Protestors swarm Capitol for education


A couple of hundred protesters spent early Saturday afternoon at the Capitol, chanting, “Fund Our Teachers,” and “Save Our Schools.”

It’s the same basic chant they use in good budgetary times and bad.

It’s uncertain who they are protesting. The House Democrats passed a budget that the Dunleavy Administration says does not fund Fiscal Year 2020 education, but forward funds 2021 education.

The Attorney General this week issued the opinion that says last year’s forward funding for education for the next fiscal year was imaginary, because no actual funds were set aside.

Read Letter from AG re: education funding 4.9.19


  1. So a tiny fraction of the voters(?) Wearing red shirts representing the NEA ..which should stand for
    Not Educating Alaska’s students, are out unforced using mob tactics to get money.

    If money made a difference in the results in the classroom we, in Alaska would be number one in the nation. Those acting up are putting a greater effort to get money than they do in the classroom. I hope they fail as they have fail out students.

    We did our part we voted for the GOVERNOR. We support the cuts. We supports communities that voted for the bonds pay for those bonds…it might wake up those voting to thing about the true value and impact on bonding and indebting the landholders.

    Sorry but most of the governor’s voters are busy having to work and attempt to unteach common core. We expected that vote results matter. We want our representatives and senators to represent the majority’s goals. Cut goverment, cut cost, and restore our PFD.

    With restoration of our PFD we will be able to afford our needs with out government employees needed to choose what we need that they will be paid to provide for us..

    All the tears for seniors missing out on 76 dollars…image of the had a full PFD…..they would not need that 76dollars they would have had more money with the PFD…It’s just math.

    • K-12 is a Ponzi scheme for the benefit of the Democratic party. Need more money to hire more Democrats, who will vote to elect more Democrats, who will fund the hiring of more Democrats, who will vote to elect more Democrats, who will fund the hiring of more Democrats and so on until eventually we have a bloated system of entitled Democrats.

      Finally a lot of people realize we’ve been swindled by a bunch of shysters into thinking education spending and educating children are the same thing.

  2. Spring-time surprise…
    Mosquitos, spruce-bark beetles, education-industry shills….
    Can’t get rid of them…
    Wouldn’t be Alaska without them…

  3. Doesn’t look like much of a “swarm” to me. A few libs trying to force their will on everyone else, at any cost. Yesterday, I saw a picture from a California union with “protesters” in the same crowd. What does one suppose they are doing in Alaska? Couldn’t be that the libs/dims in Alaska can’t draw a crowd anymore, could it? I’m sure their “crowd” is around. Just getting wary of showing their faces to their genuine Alaskan neighbors. You know, those Alaskan “neighbors” that want to keep their rightful PFD. Californians have no business butting into Alaskan politics/policies. I say, ‘deport” them!!

  4. Nice ginned up rent-a-mob of education backed union/demorats chanting “Do it for the children” (and mostly our paychecks).

  5. The education bureaucracy has one big disadvantage compared to all the others—independent academic test scores. The students are testing out at D-level grades in academics. A+ in self-esteem and protesting skills. The bureaucracy has a hard time hiding from this reality.

    Other agencies have no such objective metrics (except perhaps crime statistics for Depts of Law and Public Safety). AkDOTPF gets a pass; if they spend $20-mil on a $15-mil project no one realizes it. Similar for other departments.

    The education bureaucracy will finally be in the cat-bird seat when they figure out how to game the academic testing. And they’re working on that.

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