Protesters take to Anchorage street for Palestinians, against Israel


Anti-Israel protesters showed up in midtown Anchorage on Saturday to support Palestinians.

The event was sponsored by the Party for Socialism and Liberation, which describes itself as “a working-class party of leaders and activists from many different struggles, founded to promote the movement for revolutionary change.” It is calling for an end to “current hostiles and crimes being committed against Palestinians. We demand the end to Israeli apartheid and US end to Israeli.”


  1. Will the assembly and the Mayor be buying them a building next week..?? or just asking them to share one with other protesters,,??

  2. According to the teachings of Islam, there will be no peace until the entire world submits to Allah. Don’t give in to these people. They have the same freedoms to express their opinions as I do, and I will defend their right to do so – but they will not be so gracious if the shoe was one the other foot.

    • I totally agree with you. These people have no idea what Israel is going through. These people can go out and worship their Allah ( not to mention that you can hear them praying over a loud speakers!). So their boarder brothers can hear. While when a person who is in Israel who wants to go to the wall and pray is getting shot at! So don’t tell me that the Palestinians have it rough! They are the ones who is shooting people who want to pray. Not to mention that they are one or if not the wealthiest country.

  3. Isn’t it amazing? When Joshua replaced Moses in leading the Lord’s people Israel to invade the land of Canaan. He was commanded to to ”utterly destroy all that was in the city”, (Jericho) ”both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword”. Joshua 6;21 They however did not totally obey the Lord’s commandment, they allowed the Philistines to live on in Israel as their slaves.

    Today those philistines who were not driven out of Israel in 70ad by the Roman Empire when it destroyed Israel and its Temple, would now lay claim to their masters’ territory. Nice try. Now read Ezekiel 38 to see what the Lord has prepared for them, and all the those that attack Israel. Man alive all this is happening now before our eyes.

  4. More evidence of the undoing of America. BLM last month and anti- Israel this month. Never mind that it’s the strongest ally the US has in the Middle East AND the strongest if not only true democracy in the M.E.

  5. While the Party for Socialism and Liberation is calling for an end to the “current hostiles and crimes being committed against Palestinians.” They say nothing about the current hostilities and crimes being committed against Israel, if they did I might be able to take them seriously. However when they say things like “We demand the end to Israeli apartheid and US end to Israeli.” it makes it impossible to take them seriously, this is a very obvious anti-semitic group and nothing more. The US Congress recently passed legislation addressing anti-Asian violence and crime, and yet some who voted for that legislation seemingly support crime and violence against Israel and people with Jewish ancestry.
    Sadly, it’s not surprising that we have these anti-semitic groups in Alaska. There are some from the left who post here on this site who have shared their anti-semitic views quite openly.

  6. Ignorance is bliss, it’s really sad that these people are supporting such hate and vile and they don’t even know it. Israel promotes peace and inclusion. Palestine (which technically doesn’t even exist) does not.

  7. Why hasn’t a protests in favor of Israel been organized? Why aren’t there any protests supporting truth and sanity?

  8. Lob a rocket into a city and expect no response? Gimme a break. These asshats are the same bunch that are in Antifa and BLM, any excuse to raise hell.

  9. Steven you’re so right. How Stupid right.
    If rockets were raining down on these protesters maybe they would understand something.
    So glad Bronson won or Anchorage would be protesting ever day, with yes Loser Dunbar as mayor.
    Plus Dunbar would be encouraging them to burn down some buildings. He would be defunding the police too.

    Fight back, Israel. Defend (resist an attack made on someone or something protect from harm or danger.)

  10. American Communists in burkas inviting all the despicables into our country. Spitting on Jews. Palestinians have the entire Middle East to live in. Have them invited into Jordan, the Emirates, Afghanistan, Iran, Libya, Syria…..etc.
    Their own people don’t want them.
    The Jews live peacefully in their tiny country called Israel. Why are Commies in the USA supporting the PLO and now, Hammas? Go ask the Clinton’s, Madeleine Albright, the Obama’s. All Deplorable Jew haters.
    And now…….Joe Biden. The man who no longer has a mind in which to think or reason.

  11. How silly, Those protesting have a friend or ally in power, an usurper named Joe Biden. Old Joe is all about giving nuclear arms to radical elements in the region. Why protest Israel for defending themselves? At least now? Huh. This kind of protest didn’t occur when Trump was president.
    Oh, wait now I get it, this is merely a new distraction by the Leftist. Similar to men in girls restrooms and on girls sports teams, or “Asian Hate”, whatever that is. Obviously the leftist need to fund a number of protests to keep the divisive pot boiling. Makes perfect sense to me now.

