Quote of the Week: Walker says budget not ‘bloated’


“Show us where it’s bloated.”

Alaska Gov. Bill Walker at Alaska Federation of Natives on Thursday, saying the state’s budget is not bloated.

Here’s an example of where it’s bloated:

Governor hires climate adviser

Gasless: Governor fails to deliver on his own deadline

Governor pitches gasline to Asia


  1. So hiring a climate adviser is an issue? Roads are unraveling because we’re losing permafrost, several communities will soon be under water because of increases in ocean levels, and we may be look on at more international travel through the Arctic but YOU say we don’t need a climate adviser? Looks like you are a 2% er science denier.

  2. He’s a liberal, so government can’t be bloated, in fact it can never be big enough. As for his audience:; most live in places with no tax base, so they will always clamor for more government services but less government restrictions.

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