Quick lets campaign manager go, after he communicated with PAC


John Quick, candidate for Kenai Borough Assembly for the Nikiski seat, has accepted the resignation of his campaign manager, Paul Huber

“Paul is a good guy with a big heart. During a hearing today before the Alaska Public Offices Commission, I learned for the first time that Paul was in communication with Alaska Yes, an independent expenditure entity, via email. I was not copied on these emails, nor was I aware that Paul was copied on this emails. I was familiar with this entity as I was previously affiliated with the same,” Quick wrote in a press release. 

“However, I resigned my position with Alaska Yes and had no involvement or communication with that entity since March 2019. My only contact with them since March 2019 was to inquire as my name was recently errantly placed on an APOC filing,” Quick wrote.

Quick appeared before APOC today and that’s when it came to light that Huber had been on email threads with Alaska Yes.

“I believe that a campaign should focus on the issues that matter most to us living within the Borough, and it is unfortunate that there have been distractions in the form of negative messaging. The integrity of my campaign is of utmost importance to me, and therefore, I have accepted Paul’s immediate resignation,” Quick wrote.


  1. Seems like John Quick sure is having trouble with this whole politics thing, some people just aren’t cut out for it.

  2. I don’t put much stock into Quick’s claims that he has nothing to do with Alaska Yes. He and his buddy Zuyus together for that one too and probably conspiring the negative ads against his opponents.

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