as I am concerned this intervonly serves to highlight just how crazy Rep Gray is and nothing more

    • Hoping that is sarcasm … Anchorage is in a world of double hurt – assembly AND legislature. Wake up, or suffer the consequences!

  7. Seriously??? Incredibly look down your privileged nose at those at low income levels. There are always those who will be frivolous with the pfd, but MANY more of is use it wisely to catch up on bills, car repairs, fuel, much needed household necessities, school clothes, stocking up on groceries. My car is in serious need and I and many others cannot afford the repairs. Shame on you for being bigoted against poor people. The apparent well off always want to grind down those they feel beneath them.

  8. Rep. Gray the PFD is NOT a government program, like medicaid or food stamps. Your attitude makes it clear that you see it as another “universal income” avenue for “poor” people! All Alaskans are entitled to their PFD distribution. Your assessment of whether they are poor or not is immaterial.

  9. Then I assume Rep Gray is voting no on increasing the BSA and defined benefits. If not he just another politician talking with no action. If he wants all the above
    And full dividend he is t interesting in long time fiscal spending. My experience with him is he does pretty much what democrats tell him to do. I do know he presented a signed petition to the assembly to remove me as the director of the library! This all without ever meeting or talking to me. He sure wasn’t interested in my diverse perspective!


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