Ravn Alaska cuts flights to Kenai, Aniak


Ravn Alaska will stop service to two of its 12 current destinations this month. Daily service to Kenai and Aniak will end Oct. 21.

Ravn Air Group, which declared bankruptcy in 2020, reorganized, sold off some of its aircraft, and continued on. It overlaps with Grant Aviation in rural Alaska, although Grant has no current service to Aniak, which is a hub for even smaller villages in the southwest Kuskokwim River area.

Rob McKinney is CEO of FLOAT, which owns Ravn Alaska. This year he launched a new commercial air carrier for international service, called Northern Pacific Airways. The company invested $6 million into a passenger lounge project at the Anchorage Ted Stevens International Airport’s North Terminal.

Northern Pacific Airways is envisioned as a new long-haul airline serving Asia through Anchorage, but plans have been delayed by the Ukraine-Russia war and other geopolitical tensions.

The news of Ravn’s downsizing comes at the same time Alaska Seaplanes in Southeast Alaska announced it was ending daily service to Petersburg and Wrangell, two of its largest communities in Southeast Alaska.


  1. All part of the plan to shut down the state overall. not surprising with the coast of fuel, lack of investment by the only industry that doesn’t rely on government , federal restrictions and now the state doing same as the Ak government has gone liberal
    Anyone around here 30 -40 years ago recall how many flights a day to Kenai? How vibrant it was in SE all over the region ? Depressing as hell going thru SE these days
    Were going green whether we want to or not -or should I say blue

  2. Warren Buffet threatened RAVN with a lawsuit because Berkshire Hathaway has the naming rights to Northern Pacific. NPA will be named something else with the same initials. NPA has had some tough breaks

  3. I wish the US had more petroleum reserves. Is it down to a week’s worth now? Because the informative media is all over that.

  4. I’ll give odds that Ravn is out of business by next spring. Old Ravn had such a cash flow problem they had trouble making payroll each month. I bet they are in the same boat again.

    Middle mgt is largely the same w/ the same corporate structure and same morale issues.

  5. Possibly an attempt to gain government subsidies to ensure a year round profit for the airline. They must have figured that other carriers are not able to take up the slack to ensure essential services to so many locations. Taxpayers will soon pick up the tab, and ensure the airline’s profit.

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