Quote of the day: Sullivan on Senate floor


“And opening the 10-02 area – using those high standards, the world’s highest standards, with the most advanced technology – will produce more American energy for the betterment of my state, my constituents, but for the whole country.

“Mr. President, we’re on the cusp of passing a bill that would put more money in the hands of the middle class, grow our economy, and fulfill a 40-year-long dream for Alaska. The might of America has always been and will always be in the ingenuity of our people, the ability for Americans to make decisions for themselves – to live their lives as they see fit, to build, to grow to make a better tomorrow for the next generation.

“The American dream does not have a price tag, but it can be stymied. It can be stymied and stunted by an overbearing federal government that wants to hinder the freedom of the individual, an overbearing federal government that crushes economic hope, and opportunity through over taxation or over regulation, and it does this by telling someone like Matthew Rexford – from a small village more than 5000 miles from here – that he and his people can’t make a better life for themselves and for their children by developing resources on their own land. Mr. President, that’s going to end tonight.

“At long last that’s going to change and the vast majority of Alaskans – Democrats and Republicans, native and non-native – are going to celebrate. And I believe when the American people realize and experience the positive benefits of this bill – through stronger economic growth, better jobs, more take home pay – they’re going to celebrate too. I urge my colleagues to vote for this historic legislation.”

– Sen. Dan Sullivan, speaking in favor of tax reform and unlocking ANWR, late Tuesday night in the U.S. Senate


  1. Remember sullivan has acted like a never trumpet sometimes. Also in this speech he acts like he’s telling the president to pay attention what he is saying. He should be telling the democrats what’s up. The president is way ahead of our delegation

  2. Alaskan should be overjoyed with the passage of the Tax bill, which includes ANWR and some tax breaks for Native Shareholder Trusts. I don’t understand the liberal Left and there decrying this tax bill because it’s going to add $1.5 Trillion in debt over 10 years.. What makes no since to me is that the Liberals had control of the White House, and Congress for 8 years and during that time taxes increased and they run up $10 Trillion in debt. I guess its ok if the money goes to the government so they can hand it out, but OMG don’t let the citizens have the money through tax breaks the liberals must believe people don’t know how to handle money only government can..
    In my humble opinion, the tax system has not work for years, so what’s wrong with trying something new. I understand why the liberals hate it because it’s being done during the Trump time and to them all things Trump are bad. Not everyone is going to like some part of the bill but lets give it a chance. My hats off to Murkowski, Sullivan and Young for there hard work on this legislation.

    • I agree and it’s past time that we start taking care of America first. I don’t notice any of those countries rushing aid and support to us when we are dealing with disasters just “words” and few of those. Keep this money here to help create jobs, to help our citizens with their medical care, cut all that crap out and it would be amazing what could be accomplished here without raising taxes. California is so worried about their illegals yet have thousands of people living on the streets. Why not take care of those people before bringing in more that are unable to care for themselves. It’s a joke to hear them say how worried they are about those poor illegals but not one word for the veterans or Americans who have fallen on hard times and are starving in their streets tonight.

  3. Thank goodness we did not have Begich as our Senator. That would have killed both the tax reform bill and ANWR. Just one person could have altered this. Thank you Alaska for voting Begich out of office.

  4. Dan Sullivan, Thank you for your military service, your public service as a US Senator representing Alaska, and for standing up for Alaska and our country.

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