Quote of the day: Official public radio opinion?



“It is insulting that as the most massive transfer of wealth in decades is happening through scribbled notes in the dark of a Friday night this is what @lisamurkowski’s public affairs account is tweets out.”  – Alaska Public Media radio reporter Zachariah Hughes to the world of Twitter on Dec. 1, criticizing Sen. Lisa Murkowski because she had sent a Twitter message celebrating an agreement that prevents unregulated high seas fisheries in the central Arctic Ocean.

To be fair to the senator, Murkowski also sent these Twitter messages on Dec. 1:

“Today marks World AIDS Day – a day to honor and remember all of those who have lost their lives fighting this terrible disease. Over 1 million people die every year from AIDS related causes; I look forward to a day when that number is zero.

And this…

“Tonight I cast my in favor of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, comprehensive tax reform that aims to encourage the economic growth needed create jobs and generate wealth, while reducing taxes.

Hughes picked up on just the one, however, for a left hook:

It was not the first time in a week that he’d found fault with the senator over the tax reform package. On Nov. 30, he argued with her about who would get the most benefit, rich or poor:

And a day earlier, Hughes brought sarcasm to bear in making fun of the senator over her stance on opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge at any cost (tl;dr means “too long, didn’t read.”):

In his defense, Hughes’ beat doesn’t cover the Senate routinely, and he generally keeps his bias in check on the city and state issues he does cover. Whether his opinions and observations on national tax policy and Sen. Lisa Murkowski will hurt his credibility with public radio listeners is doubtful, as the “likes” and “retweet” record reflects broad support from his followers on Twitter.


  1. Anyone more than maybe a year or two out of school who has believed that NPR was anything other than a leftist megaphone is brain dead.

  2. and yet Murkowski Sullivan and young keep giving them money. so I don’t feel the least bit sorry when npr attacks them. for some reason the base knows whats going on but those three dont

    • It’s the only radio in most of Alaska, at least geographically most, and it was/is a way to get some federal and Outside money to support that radio service. Sen. Stevens was a big proponent and at times was at odds with the AK Legislature over the Legislature’s desire to cut public radio. I don’t think it is worth it; it is simply a leftist propaganda organ that helps to keep the rural areas Democrat. Of course it must be remembered that back before public radio, the only radio available in much of rural Alaska was Radio Moscow, but compared to NPR today, Radio Moscow was pretty conservative. There are so many other communications options these days, that the subsidized over the air radio is really just a vestige of the past, but then where would Democrats get their communications staffers if it weren’t for public radio?

  3. I mention Communist Radio often, and everyone always knows without asking that I refer to NPR. The State of Alaska is using one-time cash reserves to bring Downton Abbey reruns to Hoonah and the new Prairie Home Companion to Tenakee Springs. Someone please tell the Finance Committees that Mr. Bates retired and Garrison Keillor was fired. It’s a safe bet the Walker FY 2019 operating budget will have millions of dollars for Public Broadcasting.

  4. NPR is part of the support system for the Left. Ninety-six percent of their audience is of the Left and a comparable percentage of their staff. I would defund this puppy in a heartbeat.

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