Readers ask: Where is the police report detailing Palin family brawl that went full-on ‘Jerry Springer’?


Readers have asked Must Read Alaska to provide the full 26-page police report from the 2014 “Palin brawl” in Anchorage. Sarah Palin is a congressional candidate on the Aug. 16 ballot to fill out the remainder of Congressman Don Young’s term, and she is on the primary ballot for the two-year seat in Congress.

What is this about?

Context is helpful. It has been almost eight years since Sept. 6, 2014, when the fight occurred, leaving at least two men bloodied. While Sarah Palin, who was by then a media and news personality, was endorsing the Alaska Democratic Party’s ticket for governor of Alaska, she was also having to explain why members of her family were involved in a drunken brawl at a hillside home in Anchorage, where they had arrived in a stretch Humvee for a birthday party for her husband.

Palin, who had left the governorship in 2009, remained active in politics. Weeks before, she had endorsed 2014’s Ballot Measure 1, an effort to repeal the Alaska Legislature’s and Gov. Sean Parnell’s rollback of her punishingly high oil taxes known as ACES, a tax hike that was driving oil companies out of the state. That ballot measure failed with voters.

Palin was, after the defeat of Ballot Measure 1, fully onboard with gubernatorial aspirant Bill Walker/Byron Mallott, the ticket manufactured by the Alaska Democratic Party. Walker/Mallot won the governorship that year and went on to try to make a deal with China to build a gasline, and he shredded the Permanent Fund dividend formula, costing Alaskan thousands of dollars in dividends that were garnished by the government to grow government.

In the middle of Palin’s political involvement with oil taxes and Bill Walker, there was what became known as “the brawl.”

The police report from the event has interviews with several witnesses, including some of the Palins. Some of the excerpts:

“Five police officers compiled a 26-page report after interviewing more than 15 witnesses — including the Palin children in attendance — and most of the accounts (except for those given by the Palins) say that Bristol Palin had repeatedly punched Mr. Klingenmeyer in the face,” the New York Times reported.

“The Palins lay the blame for the fighting on others. Some of the witnesses, including the host, say that the Palins, particularly Bristol, were the instigators of several fights that broke out, all of which involved members of the Palin family,” according to the Times.

“Officer Benjamin Nelson said in his report that when he arrived at the home he found Sarah and Todd Palin arguing with other partygoers. He said that he also witnessed Todd, Track and Willow confronting Mr. Klingenmeyer in his driveway, and that officers had to separate the parties,” the newspaper reported in a story by Amanda Coyne of Anchorage. Coyne was the writer who broke the story initially in her own news website.

Here are some of the actual highlights from the police report:

“Bristol said they were at a birthday party when her younger sister, Willow Palin, told her an older lady pushed her. Bristol said she went towards the woman to confront her about pushing her sister, but Korey, the owner of the house, came up to her and pushed her down to the ground, calling her a “slut” over and over. 

“Bristol said someone then pulled her around on the grass by her feet and someone stole her shoes and sunglasses.”

[Matthew] McKenna said their buddy, Steve Lebida, was sucker punched by an unknown person and knocked to the ground. As he was trying to help him out, four people jumped on Todd Palin. 

“As McKenna moved to help Todd, Todd’s son, Track, jumped in began fighting with the people who bumped his father.”

“McKenna said he witnessed Bristol hit Corey in the face multiple times. Two females pulled Bristol away from Corey and that was when she went down to the ground. McKenna said Bristol was out of control.”

“They were leading a WMA to the limo and pushing him in as I approached. They appeared intent on keeping him away from me. I saw that he did not have a shirt on and there was blood around his mouth and on his hands and he appeared to have an injury under his left eye, on his upper cheek … 

“He appeared heavily intoxicated and he acted belligerent at first but I was able to get to step out of the car and a female who turned out to be his mother told him to talk to me. He came out of the car to talk … and identified himself as Track Palin.

[Track Palin] “said that while they were there, some guys were talking rudely to his sisters, making them cry and they decided to leave and go back out to the valley … 

“He says they were walking away from Kory’s driveway when someone sucker punched Steven from behind and knocked him to the ground. Track said he then confronted one of the guys and said he would fight him, so Track took off his shirt to fight.”

[Bristol Palin] “appeared heavily intoxicated and upset … She stated she didn’t know who Korey was and then said that Korey had dragged her across the lawn by her legs and was calling her a “c***” and a “slut.”

