Protesters chain to Wasilla Middle School


A group of protesters has chained itself to the doors of Wasilla Middle School to prevent legislators from entering. Evidently they are unaware that there are other entrances to the school.

Some 22 legislators are meeting in Wasilla, where the governor has called for a special session. Others are meeting in Juneau to try to override the governor’s budget vetoes.

In the Twitter post above, the protesters are calling the Wasilla gathering an illegal meeting.


  1. I would hope that the AST would respond to remove these people. They are clearly impeding ingress/egress, and therefore constitute a safety threat.

    • Fire marshal needs to have these idiots arrested blocking emergency exits !! Some kind of stupid there!! SMH.. These idiotic libtard don’t understand that Our Gov. Is doing the right thing and if these legislators have half a brain left to they will do the right thing and back him!!!!

      • and that was part of the problem, cop were called but no arrests made. If there are no consequences for their actions then they feel empowered to do even more.

  2. What a bunch of clowns. I recall way back in the day some greenies chained themselves to the dock pilings in Petersburg. I can’t recall exactly what they were protesting – logging I think. Like the clowns at Wasilla High School forgetting there are other entrances, the greenies in Petersburg forgot the tide comes in eventually.

    • Garnet, I think you’re thinking of the Greenpeace protestors who chained themselves to logging equipment down at the Tonka site. I remember that too. They sure looked foolish, and they accomplished nothing!

  3. The clowns in their ‘one ring circus’ are getting desperate. When other leftist ‘demonstrations’ fail, try the ‘chain ’em up’ tactic. Quite a ‘group’ there. All of four lefties chaining themselves to idiocy. No wonder they’re getting desperate.

    • I assume you are referring to the clowns inside?

      You know, the people who don’t have a quorum and aren’t doing any work but are spending the money we supposedly don’t have?

      I’m guessing the Governor didn’t veto the “political stunt” budget?

      • Hey there strange,
        I’m referring to the idiots disrupting a constitutionally called special session. By the Governor. You know, the latest special session called before the ‘clown car’ went to Juneau and after they refused to do their jobs, through the regular session and one previous special session. The people/legislators in Wasilla who don’t have a quorum are the only ones in the legislature following the law. The ‘political’ stunt is being ‘pulled’ by the fakers in Juneau, having a kangaroo court vote and calling it their choice. If you want people being lawless and foolish, wasting loads of $$, look at them. If you want someone talking foolish, look in the mirror. I’m trying to be polite but you make it difficult.

  4. I remember my younger days when I was left at daycare and after naptime, we got juice in small plastic cups. We sat around these tables and when our juice was gone, a few of my peers began banging their cups on the tables in unison chanting, “More juice, more juice!”
    It seems some of my peers have grown up.
    Someone fill their padlocks up with superglue and let them continue their protest into the weekend. Instead of, “Don’t balance the budget, I want my money!” it will be back to demanding “more juice!”

  5. Desperation is a strong driving force in the entitlement crowd.

    Sadly though conservatives in our state have no organization for any action. There is no vehicle at all to rally for our position. Yes, I know, it is mostly because we are all out working and don’t have the free time that so many liberals have. Still it would help to even have a Facebook page just for the purpose of informing and planning. Ie “ok, show up at Newcomb Park in Wasilla at 11:00 am”. But alas, nothing. Yet the entitlement defenders have a twitter feed, Facebook and tons of organization to help them destroy our state.

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      You are posting on the most convenient site that seems to reach the majority of conservatives. You are right about conservatives. Mostly working, trying to make the living that most ‘public employees’ and “educators” already have, at others’ expense. The conservatives I know don’t need to ‘find themselves’ or ‘define who they are’. They already know. Can’t say as much for the disruptors. I don’t do face book or twitter. I don’t care for any site or person trying to censor, twist and manipulate the words of others. Here, you can say, within reason, what you think. Here’s where you’ll find my thoughts, opinions and words. I hope many more conservatives discover this site. I didn’t know about it for years. When I found out, what a discovery for me. Like a breath of fresh air, when surrounded by the smoke and mirrors of the left.

  6. Hey Superwoman!? Why you jumping up and down and crossing your legs? Gotta pee?! And can’t find the key? Ha!

  7. Seriously. The whole state needs to go to work. The Senate, the legislature, the clowns in chains, the low lifers walking the streets with their hands out, the subsistence group… everyone needs to get a JOB and get to work.
    What the heck does the group in Juneau think they’re doing? The Governor is the elected head of government in this state. He’s in charge, not the clowns in Juneau. He said Wasilla, they should have said “what time and where.” Enough already.

  8. A Black dude in chains………..chained to an older White woman. Can’t get much more politically incorrect and rascist than that. Take that photo and send it to CNN.

  9. They’re just back to middle school because they never graduated from 7th grade. Take this photo and send it to UA President Johnson. Let him know this is a serious issue that transends college graduation in Alaska. More funding, please!!

    • They only wish middle school. Most of them never went beyond third grade. Who is that preacher on the far left of the photo?

  10. Wrong the Governor specified the place and can only be changed by a vote of the legislature at that location. All the Senators and Representatives in Juneau are in viloation of the law.

  11. Elizabeth, I don’t describe this chaos as organized. It’s noisy. It’s embarrassing. If they put their energy into growing up, sitting down and having an adult conversation about a plan forward I would call that a step towards organization. Men dressed like faux priests and wonder woman shacking themselves to buildings accomplishes nothing but a ridiculous photo op.

  12. So, let’s see, I recognize the rainbow priest on the right and Wonder Man, but, who are the other two?

  13. Well, I see two normally dressed people,,,,the other two……why would anyone take them seriously, do they look like they are concerned about our states best interest?

  14. On second glance perhaps the faux priest is really supposed to be representing a UAA graduate. Or, one that wants to graduate but is crying around because his program got cut. Good Lord.

  15. What has been the reason for the rally which was to be for recovering our PFD’s! This was to be one rally for Alaska taking back Alaska and to support the Governor in his bid and promise to restore and give back our PFD’s to every MSN woman and. Child in Alaska. That’s it

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