Rebecca Logan files for Anchorage mayor


The president of the Alaska Support Industry Alliance has filed a letter of intent to run for Anchorage mayor in 2018, she announced this morning.

“I have spent the last 28 years living and working in Anchorage. I first ran for elected office in 2008 and was elected to the Chugach Electric Board and served as its chairman. For 10 years, I owned several restaurants in the Anchorage area and I have a strong history of community service,” Rebecca Logan wrote in a press release.

Her priorities will be:

  1. Reducing the alarming rate of crime that has so many residents living in fear.
  2. Focusing on delivering core services to citizens without increasing property taxes to the maximum amount allowed by law.
  3. Strengthening the private sector to boost the Anchorage economy and reduce unemployment.

“As I visit with my neighbors in Anchorage, it’s clear more needs to be done to address the shocking crime wave underway in our city.  It is unacceptable for people not to feel safe walking on our trails and sidewalks, and even worse that citizens feel no safer in their own homes.  As mayor, I will not only acknowledge the problem, but tackle it head-on,” she said.

She said her budget will focus on core services like public safety and road maintenance, and “I’ll ensure that taxpayers do not have to choose between snowplowing and an adequately staffed police department.”

“Lastly, I will not raise property taxes by almost 6  percent during an economic recession, and will work to strengthen the private sector, which is the only entity capable of lifting us out of the current economic slump.  More good-paying jobs in Anchorage will go a long way toward solving a lot of our problems, and my policies will reflect that strongly held belief.”

“I look forward to running a positive, issue-based campaign,” she said.


  1. I would have preferred it if Logan said she would cut back on unnecessary city spending and not raise taxes any at all. Lord knows they are way too high already. Saying she would not raise taxes 6% during a recession leaves way way too much wiggle room and is not what I want to hear.

  2. As a property owner I wish there was an equitable process where everyone paid their fair share for municipal services. Come up with that plan and you have my vote.

  3. This is truly great news! Rebecca’s character, ties to the community, and skill set are just what Anchorage needs! Where do I send my contribution and how soon can I have a sign for my yard!!

  4. I will be supporting Ms. Logan with flags flying.

    That said, addressing the current crime wave will be a difficult slog, as it has roots in our culture of permissiveness, entitlement and political correctness. Widespread drug use is at the core, but many in our society refuse to say so because it may offend some people and groups.

    Anchorage needs jobs and a lot of them. Idle people cannot create a vital community.

  5. I have known and worked with Rebecca Logan on various matters over more than 20 years. She is smart, hard working and honest. Her business acumen and integrity sets her aside from the career politicians whose names are being touted for Mayor. In short, if she can overcome a lack of public name ID (Pollster term) and if she appoints knowledgeable conservatives to positions in her administration, she would make a very good Mayor. She is the type of person Anchorage needs to address the difficult times we are facing.

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