[Korey Klingenmeyer] “was angry that the Palins had showed up and were causing the problem … 

“Several minutes later Bristol, and he believes Willow Palin, came around to the back of the house. Bristol said she was going to beat that girl’s a**. Kore told her that he wasn’t going to have any of that here and told her to go home. 

“She then asked, “Who the f*** are you?” and he told her he was the one who owns this house and there’s no fighting going on here. She then told him that he doesn’t own this place and that she will kick his a**.”

“Willow Palin was extremely agitated, saying she did not understand why we let the people walk away that were involved.” 

“She then started talking about how Corey assaulted her sister Bristol and that several guys were on top of her sister when she was on the ground.”

“She alleged an older lady pushed her and that people were saying things like ‘F*** the Palins’.”

“After I spoke to Dishion, Todd Palin came walking back to the driveway and confronted Corey, asking him if he called his daughter a “b****.” 

“Willow Palin also walked up and flipped Corey off.”

“Marc [McKenna] said he had witnessed Bristol Palin come up the driveway, yelling about how she was going to kick someones butt.”

“Marc said he then witnessed Korey confront Bristol and watched as Bristol began assaulting Korey, punching him 6 times in the face before Korey restrained her.”

“Marc said other men saw Korey restraining Bristol and got involved and that the whole thing was one big misunderstanding due to too much alcohol and people.”

Read the first account of the fight at

Read the account of the fight in the Guardian.

Read the account of the aftermath in the New York Times.

New York Times: No charges pressed.

Watch interviews of the account on ABC News.

Read the police report here:


    • And where was Sarah during all the brawling? Cheering on the Palin brawlers, telling them to reload and drill the opponents ?

    • “Still won’t stop people from spoiling Nick Begich’s chances by voting for her though.”
      Palin Derangement Syndrome, like TDS, is much more infectious than Covid and much more destructive than climate change. I’m pretty confident that it affects the vote of morons, which Derangement Syndrome Laboratories create in their beakers. Prepare for yet more lab leaks all the way to November.

      • Reggie Taylor,
        I am not suffering from Palin Derangement Syndrome, I have made an informed and rational decision to support Nick over Sarah. I will however vote Nick #1 and Sarah #2 , you may do just the opposite, that is your decision. My point being that all of us should agree that Sarah or Nick (despite our preference) beats the hell out of Mary and the Democrat Welfare Plantation Complex.
        So, please vote NBIII or Sarah, in whatever order you desire. For the good of Alaska and your personal sanity please Rank the Red.

  1. With this kind of Palin coverage, I see a split vote coming up.
    Two Republicans will split the R vote resulting in the single DEM winning.

    Any way around this? Isn’t that how “Ranked” voting works? Great DEM strategy. sigh

    • The only way the Dem can win is if the R’s self-destruct. I like Nick but this strategy of smearing Palin (not by the campaign necessarily but by supporters) could backfire. It appears the strategy is to make Palin be eliminated in the first round so that Palin voters will vote Nick as second choice. The favor will not be returned apparently.

      • “……this strategy of smearing Palin (not by the campaign necessarily but by supporters) could backfire…….”
        “Could”? This is the new formula for splitting Republican votes, created by Murky and her henchman. But this is a nationwide phenomenon, originally created by Ross Perot. Thank him for the Billary Era.

    • With RCV, as long as Begich and Palin are the first two choices (Dem Mary being #3), the 2nd round will most likely decide the winner.

    • What kind of Republican hits the lifeblood of the state (the oil companies) with the biggest tax in history then proceeds to pay a Canadian pipeline company over a half billion dollars not to build a pipeline? And if you want to forget stuff like that fine. Her main claim to fame, Alaskas first female governor.

      • Oh right the slander folks.

        Notice that the people who post this story are doing significantly worse off in life then all Sarah’s kids. And all her kids have been horrifically emotionally abused by people who slander them and their childhoods.

  2. What was the reason for the party? And who invited the entire Palin family?
    The owner of the home Klingenmeyer didn’t appear to appreciate their presence.
    Perhaps some lingering political animosity at the root of the kerfuffle?

  3. I agree, Suzanne must have had her grits spit on by one of the Palins. I just can’t figure out the 24/7 attacks. Maybe Nick is paying her under the table?

      • You gotta admit, Clem Tillion was such a legend that people would crash planes just to meet him. That’s almost as impressive as running the ADN so far into the ground that today, it’s nearly as indistinguishable from one of John Lindauer’s old Bush papers.

