Red state, blue state: Birth rates during Covid pandemic show fear-factor and political leanings


A study in the scientific journal Human Reproduction compared the birth rates of states during the Covid pandemic years of 2020 and 2021.

The red (Republican-leaning) states trended toward higher live birth rates, while blue (Democrat-leaning) states saw their live birthrates decline, the study reported in April.

The researchers explored the impact of public perception of the Covid-19 pandemic on fertility rates, researchers found a significant correlation between the degree to which states or regions took the virus seriously, feared the virus, had a lot of anxiety about the future, and subsequent fluctuations in their fertility rates.

The study suggests that political leanings played a role in shaping the perceived threat of the virus, with Democratic-leaning states and Washington, D.C. exhibiting a higher level of concern compared to their Republican-leaning counterparts.

For example, Utah, South Dakota, and Idaho birth rates went up, while New York, Connecticut, and Washington, D.C. went down.

San Francisco mirrored the liberal drop in childbearing during the recent pandemic. The Bay Area had an 18% decline in births in early 2021, right when early pandemic babies might have been born, compared to a 15% decline in California in general for the pandemic year of 2021.

Alaska and Hawaii are not found in the study, but a separate look at Alaska’s birth rates show a continuous drop for many years, one that continued through the Covid pandemic years of 2020-2022.

Since 2015, Alaska’s live births have dropped by over 17%. Unlike red states of South Dakota, Utah and Idaho, the downward trend was unchanged during the waves of pandemic lockdowns and mandates. Alaska is currently in the longest stretch of declining birth rates since the state began keeping records in 1945.

Year | Live Births in Alaska
2015 | 11,325
2016 | 11,247
2017 | 10,496
2018 | 10,120
2019 | 9,862
2020 | 9,469
2021 | 9,410
2022 | 9,364

In general, liberals are not having nearly enough children to keep up with conservatives. This makes it no surprise that San Francisco has a birthrate of 3.6 per 1,000 compared with Anchorage at nearly 12.66 live births per 1,000, and Fairbanks at 13.35, according to Statista.

“The political right is having a lot more kids than the political left,” observed Syracuse University social scientist Arthur Brooks, in 2006. “The gap is actually 41 percent.”

The U.S. birth rate shows that 100 conservative adults will have 208 children, while 100 liberal adults will have 147.

If birth rates during Covid pandemic years of 2020 and 2021 are any indication, then Alaska is an anomaly among the red states.

Alaska, where the birth rate keeps dropping, voted for President Donald Trump in 2020 by a margin of 53%. Adding Trump votes together the other conservative candidates on the General Election ballot in 2020 (Libertarian Jo Jorgensen, and Constitution Party Don Blankenship), the conservatives won 55.5% of the presidential votes in Alaska. But the babies are just not showing up in the 49th state, like they are in other conservative states.


  1. Birthrates don’t mean anything if the people in charge are importing more replacement voters than they lose through attrition. 3 million this year not including the millions of illegals.

    • It might if the imported voters slit their throats at the gas pumps (or EV charging stations). One would think that importing unvetted people supplied by a criminal cartel might be a bit dangerous, but I suppose the importers don’t care. They need car washers, gardeners, hamburger flippers, and Demonrat voters so bad they’ll accept the risk.
      Fiat stultum cave………

    • Let’s talk about the pandemic elephant in the room: Red states had statistically SKY HIGH COVID mortality rates, particularly affecting the Fox No News/MAGA cohort.

      Red states are literally DYING off. And no amount of tortured statistical methodology can change that.

  2. With the revelation of this report, it shows probably the only positive of this man made coordinated released virus. A cleansing of the gene pool that’s passed on. Now if the offspring can fend off the next dam in the river. That would be the indoctrination system.
    However, non of this will trump the illegals that are being lured to keep the scales tipped.

  3. Alaska Millennials are too old now to have babies and Gen X these women in their 50s are looking at menopause, while a 38 years old millennial be lucky enough to have one baby. Then! gen z whom are not interested in having babies until later following their older siblings millennials expectation to have kids at 30, however every gen z woman I ask would she want to have a baby me knowing she is sexually active and she cringes. Cringes! Between the aging gen x and millennials and a confused gen z generation not looking good for Alaska. Native elders , now passed, they knew what not having children in their village was like when their children went to Indian boarding school. It was too quiet and lonely. That was what village life was told was like without children.

  4. So if the country can survive the next two generations, we can basically breed liberals out of existence.

    And we’ll get the blessings of them removing their carbon footprints by dying off.

    Does speak to why they want to indoctrinate and groom our kids so badly.

    • “…….So if the country can survive the next two generations, we can basically breed liberals out of existence……..”
      Not really. Morons are created, not born. Our system of indoctrination will not only continue to create these idiots, but the children of the imported will be recreated into lost sheep.

  5. Private Christian schools across the country continue to grow in numbers while the public school system in nearly every state is collapsing. The agenda to eliminate God and support the Alphabet agenda will destroy the left while empowering future social conservatives.

  6. “……..Utah, South Dakota, and Idaho birth rates went up, while New York, Connecticut, and Washington, D.C. went down………”
    The Theory of Evolution at its finest.

  7. apples mixed with oranges does a pumpkin pie make. higher birth rates were offset by higher dealth rates. higher birth rates dont equate to higher income or intelligence, both of which are important. long term the red states continue to fall further behind and more government money pours in to prop up the unproductive.

    alaska is indicitive of a third world country used by extractive industries, pull the resources and leave like locusts. true capitalism has been failing since the 80’s but most people are hanging onto their guns, religion and conserbative values.

    watching England descend faster after bresixt gives one pause. that same cast of charactrers was over here wrecking us but you’d never know listening to the aussie commie and his “new empire”. run for the hills folks, the historical cycle is back full circle, 1870’s thro 1970’s were very imforative to where we’re headed

    • Clearly, the extractive industries are the ones that provide taxes and employment here. That is a good thing. Without those industries, we would have little to export. We need fish, ore, and oil to provide to the rest of the world so we can import their goods. I suppose if a certain resource was exhausted they would leave, but only after paying taxes and employment for a period of time– still a net benefit.

  8. AK is not conservative any longer. Too much population in bluer areas goes a long way to explaining the declining absolute birth counts. And, up above, Jen eloquently presents my similar experience with the various post boomer generations to include my children and grandchildren.

    Trump’s victory here? Maybe Alaska liberals, in a broader sense, are marginally smarter than their counterparts in other states and were able to see beyond the pabulum offered by the wicked witch of Arkansas. That said, the angst and gnashing of teeth of those who, to this day, will tell me Hillary won prove the adage: Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • Search google and you’ll learn that Clinton had three million more votes than trump.

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