Quote of the day: In Anchorage, ‘I’m always carrying’


“I don’t even question whether or not I should be armed when I’m walking my dogs now. I’m always carrying.”

— Anchorage resident testifying on Saturday by phone to the House Judiciary Committee on Senate Bill 54 and the need for criminal justice reform.

House Finance will meet earlier on Monday to deliberate SB 54, starting at 1 pm, but will take public testimony in the evening from 5-9 pm. Watch and listen here:


Give your crime-related testimony by calling 907-465-4648 to obtain the number or send testimony to [email protected].

SB 54 increases some penalties for crimes that under SB 91 have possibly led to a wave of thefts across Alaska. The bill was passed by the Senate in April, but House Democrats sat on it and never held a single hearing until the governor called them into special session to do so on Oct. 23.