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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Prisoners are eligible for $600 federal stimulus checks


While some Americans grouse about the small direct payments coming from the federal government to help out with food and rent, the bill passed by Congress and on Sunday night signed by President Donald Trump, includes prisoners among those who will receive $600 payments within days. That’s a big help for prisoners to pay for sundry and personal care items and phone calls home.

The bill follows the prior CARES Act stimulus package in March, which contained up to $2,000 per eligible American, including prisoners. The CARES Act contained no prohibition on stimulus payments for inmates.

Congress started crafting the second round of stimulus in July, and at the front-end of negotiations, prisoners were excluded from the list of those eligible. But the exclusion language didn’t survive the final bill, a sign that it may have been a sticking point in negotiations.

Also included in the massive stimulus package is a measure that resumes Pell grants — a form of federal financial aid for students — for prisoners. In 1994, a crime bill that was sponsored by Sen. Joe Biden, banned Pell grants for inmates. Education grants can pay for training and education that prisoners need in order to return to society as functioning contributors. An extensive study by the RAND think tank in 2018 found those prisoners enrolled in classes have a 48 percent lower chance of recidivism.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Good they can pay the fines they have.

  • Some prisoners are paying child support, those will never see it. It either will go to a child or it will go into the Division of Child Support instead of the child which is another corruption level story. So the wayward father receiver will receive nothing which is good. All children including their mothers suffered the most from lacking his leadership. How much of that stimulus will go right back in to Government employee hands without it ever rebuilding what this country lost the last 10 months? I Never understood why a prisoner ever had to be paid a measly .80-1.00 for someone washing dishes, why would they even need the earnings, what can they buy when ones basics housing, medical care, clothing, and food are provided by the department of corrections and department of health and social services, inmates should be working for free. the prisons don’t need no little store just to take whatever more money they can get more added into its treasury. How much more will go into government hands? I think prisoners receiving 600 dollars per inmate is a sham for more government growth.

    • Instead that child support cannot take this $600

    • You apparently have never been in prison and apparently you have not read the whole article or the previous article. They are not allowed to take the 1200 or $600 in stimulus and put it towards child support it’s in the bill. When I got out I had $25 to my name if somebody gets out of prison with $25 what you think they’re going to do next they going to rob somebody steal something $600 is going to get them into a halfway house or somewhere to stay so that they don’t have to do that. At the same time though I do want you to know that I understand exactly what you’re saying and I used to feel the same way.

    • the ignorance of a Karen that has obviously not been incarcerated and by the looks of it does not know anyone who is or has been.

    • Obviously you have never made a bad decision your entire, sheltered life. Inmates have rights, just like you and I. The prisons do not give out deodorant or shampoo, or razors.. I hope you never have anyone in your family incarcerated, because that would change that tune you are now whistling!

  • Of course they are.

    The biggest lie in the whole COVID mess isn’t masks help – they don’t, or the fatality rate is decimate society – 99% of people survive.

    The biggest lie is “we’re all in this together”. Unmitigated BS. It’s us vs the government. State and muni workers aren’t missing checks or losing jobs. We are.

    This will go on until we force it to stop.
    Until we value our freedoms over the illusion of false security.

    • Stop spewing the same ole thing. Stop being jealous for some people’s sacrifice in job descisions. You weren’t complaining when you were making more per hour than state employees. So stop it now. What a pinko.

      • Says the Florida Man

      • You’re welcome to point out one place I’m wrong. One.

        BTW: I’ve never made more than state workers, so you’re wrong yet again.

        You’d be funny if you could be taken seriously. But you can’t, so…

        • Dang, sorry about that. I thought 7eleven paid more.

    • Mask do help its trumpers not wearing them and not social distancing.and with thousands dying everyday and you saying 99% survive do you like to be part of that 1% I know I don’t and I’m sure everyone else that got it and died didn’t want to be that 1% either nobody

  • I am so happy that convicted felons get this money. It’s probably about time that all their civil rights get restored as well. Especially their right to vote and once again posses firearms.

  • If they restricted every penny in the “relief” bill(s) to only those citizens and persons with a valid SSN or TIN, there’d be no issue.

    Most convicts have judgments, if I’m going to have tax dollars “redistributed”, I’d prefer at least they go to Americans.

    • All have court costs. Let’s start there.

