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Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Primary is over, and Dan Sullivan is off and running


Sen. Dan Sullivan just released a post-primary video touting some of his greatest strengths — his unending energy, devotion to Alaska, and doing what he promised to do when first elected in 2014.

In the video, he’s clipped in old footage of him running on trails in Alaska — as he is known to be an avid runner, even in Washington, D.C.

Then, the one-minute video shows that he has delivered on the promises he made to work on jobs, strengthen the military in Alaska, improving care for veterans and their families, and opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Also, he’s championed cleaning the oceans of plastic, worked to bring solutions to opioid addiction, and strengthened Alaska’s fisheries.

The ad is in stark contrast to the message from his opponent Al Gross, who recently featured himself gasping for air in a video, while he labored to speak behind a ladybug mask, which kept getting sucked into his lips as he read from the teleprompter:

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Gross is such a tool. He creates enough eye rolling in Alaska to trigger the Richter Scale.

  • Dan Sullivan, the only MAN for the job! Watching poor al was painful, uncomfortable, and the last man I would want in my corner. Truth

    • He could only live up to his last name, and that’s gross for Alaskans.

  • When the left attacks perfectly good hydropower because of anthropogenic global warming, you know they’ve gone completely off the rails.

  • “Opportunities that came as a result of this pandemic.” In other words, we manufactured a devastating response to a worldwide cold and flu bug to devastate your lives, your jobs, your liberty and your freedom of speech so that you will come crawling to our far left marxist crap where we will tell you what kinds of jobs you can have. We will make sure your future includes a 1000% increase in your energy cost by forcing you to nonviable unsustainable “alternative” energy. We will make sure that the high unemployment that we caused remains that way as long as we need it to for you to conform, comply, and bow down before us and beg for mercy. We will ensure your taxes are so high that you never want to try to climb higher than you are right now. We will force vaccinations on you just to make sure you are humiliated enough that you never again think that you are free, to know that you are powerless. You belong to us. We decide what is virtuous. We decide what kind of healthcare you will have and when and where you will have it. We will decide if and when you can work and travel. We will decide if you will ever be allowed to show your face. We will decide if your children will be allowed to attend the schools we force you to pay for, and if they do we will decide what they learn, and don’t dare try to stop us. And those decades of advancements in gender equality? Forget it… we will make sure your daughters compete with our boys for the same trophies… no biological female may ever win a medal in sports again. And you will not complain or you will be canceled. Thanks Al. That about sums it up right? I miss anything?

    • Might add: You’ll be forced to: subsidize Alaska’s infanticide industry, submit your children to Alaska’s overpriced, underperforming public-education racket, buy housing for bums, go Outside for affordable -available- treatment if you’re on Medicare, pay whatever artificially inflated prices Alaska’s government-medical-pharmaceutical-insurance racket demands for “services” or do without
      and you’ll submit to Mayor Berkowitz, “When we get to the end of the month, we’re going to do something different than what we’re doing today… We are not going back to wide open and I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon”.

      • Between the two of you, you nailed it

  • I needed to get my inhaler after watching that painful video. I was gasping for breath just viewing it! Good gawd. There is no one around him! A camera person at a respectable distance perhaps but the pandering must go on whether you can understand a word he says or not. He must show his commitment as a world renown surgeon who knows what’s best for all of us during a pandemic. Jesus Al, I think oxygen should be high on the list. Save your disposable income and just withdraw from the race now.

  • It’s amazing how much the left loves this crisis.. it’s got so many convenient uses for them..It’s crushing business..freedom..happiness..not to mention a great new way to use face apparel to virtue signal maximum wokeness. Essentially it’s the enemy of their enemy and so basically a friend. The only real vaccine for this madness, that we can be sure will be effective, would be more election results like this past Tuesday.

  • Come on folks Al has already found out Canada is right next door to Alaska..!!