  4. Sarah Palin is living in Suzanne Downing head, Suzanne’s credibility is fading away just like the MSM.

      • Oh for God’s sake. Here we go again with Greg playing his All Great and All Knowing Alaska Man routine. Please spare us. But more importantly, spare yourself Greg.

    • Seriously? The entire mess sadly is indicative of other issues and is worthy to be considered. The event is not made up, it did happen, and is information the public should know. I for one, although I think Sarah is lovely, very smart and charming, do not feel is is the most stable, or best, candidate in the room. I saw evidence back before she was even governor, or mayor. I have always questioned motive. ‘Watch me’. Still, she is a far better choice than Peltola and I will rank the red.

  5. Nick Begich – Establishment RINO
    Mary Peltola – Communist Progressive
    Sarah Palin – America First

    Any questions?

    • Actually, yes.

      Please list tangible examples of how Queen Sarah put America first.

      I’ll settle for how she put Alaska first.

      If she’s everything you claim, it should be easy. But remember the word tangible. That point is crucial.

      • “……..remember the word tangible……..”
        Trump endorsement: Palin.
        NRA endorsement: Palin.
        Right To Life endorsement: Palin.
        Put your finger on that. It’s tangible. It’s not a derangement disorder.

    • Yeah, a few. Why a quitter? Why someone with zero policy experience? Why someone who cannot lead anybody? Why someone who doesn’t really care about Alaskans? Dysfunctional to say the least.

    • Read the NY Post – Dana Kennedy’s piece on 7/30/22 –
      See how Sarah Palin put America 1st by helping the ultra rich, liberal, Rogoff/Blumenstein Carlyle group make sure that “your America” belongs to them, wealthy East Coast liberal Democrats. They love Sarah.

    • Palin is not a conservative. She was supporting Walker. Any questions. If you think tax and spend like a drunken sailor is America first-NVM.

    • So, where is evidence of established RINO? Please, do share. Actual primary sourced info. Not just unfounded name calling as the left does. Last name does not count.

  6. In a scenario where Peltola is eliminated in the first round, then who will be her voters second choice (if any)? This reminds me of the coalition building process in European governments. Quite different than the U.S. model of “winner takes all”.

    • Unless, your former President Trump–then the First Loser tries to take it all, kind of a third-world autocratic move though.

  7. I could care less about any Palin brawl. I only care about the carnival barker running for House.

    More specifically, her endorsement of Bill Walker out of spite.

    • NBIII must be dropping in the polls. MRAK , and Fagan are turning up the After-Burners .Hey Sarah–We Love Ya, Trump Loves Ya.. Alaska Loves Ya. 30% and Rising to 52%.. Hey Sarahcuda Point Guard keep taking the Shots. Inside outside up the middle, keep putting Percentage points on Your board. Vote Trump, Sarah , Kelly. Make America—Alaska Great again.

  8. As I sit her listening to the live forum coming over Kiny/youtube, I think Ben Steven’s said it best “Valley tr@$h”.

    It’ll be interesting to see what % of vote she gets.

    I had completely forgotten about this brawl ….it’s because Sarah has been basically irrelevant for a dozen years.

    Her family straight outta a Jerry Springer episode.

    Oh well, it’s only a term that runs till January. Whoever wins will have to be on the ballot in November.
    So we get a do-over shortly.

    • “…….I think Ben Steven’s said it best “Valley tr@$h”…….”
      Funny, since the conservative population of Anchorage is fleeing to the Valley like Californians to everywhere but California. Ben Stevens is lucky that Emmett Sullivan put an end to Andrew Weissmann’s corrupt DOJ hit squad……..only for him to resurface for the Trump Wars.

  9. This is only bad if you think it’s bad. For Palin voters, bloody brawls at drunken parties are a badge of honor. Even better if you get arrested. In this case, you can’t tell me that Sarah’s fame did not get that family off the hook. From the sounds of it, at least one in the Palin family is documented as having battered someone in an unprovoked situation. Looks like the police played favorites rather than haul their a— into jail.

  10. I guess we have always known, in one way or another, that the ex-Governor is a fighter.

    That said, it may help to ask what she may be fighting about.

    • “…….it may help to ask what she may be fighting about…….”
      She’s in a political war. We are, too. Obviously, you just don’t know it yet.

  11. Shocking !! Given all the great publicity Palin has acquired over the years but if you sift the news carefully, and not just this report, other evidences of strong dissension within the family are evident and much more recent than 2014!!

