Prisoner gender reassignment bill gets ‘death by committee’



Rep. George Rauscher of Sutton offered a flurry of bills this session, and one of them is sure to get the progressives up in arms — if it ever gets a hearing.

HB 5 would prohibit State funds from being used to pay for “gender reassignment” surgery or other similar procedures for prisoners.

Gender reassignment from male to female involves removing male genitalia and crafting something that resembles  female genitalia. It requires lifelong hormonal treatments to reduce masculine appearance. Changing from a man to a woman would allow a prisoner to enter a women’s prison.

The bill is in response to real situations across the nation, that began most publicly with former federal inmate Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning, who began fighting for the procedure while still serving a 35-year sentence for espionage, after he leaked classified documents. His sentence was commuted by President Barack Obama before he left office. Manning had the surgery after leaving prison.

The Democrat-led House of Representatives, where Rep. Rauscher is now part of a 15-member republican minority, didn’t treat HB 5 with open arms. Speaker Bryce Edgmon sent it to three committees: State Affairs, Education, and HSS.

Why so many committees? This is one of the tools a majority has to hobble a bill’s progress when it disagrees with the bill. The referral of this bill to the Education Committee, chaired by Rep. Harriet Drummond, is a example of why the choice of House Speakers matters. The bill appears to have little relevance to the normal work of the Education Committee.


  1. The Republican party better get busy if not already, and get the plan in place to rid the House of Representatives of fake Republicans at the next election. We all know who they are, and we all know who the weak ones are that can turn. Same in the Senate. As a result of Knopp’s actions, the trickle down gives us this mess. We finally get a real conservative Governor to work towards getting Alaska out of a fiscal mess and Knopp shivv’s us like a prison felon. I have hope but I”m afraid this session is going to be a disastrous loss. The left just can’t seem to wrap their brains around the fact that money does not grow on trees and cuts have to be made and sometimes that means YOU and your constituents. Suck it up and have a real conversation and stop the radicalization of everything.

  2. Not getting this at all. A guy in prison wants to be regendered to look like a woman so he can be transferred to a woman’s prison? But the tranny gets more action in a men’s prison. So the tranny prefers women? That would make him normal, wouldn’t it? We are having a budget debate and we have to listen to this crap? The 120 session can’t end soon enough.

    • Ted, get with it. You’re too old school. If you want to see how political these transgenders can be, go the the Fairbanks council meeting tonight and listen to Ordinance 6093. You can meet every transgender outside of Fenocios without leaving Fairbanks. Dress up, buddy.

      • btw, Ordinance 6093 passed the Fairbanks city council. Now, the whole damn town of Fairbanks is prisoner to transgenders, gays, lesbians, homosexuals, queens, cross-dressers, queers and multi-gendered. Did I leave out any sexual orientation “others?”

  3. Howzabout if a person wants to remove their junk, get a phony simulacrum of the junk they think they should have, and take hormones for the rest of their life to sustain this image, then they should first not do anything that will get them sent to prison so that they can follow their dreams and pay for it on their own too. The state should not be on the hook for that sort of procedure for incarcerated people.

    Now, is this really that big of a thing? Do we need this bill? Is this like one prisoner somewhere or is it really a trend? Just asking because I don’t know…

  4. So, we have the pre-emptive strike bill on reassignment surgery…. My God. If you have done something egregious enough to land yourself in the pokey for life, I think you have lost a few “rights”. You don’t get to vote, you don’t get a PFD to help offset the costs, and by that time in your life, you should have already ‘picked’ your gender and the State shouldn’t be paying for it. Maybe a lady prisoner wants to have a wiener attached? How fun is that! This is ridiculous.

  5. Planned Parenthood gets tax money to butcher babies, so what’s wrong with forcing taxpayers to pay for redecorating a few misfits?
    No, what we got here is ole George very well aware that Republican “lawmakers” deliberately relegated themselves to an impotent secondary role in the Peoples House of Representatives.
    Their reward is having a permanent excuse for being not quite able to enact worthwhile legislation (which might annoy sponsors) because Democrats control everything.
    And best of all George gets to recite, with a straight face, at the end of every dreary election cycle, “They bad. We good. Send Money.”

    • Morrigan Im not quite sure where you are coming from – are you then saying it is perfectly ok for public monies to pay for requested genital mutilation of mentally instsble inmates? Just because we already have one atrocity occurring doesn’t mean we should leave the gate open for other atrocities. We need to fight tooth and nail for what is right and good. As for Rep Rauscher, I’m pretty sure he did not have a hand in engineering the defection of the deceiving Republican impersonators.

      • It is perfectly ok, Elizabeth, because donors, buyers, politicians, the baby-parts industry, state-run news media, lawyers, and religious leaders say it’s ok.
        Taxpayer-funded baby butchery and genital mutilation, whether for amusement or cultural relevancy, are here to stay.
        So we need to fight tooth and nail for what is right and good. What’s the plan, Boss, how’s it working so far?
        Rauscher’s simply a drone, incapable of “engineering” anything.
        Rauscher’s place at Alaska’s money trough is assured only if he goes along with what colleagues and buyers want.
        Cutest part is he can’t be blamed for what Democrats do because his crowd is in second place.
        Stay in second place, you always got an excuse for doing nothing useful.
        Toss your failures off as “bipartisan” and voters who value cowardice by calling it civility give you a pass.
        What’s not to like?

        • Morrigan: All I want to say is that these to segments of your conversation are chunks I want to steal! This is GREAT verbiage from the Morrigan lexicon:
          * Stay in second place, you always got an excuse for doing nothing useful.
          *Toss your failures off as “bipartisan” and voters who value cowardice by calling it civility give you a pass.


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