Recall effort against Allard flatlines


The group trying to recall Anchorage Assemblywoman Jamie Allard didn’t file their petitions with the Anchorage Assembly Clerk’s Office because they could not get enough signatures from voters in Chugiak-Eagle River.

The Clerk’s Office gave the Recall Allard group an extra day to gather signatures because of the Martin Luther King holiday on Monday, but it was not enough. The effort was led by Chelsea Foster, who is not in Allard’s district. She told her group on Facebook that cold weather this winter was a factor in not being able to get out of the starting gate.

There’s no telling how many legitimate signatures the group received because the petition is private information until submitted officially to the government, but the signature gatherers ran into a lot of resistance in the conservative stronghold of Eagle River, and the petition itself was ginned up by a couple of people from outside the Assembly district, which didn’t help the recallers make their case.

Allard has served on the Assembly since 2020, and is now a candidate for the Alaska House of Representatives, District 22.


  1. No Chelsea it wasn’t the cold-weather, it’s resistance from people like you. Most people see through the leftist bullies on the assembly and she stands up to them. If you wanted to do something meaningful you’d recall Constance. He is a disgrace. He oozes hate.

  2. $5 says if you follow the trail back from Foster you’ll find a connection to one or more of the Liberal Loonies on the Assembly. My best guess would be CC as he’s always trying to undermine Ms. Aldred.

    • She’s pretty good at maintaining her Facebook privacy, except for regularly tagging mutual friends. Based on that, her close ties are to Dunbar, not Constant. Yeah, I know, same difference.

  3. Teach and encourage your eagle river-chugiak area children and young adults love for God and love for america. All the enemy has to do is wait for your children to growup and this region may not be able to hold itself conservatively strong. And congratulations Jaime Allard and eagle river-chugiak and surrounding areas!

  4. You know you are in trouble when you have to have “mobile petitioners” meet potential signers. I personally never saw a signature collector, but I am glad that the folks here in ER were not fooled.

  5. Sorry, Chris Constant and Felix Rivera, your little hissy-fit against the one person on the assembly who will very vocally dare to stand up to your authoritarianism and insanity was all for naught.

  6. I could have told you from the beginning that the Recall was DOA. The vast majority of people from Eagle River and Chugiak like Assemblywoman Allard and do not wish to have her removed as a thorn from the side of the leftest Assembly.

  7. When the petition gathering person confronted me at Carr’s I asked him if he was out of his ever loving mind, I told him that the good folks of ER would rather clone her and put one in each district and recall was never gonna happen out here. He didn’t appreciate my response but the look on his face made it fun for me.

  8. I saw the signature gatherers multiple times, but they only asked masked people for signatures. Since my family doesn’t mask they never asked us even when there was not another person around. I kinda wished they would so I could gush about my admiration for Allard.

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