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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Recall Rivera: Group needs just 500 more signatures, has drive-through events planned for Friday, Saturday


The group trying to recall Anchorage Assembly Chair Felix Rivera is 500 signatures shy of having enough to put the question on the April 6 ballot.

The Reclaim Midtown group is planning a drive-through event on Friday and Saturday.

Friday’s drive-through event is noon-3 pm at La Mex Restaurant, 8330 King Street, off of Dimond Blvd.

Saturday’s signature event is from noon-3 pm at Tudor Bingo, 1436 E. Tudor Road.

Rivera represents Assembly District 4. Only those registered to vote in that district are qualified to sign the recall petition, which must have at least 2,735 qualified signatures by Jan. 5, when the petition must be turned into the Municipal Clerk’s Office, which will verify the signatures.

That number represents 25 percent of the votes cast in the April 7, 2020 election for the seat.

Reclaim Midtown is the ad-hoc group that formed originally to protest the Assembly’s plan to purchase hotels and other buildings to create a homeless industrial complex throughout Anchorage. The group felt the plan was not well-thought-out, had no plans for operational support, and would attract vagrants, drug abusers, and human traffickers to family neighborhoods.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • We do not live in Anchorage and are not able to vote Felix out, however is there a way to donate to this laudable undertaking?

    • Contact Russell Biggs to make a contribution.

      • Thank you

        • Russell, kindly send contact info to us.

  • I was thinking about what it would be like to live in District 4…that means I can sign, right?

    • Erak, as long as you “identify” as an Anchorage District 4 voter, your right to sign the petition, and vote in that district, cannot be denied. It does not matter in the least where you actually live or are registered to vote, as long as you FEEL like a District 4 voter, social justice demands that that is enough.

      • Wrong! You must be officially registered to vote in Assembly District 4 to sign this petition. They check every signature–the only people you will be fooling are the ones who’s side you are on.

        • Sorry, Scott, I guess my absurdist sarcasm was not as obvious as I thought it was.

    • I am pretty sure that if you decided to self identify as a microwave oven (a gay one of course) Rivera will fight tooth and nail to demand everyone support and celebrate your decision.
      So why not just self identify as a resident of District 4? If you can self identify your gender, why not your address?

  • Anchorage residents take your city back from these thin skinned limp wrists. Your current assembly is evil to the core.

  • C’mon people. If you know anyone who lives in the Assembly 4 district (as shown on the map above) be sure to call them and let them know where and when they can sign the recall petition. This out of control Assembly must realize they answer to the citizens of Anchorage, not to themselves. And this is a good start…

  • It us because if the need for people like Felix here to be removed from office, and the fact that keep getting elected in the first place, that I, a life long resident of Anchorage, have finally had enough and recently moved out of Anchorage. These woke leftist are doing everything they can to destroy Anchorage.

    I am not what you would call a politically active person either. But I am done with their shenanigans. Berkowitz, Rivera, Begich (the former mayor), this “mayor select” currently throwing gasoline on the dumpster fire formerly know as Anchorage, I had enough.

    My tax dollars will no longer go to fund their antics and woke agenda….done with it.

  • I signed it.

  • We are two people inside his district still needing to support signing the petition to show our Assembly Members Rivera and Zalatel we disagree their vision for this city, and they have a wrong one and wrong approach. We didn’t know where the petition was being held for signing until now

  • He’s not wearing his mask correctly in the photo. Wait, rules don’t apply to Assembly members. Forget it.

  • Go district 4 good luck. Please remove one of the 5 worst assembly members we have ever had.

  • 25% seems like a very high bar.

  • Anchorage voters need to take a good look into the mirror, they elected these socialists. They better get informed and educated on the candidates and their platform next time.

  • If Felix Rivera is recalled, what if the Assembly reorganize establishing Member Constant as the new Chair, he made already multiple point of order calls or objections as a Chair would decide.

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