  12. My mistake. I thought the image was the line at the bank cashing bonus unemployment checks. How many in line work for government?

  13. Hamas v. Israel is a lesson in what happens when one pokes the bear!
    Don’t poke the bear!!

  14. The indoctrinated uninformed youth of today will not fight for freedom or republic, but they will support those that will fight against our freedom and republic. We use to hang traitors.

  15. Steve-O said: “While the Party for Socialism and Liberation is calling for an end to the “current hostiles and crimes being committed against Palestinians.” They say nothing about the current hostilities and crimes being committed against Israel…”. Truth.
    Nor would they acknowledge the huge number of Christians being slaughtered around the world, but particularly in Africa, but Muslims. Nope, that is acceptable to them. Hypocrites!

  16. Interesting how Anti-Semitism is springing up everywhere now that Slow Joe is in office. Trump brings peace to the Middle East and Biden resumes turning it into a warzone, then has the audacity to point the finger at Israel for starting it. Complete horse manure! The liar in chief is promoting the demise of Israel by making backdoor deals with Iran. The Deep State makes money off of war and killing American soldiers! This must end. Keep your eyes on the Maricopa County, Arizona and now Fulton County, Georgia election audits. They will prove the fraud that allowed Biden to steal the election from the American people. We the people will reclaim our country from these corrupt people and hopefully they will see justice for their crimes.

  17. It’s scary to see that many people making an anti-semitic crowd in Anchorage, and they are just a fraction who had the time to participate in their rally. How many more Anchorage residents share the same feelings agianst The State of Israel and Jews?

  18. If Hamas laid down their weapons there would be peace … if Israel laid down their weapons there would not be an Israel.

  19. The Palestinians had been seduced by an antisemitic agenda, which doesn’t allow for compromise. Now they’re locked in by pride, to never compromise with “Jews” … to never recognize territorial claims supported by someone else’s religious beliefs … which are contrary to their own.

    Alaska’s Natives made the hard choice and agreed to the terms in the ANCSA. Under international law at the time, we owned all of Alaska … but to grand-stand on that wasn’t practical. It would have just prolonged the ongoing strife … at a political moment when we were able to get something out of it.
    Near a billion dollars sounds like a lot, but it wouldn’t pay for a tenth of a modern aircraft carrier. The 44 million acres, with subsurface rights, was the cake.
    As per habit and practice, the federal government allowed us to select lands which were deemed to have only modest to little commercial value. Lo and behold, we were accidentally allowed to select some of the most valuable lands. Heads rolled over that one.

    The Palestinians need to make the hard choice … but that would mean a break with the antisemitic agenda. Not a lot of hope for that. Religion, mixed with politics, and stirred by hatred, can make matters so intractable.

  20. Wow, Why are you supporting those who want to destroy America?
    How many Palistinances killed American citizens? Do you remember 9-11 when the towers fell over 3000 innocents men women children killed? Do you realize that if you are of the LBGT community Palistinances will kill you for your lifestyle choice?
    You wish to support Palestine I will consider you a traitor and potential terrorist.
    Go live in Palestine if you support them

  21. Yall triggered. These people are wanting less people to die and every comment here is about how they deserve to die. Keyboard warriors are brutal.

    • Then why aren’t they protesting for Hamas to stop lobbing rockets into Israel? We know why and so do you but you refuse to be truthful to yourself.

  22. Stefan. You need a history lesson. These people hate Jews. They hate Israel and want the total destruction of both. Read the Palestinian manifesto and documents.

  23. More nonsense resulting from a 2000 year old comic book w/ poorly imagined characters and boring stories. What they needed was a Stan Lee.

  24. Don’t ever give attention to the Party of Socialism and Liberation. Ignore them for the subversive pinkos that they are, and make sure they never get a newspaper article or Televised news story. It’s not smart to give a socialist group a headline because all it does is give these misguided fools a voice they don’t deserve and a swell of encouragement to grow their network. So please just stop reporting on them. This subversive party of Socialism and Liberation doesn’t need the media promoting their voice. Bad publicity is good publicity and exactly what they want. It helps them grow. Very disappointed to see this article since all it did was encourage them to continue their subversive actions and rhetoric. Every one of these pinkos congratulated themselves for making the news. Good job for encouraging this ignorance and anti-freedom garbage. I never want to see these clowns in the news again no matter what they’re protesting.

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