  • (Dr.) Al Gross is the biggest windbag candidate I’ve seen in many years of living in Alaska. A pathetic sounding old fool who tries to create a He-man image of himself. Fighting off grizzly bears bare-handed. King-kong fisherman. World’s most brilliant surgeon. Isn’t he the entitled son of the former AK Attorney General Gross?
    Dan Sullivan is a military officer, former multi-cabinet level AK official, and now, proven US Senator. And, he is humble. Gross…….like I stated, a big gas-bag, braggard.
    Vote Sullivan!

  • According to Al Gross’s own commercial, he’s a very inexperienced candidate with a dismal résumé. While his commercials is an attempt to make him appear as a rugged independent Alaskan, once you get past the trivia, his only accomplishment is becoming an orthopedic surgeon.


According to Gross, he claims to have:

1. been “born in the wake of an avalanche”, as if that’s an accomplishment which qualifies him to be seen as another Paul Bunyan. The only significant avalanche (snow slide) around the time of his birth was in 1962. I lived only a few houses from his families home during the 1962 slide, and only a few homes were damaged. So what’s the point of this nonsensical claim?

2. “bought his first boat at the age of 14”. Just what type vessel do you suppose a 14 year old could purchase and register, and why is this information relevant? Al’s father, Avrum Gross, went out on my fathers boat often, but I never saw Al, and my father was a Marine dealer in Juneau during those early years. 

    3. “Piloted through an Ocean Gale”.

    Gale force winds range between 32-63 mph, and depending on other variables such as type/size vessel and fetch (distance wind blows over water), this information is unremarkable. How about some meaningful information such as when, where, type vessel, whose vessel, and who was the skipper? What was Al’s position on the vessel, and why were they underway in gale force winds? In other words, why is this a remarkable incident?

4. “Killed a Grizzly Bear that snuck up on him”. Making the claim as if he fought off a bear all by himself with a bowie knife, like Daniel Boone. However, in a previous interview, Gross admitted he and a friend shot the bear together, after the animal rummaged through their camp on a duck-hunting trip. In other words, neither he or his friend were attacked.

    5. “Prospected for gold”. That’s it, nothing more to add? So what did he do, slosh sand and gravel in creek water? What kid in Alaska hasn’t done this?

    6. “Worked his way through college and medical school as a commercial fisherman”. Seems unlikely to me that he worked year round as a commercial fisherman, while simultaneously going to school? Likely scenario is that his parents and others paid for his schooling, and he worked during the summers. Who knows?

    7. “renowned Orthopedic Surgeon”. As for claiming to be “renowned”, that’s subjective. 

8. “Alaska needs a leader who does not vote the party line”. He complains that Dan Sullivan “voted with his party 97% of the time”, as if that’s a bad thing. Sullivan ran as a Republican, so why would anyone expect him to vote with democrats on anything?
Then while on the vessel’s bridge, Gross said “out here, if you cannot think for yourself you won’t survive”. Compared to Dan Sullivan, Gross’s list of experiences and accomplishment’s is pitiful. Don’t take my word for it, Google both men to compare. 

By the way, I’m curious about the vessel Gross is on for this commercial? Is the vessel his, or just being used as a prop for this commercial? His presentation as a knowledgable and skilled seaman seems contrived.

Did Gross ever earn a Coast Guard Captain’s License, or volunteer to serve in the Coast Guard Auxiliary? If so, did he take seamanship courses? For that matter, what volunteer service has Gross ever done? Likely none, or they would be on his résumé.

    • Don’t look now, but you probably got bumped off Dr. Al’s Christmas card list.

  • Dan Sullivan has helped my family take on the Forest Service 4 times as they try and encroach on our rights to commercial fish, own a cabin in the Tongass and subsistence live. He should have every Alaskans vote for this reason alone. His camp has also helped out 2 other families I know with the same issue!

  • Holy moley there are some awesome comments here!

    I was looking for the thumbs up button after reading the posts by MATT, LOEN and MORRIGAN.

    Not all intelligent life has been extinguished in Alaska.

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