  • That $600 they get can go to paying court cost care or to the victims.

  • IMO the little things like commissary and that 80 cents per hour are some of the things that keep our prisons from being sensory deprivation chambers. Most will serve their time and return to our neighborhoods. Some will have self-corrected, and some not so easily.
    It’s not in our self interest to let them degenerate beyond the point of recovery.

  • We are getting a very small amount of the money which is coming out of our own pockets. The politicians are giving foreigners and other countries the majority of the money. These are democrats and some Rinos.

  • I wonder if past foreign visa visitors will be getting their checks mailed to them again as well.
    A couple I know who are from and born in Denmark and have currently been living back in Denmark for the past 9 years received their last United States $1200 stimulus checks. They were only here for a couple of years 10 years back on visas. When the government addressed the envelopes, that the checks came in to some address in Denmark, was that not thought of as an oversight. Pretty sure they weren’t the only non-citizens who no longer reside here, that received their $1200 United States Covid check.

    • It’s called slippage. The larger the system, the greater the slippage.
      I was stationed in France, in a resupply depot. Our huge fuel tanks would lose some to evaporation. We called it “gimme some evaps” when we sneaked an unmetered sip of fuel for our issued jeeps.

  • I am glad the prisoner can also receive the $600. dollar because they also have to pay for their thing, such as the toilet paper, toothpaste,their clothes that these are expenses that they have to pay out of pocket.

    • Not true. They get one roll a week.

      • You

        • It’s true. They get one roll of toilet paper a week, they get their toothbrush and their toothpaste and they’re shaving cream and a guard watches them shave with the razor and then takes it away. They do have to pay court costs but not until they get out and restitution also is paid but not until they get out. That’s just the way it is don’t shoot the messenger.

          • Obviously you have never made a bad decision your entire, sheltered life. Inmates have rights, just like you and I. The prisons do not give out deodorant or shampoo, or razors.. I hope you never have anyone in your family incarcerated, because that would change that tune you are now whistling!

          • You’re correct, but the quality of the products is so bad.

          • But….they need some kind of reason to live another day. You think they should sit in a box living for chow 3 times a day? I know all about that life as my husband and brother in law found themselves with sentences behind a drug addiction. Human beings need to be active..My husband was wording in carpentry for .11 per hour making all new kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and you name it in wood for the Warden’s home. There are some evil people, but for the most part…these guys want to come home and thrive.

    • My husband received a check while incarcerated after I filled out the 1040 for him on line. My question will I have to file another 1040 or will they just issue them according to the first time?

      • Where did you go to fill out the 1040 i can’t find it

  • Your Comment Is Stupid
    They Should Be Able To Work
    They Can Send Money Home
    Their Families
    Speak Of Something U Have No Knowledge
    Not Just To Punish
    Rehabilitate & There R Many Innocent People
    Who R Also In Prison
    That Loss Everything & The Jobs That
    They Get In Prison
    They Should Give These Inmates
    Liveable Wages To Support Themselves An Learn Skills
    Prepare Them
    Their Released
    So Before U Make A Stupid Comment
    Did Do Some Research
    Not All Inmates R Mad & Guilty

    • Well they go out on work crews, some of the non-violent offenders anyway out of work camps. They don’t get paid for that. Every convict has a job to do be that go to school to get a GED, work around the camp or go out on the road crew but that’s just to help pay your debt to society. They screwed up and now they got to do a little bit of labor as part of their debt. They don’t need any money. Family can send money to their commissary account so they can buy a $4 bag of potato chips or some other crap. But they certainly don’t need no $600 from the federal government.

    • They really should let the old people out that have done a lot of time and are not problematic.

  • Is the stimulus entitlement based on your tax returns paying Federal Income Tax?
    If jail criminals do not earn and income pay Federal Income Tax they should qualify for the $600
    Jailed Criminals are bar from voting other rights they should be barred from the stimulus payment

  • I would find it ridiculous that there would exist an avenue for incarcerated criminals to be eligible for a $600 check when they are costing taxpayers $40,000.00 a year to keep them out of society.

  • I was wondering the same thing. I also have a friend that is an inmate that works in the boiler room and earns about $20.00 a month. He has recieved the 1st check but he has not recieved the $600 stimulus. They might be last or will have to wait until they file their 2020 taxes. I am not sure.

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