  12. To hell with the goody-goodies: I want a street brawler who knows what it's like to pick herself up off the ground and keep fighting! To hell with the goody-goodies: I want a street brawler who knows what it's like to pick herself up off the ground and keep fighting!

    Thank you, Suzzane! I’ve been mulling over the three sterling candidates trying to decide who to vote for. This article has tipped the scales for Sarah. Sarah may not be the brightest in the pack, but she’s proved over and over that she is a scrapper! Frankly, the other two come across as goody-goodies. Sarah has been knock down and kicked around, and yet she still has the spunk to come back fighting. To hell with the goody-goodies: I want a street brawler who knows what it’s like to pick herself up off the ground and keep fighting!

    • To hell with the goody-goodies: I want a street brawler who knows what it's like to pick herself up off the ground and keep fighting! To hell with the goody-goodies: I want a street brawler who knows what it's like to pick herself up off the ground and keep fighting!

      Edit: “Sarah has been knocked down and kicked around, and yet she still has the spunk to come back fighting.”

    • To hell with the goodies…
      I seem to recall news reports about this brawl after it happened. I think what struck me was the report that Sarah was screaming, ” don’t you people know WHO we are”.
      Yeah, a real scrapper. It’s been decades since I was in a brawl but I remember when the fists start flying you let them do the talking.

    • “……..I want a street brawler who knows what it’s like to pick herself up off the ground and keep fighting!………”
      This should be enshrined on a granite monument. This is a political war. Palin was the first victim of the current domestic political battlefield, and the same battle (by the same traitors) continued with Trump. Both got bloodied horribly, but both want back in to fight. We need them both and more like them.

  13. Wow.
    Must Read has taken a Fox News shift.
    Not voting for the Sarah Palin circus is like not voting for Trump because he sends mean tweets.
    We aren’t electing a saint – we want someone that will vote MAGA – someone that won’t be there for 30+ years – someone that has conservative bona fides.
    Begich has none of these – he is a RINO – at best. Plus, we will never get him out of there if he gets in.
    SD – you are better than this – at least I thought.
    You are a big Jeb Bush supporter – talk about a corrupt family political dynasty….

    • Yeah well as a former Trump supporter, Trump got himself in trouble because of his big fat mouth. There comes a time when people just can’t stand that kind of stuff anymore. There comes A Time when people need to act professional. A malay that’s all over the news isn’t exactly that unless you’re running for trailer park constable. Remember when Biden said he wanted to take Trump out in back of the barn and whip his ass? That doesn’t do anything for the office held. All that does is bring you down to the same level as all the other idiots.

  14. I doubt that many readers wonder what happened to an 8 year old police report detailing a family brawl. Someone has a bad case of Palin Derangement Syndrome!

  15. Can we see the police report where Todd Palin was beat up by his son? Or the time he had to pull a gun on Track? Or the one where the son was arrested for burglary? It’s not 8 years old. It happened in 2017. The year after he was arrested for beating up his girlfriend. Sorry, but that family is really messed up.



  16. This is just a good old Alaskan donnybrook …. fueled by alcohol.
    I don’t thing SP should be held accountable for too many drunks at a party, even if her children were involved.
    I’m sure she did her best, as a mom, to stop the carnage.

    A better look at our vindictive, populist ex-governor can be found in a NY Post article by Dana Kennedy, posted 7/30/22, about how Palin helped David Rubenstein (Carlyle Group), Alice Rogoff (his ex), their daughter & Bill Walker raid our PF & send the money to gov growing politicians.
    Please google & read the news about the “Eskimo tax loophole” that they used to enrich themselves & start the process of grabbing our PF.

    • Checked out this article too, like your earlier one. Nothing about Sarah there either. Must be some Dirty Commy Flu going around, might want to get some truth serum for it.

    • I wouldn’t call it enquirer, and I wouldn’t call it anything other than what it is. It’s News. A lot of Sarah supporters are ignorant to Sarah’s past and that window could reveal a lot about Sarah the person, if the voter cares about that sort of thing.

  17. This is all a waste. Unless we have a system in place to monitor ballot counting, Peltola will win. She checks all the right boxes for the “new” Democrat candidate.

  18. Put Palin’s family up against Suzanne’s family, let’s see who wins. Or a Dance Off, Pants Off. Could be the making of a cherished Alaska tradition at the state fair.

  19. MustReadAlaska:
    No articles about a candidates platform? Candidate’s position on issues? Objectivity? This kind of reporting reminds me of the word “adolescent”. Articles like this are a lot like the goofy “journalism” you might see while waiting in line for checkout at the grocery store. Whatever happened to your professionalism?

