Quote of the week: Kawasaki on prayer, gun control


“I hope we can all pray and mourn for the victims and families of Las Vegas for just a moment before this becomes a political platform. We need smart laws surrounding gun ownership.”

– Rep. Scott Kawasaki of Fairbanks, having his nano-moment of prayer on Facebook before turning the Las Vegas mass shooting into a political platform for gun control, on Oct. 2, 2017. Kawasaki is now running for Senate for the seat held by Sen. President Pete Kelly.



  1. Kawasaki along with Hillary Clinton barely got through the first news flashes before making this tragedy into a platform to push forward the gun control agenda. Did they hear the man in the crowd shout, “Shoot the bastard!”. He was probably a police officer. I wish that more of the people in the crowd were packing and shot out the window where the shooter was standing. I believe that the answer is having more citizens carrying, not less.

  2. To any but the #AltLeft intolerant there are plenty of “Gun Control” laws already that are regularly being broken by criminals, because that is the definition of a criminal. Anybody advocating for more gun control is also advocating for ignoring the US Constitution, 2nd Amendment and should NEVER be considered for ANY elected position in any part of our government!
    We will NEVER be completely safe from criminals and HATERS and that is precisely why our Founders recognized the God given right to defend ourself, our family and our property.

  3. Mainland Japanese/Chinese thinking ,take weapons away from people who did nothing wrong because you are afraid . My Mother was friends with your mom.before my Mother passed away! My Mother had more courage than you……
    Grow a set!

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