Quote of the week: Parish out to get political appointees


“I’ve actually got a bill in now to try to to promote greater efficiency in government by limiting the number of people appointed just on the basis of their political connections to the upper levels. The fact is that when someone is a political appointee, it’s their job to deliver on the unrealistic promises they made to get appointed.”

– Rep. Justin Parish of Juneau, on KINY radio, explaining how he has a bill in to grow a more “efficient” permanent public workforce and shrink the union-exempt workforce appointed by the governor … before explaining to the radio host that he actually doesn’t have a bill “in” but has a staff member working on one.

And it’s an appointed staff member with political connections, presumably.


  1. Well, Parish is either pig ignorant or a liar; since he’s a Democrat, my money is on the latter. Partially-exempt and Exempt employees are subject to the Public Employment Relations Act. If the unions could get cards, they could organize them. Kevin Jardell and I floated around “Art and Kevin’s Union” back in Murkowski in which we proposed to unionize all the directors and commissioners’ office staffs in the Murkowski Administration so that a successor administration would have to meet a union “just cause” standard to fire us; we didn’t do it, but it was fun to threaten it. These people do bull— really well and unfortunately there are lots of people who’ll believe it.

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