    • RR – there was a candidate forum at the AKGOP convention last April. MRAK had an article. NB3 trounced the field. Sarah appeared clueless whenever she tried to disagree with Nick.

  20. “Readers have asked Must Read Alaska to provide the full 26-page police report from the 2014 “Palin brawl” in Anchorage.”

    Seriously?? “Readers” plural??? I highly doubt that there is an avalanche of readers who are interested in ancient, family, disputes. NB and his fans following democrat tactics, perhaps…

    • You know that comment of show us on the doll where somebody hurt you is getting pretty old. It wasn’t funny the first time I heard it and it’s just annoying now. Please come up with some better stuff than that.

  21. Regardless who you are voting for, this piece is garbage. I am actually embarrassed for you Suzanne! GARBAGE!!!!

  22. Okay, Suzanne, now pull the other leg. Please list all the leadership qualities of any of the Begiches that doesn’t involve feathering their nests from the public trough? Please detail every position of leadership the current Begich brings to the table. So far, it’s crickets.

  23. I bet Ivan Moore’s polling is showing Sarah closing in on 50%, as a result of the Trump Rally. They have to stop her at all cost. Begich had to finance his own campaign so all the Democrat supporters wouldn-t be exposed. Nick and Mary are gonna split the Democrat RINO Vote. Two weeks to go, and Begich RINOs are getting nervous. Vote Trump, Vote Sarah, Vote Kelly. Make America and Alaska Great again.

  24. Alaska’s AOC. Can’t wait to watch this train wreck in Congress. Maybe she can make Ethan Berkowitz her state director. He’s looking for work, I hear. Don’t they go way back, thick as thieves? Can Hollis French be her chief of staff? Bill Walker is going to need a role, so how about he can be her oil and gas adviser. And Sen. Sullivan, she is gunning for your job, so look out, buddy, she’ll stab you in the back. Good God, I miss Don Young.

  25. A scrubbed police report involving a public profile. There was a democrat behind the action. My guess the hillside homeowner can recieve favors out of
    our police dept heads and court. My guess
    The homeowner wants this news event disappear including they have a bigmouth
    lazy, sleezy, drunken son.

    • You would think parents
      With money can raise a smart son or daughter who can put on the charm and grace even with guests they detest.
      An example our wealthier parents don’t read to their children. Young alaskan adults who should be more literate and distinguished aren’t any different than our
      typical child of a low income family.

    • So, a Democrat tried to hide the Palin’s misdeeds? Are you sure about that? I’ve seen some odd reporting over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything particularly complimentary about Sarah Palin from left leaning media or personalities. Those Hillside folks that can push for privilege aren’t liberals! Have you been to the Hillside, the “neighborhood” oil money built?

  26. You can take the girl out of Wasilla, but you can’t take the Wasilla out of the girl.

    Sarah is a lustful lady, she lusts the limelight and the financials that it brings, public responsibility be damned.

  27. You left out the best part of the whole charade, where Bristol shrieked out that classic phrase to the cops: “Don’t you know who we are?”

  28. I grant that Sarah is missing some “finery!” However, the notion of government of the people, by the people, and for the people is for the sole consumption of the high-schooled, true believers: in this country, money rules! The people can “play government” if they demonstrate an obedient knowledge of the commands fetch, sit, roll over, down, speak, and sic ’em!

    Sarah might bray like a mule, but she’s nobody’s ass. (No pun intended.) She can turn the U. S. House up-side down. Big money has no interest in the welfare of people. And the two goody-goodies running against her will just fetch, sit, roll over, and speak on command! I’m ready for a gal who can hurl a beer bottle across a barroom floor and who knows all the “niceties” of a seasoned vocabulary!

    I’ve heard Begich: he’d be just another plug, and Peltola is no better! Since we have only one representative in the House, let’s send one of us–a scrapper!

    • Since… You are delusional my friend. Sarah is going there only to further her brand. Politics is the train she rides on to get publicity. Ultimately Sarah will merely be a MAGA version of A.O.C. in the House. One must do their homework if one is to be to be effective in a fight on Capitol Hill. Sarah isn’t a Jim Jordan…

      That said, I will still mark her for my SECOND choice on my ballot since electing Mary is unthinkable. Lets hope you Palinbots will remember to ink in the oval next to Nick’s name at least as your second choice.

  29. Rank the red. No matter how polarized you might be over either Republican, both are a better choice than Peltolla.

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