Portland ‘trantifa’ activists violently attack feminists on sidewalk; police do nothing


A mob of male transgender-antifa activists attacked a group of women who were standing with a sign as part of a women’s rights activity in Portland on Sunday.

“Four of us at the ER right now. We are in good spirits and remain undefeated. A mob of ‘antifa’ men attacked us, pepper sprayed us in the eyes, punched us, kicked us, and stole our phones. We were attempting to have an event about male violence,” wrote feminist and writer Lierre Kieth. She said that the men stalked the women to their AirBnBs, vandalized their cars as the women prepared to speak at a Women’s Declaration USA’s event in Portland. The trans men also vandalized the library where the feminist training event was taking place, forcing the library to close to the public.

Several reports are describing the attackers as appearing to be transgenders who were wearing masks. The group of women protesters, who were bloodied, bruised, and blinded with pepper spray, describe them as “trantifa.” The women said their phones were targeted, so most of the video is blurry, coming from one body-worn camera that doesn’t show the activists, but that did pick up recordings of the attack.

Many other audios are posted at Breitbart:


The Women’s Declaration group promotes feminist ideas but draws the line when it comes to transgender men pretending to be women. The group says that “the concept of ‘gender identity’ has been incorporated into many influential international human rights documents. This undermines women’s sex-based rights and CEDAW’s [Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women] mission.”

“Women’s Declaration International USA (WDI USA) strongly condemns the violent attacks on us that took place near the Hollywood branch of the Multnomah County Library on Sunday November 19. In the face of this violent woman-hating terrorism, we are proud to stand with women and girls as a sex class spanning all ages, races, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and circumstances,” the organization wrote on its website. It also criticized Portland police for their inaction.

“Women’s Declaration We also condemn the Portland Police Bureau, which flatly ignored several calls made to 911 while women were being punched, kicked, and pepper-sprayed. Portland police knew of the threat in advance. The library had been vandalized. Our tires were slashed. There had already been security breaches at the library that morning. The cops had driven by and seen the crowd and chose not to disperse it. This was a case of the Portland police knowingly and deliberately abandoning us to a mob,” the group wrote.

The group issued a lengthy statement of the timeline of events:

Our event was titled “Protecting Women and Children,” and we had booked a room at the Hollywood library weeks in advance, as any member of the public can do. Our intention was to give talks about how to protect women and children from the threats we face. We invited women to attend.

We had also booked an Airbnb for the nights of Friday through Sunday. We planned a series of training sessions in the tactic of nonviolent direct action, beginning Friday evening and going through Sunday morning. Nonviolent direct action is a very specific tactic for political movements. It confronts power directly and nonviolently. In any nonviolent direct action movement, the violence of those in power already exists; nonviolent direct actionists do not bring the violence, because it’s already there. The purpose of nonviolent direct action is to make existing violence visible to the public.

In the weeks leading up to the attacks, numerous online threats were made, mostly involving the suggestion that pies or other food would be thrown at the speakers. Multnomah County security discussed these threats with WDI USA volunteers and made plans to minimize the risks. Then, the day before the event, Multnomah County security contacted the organizers to report a threat of gun violence. A concerned third party had informed them that a person planning to attend had stated, “I am going to the event and bringing my gun and if anyone messes with me I will use it.” 

The police were notified and a decision was made to move forward with the event, with an increased police presence near the library. The situation escalated when, the night before the event, vandals arrived at the house where the organizers and several participants were sleeping and slashed the tires of all of the vehicles in the carport. At that point, we were on notice that our location had been leaked to those who mean us harm, but we did not know by whom. A WDI USA volunteer called 911 to report the vandalism, but the Portland 911 dispatcher sent her to an automated non-emergency system, which then dropped. She called 911 again, and again, the Portland 911 dispatcher sent her to the same automated non-emergency system, which dropped. At that point, there was little recourse other than to proceed as planned. In this video, WDI USA president Kara Dansky and WoLF founder Lierre Keith explained what was happening. 

Also overnight, the library was vandalized. The county security representative contacted us to tell us that the glass door had been shattered and the exterior of the library building was covered in graffiti. They did not tell us what the graffiti said. As a result, the library decided to close the public areas for the day but allow our event to continue in the reserved room. 

The library’s normal opening time is 10:00 a.m. PT. It did not open on that day because of the vandalism, but by that time, the mob had already begun forming. A woman reached out to WDI USA to tell us that she was in her car near the library entrance and that several parents (mothers, in particular) and their children were there to enjoy the library and seemed frustrated that they couldn’t because of the mob that had formed.

The scheduled time of the event was 12:00 p.m. PT, and county security asked us to hold off on coming until they would be able to secure the rear entrance. However, they eventually reported to us that the mob was circling the building and that there was no way they would be able to secure our entrance into the building at all.

When told to do so by county security, we set off from the Airbnb in two moving vans, half of the participants in one, half in the other. We could see along the way that we were being surveilled. As we neared the library, county security asked us to stop, which we did. We waited while the head of county security and the library president approached the first van and asked to enter it. We admitted them, and the women in the second van joined those of us in the first van. At that point, all WDI USA participants were in one van, with the head of county security and the library president (both women). We were approximately two blocks from the library. 

They informed us that antifa thugs had surrounded the library and menaced the employees. They also told us that patrons were at a coffee shop next to the library and that there was an elderly living facility above the library. They told us flatly that they were gravely concerned for the safety of library staff, event attendees, nearby patrons of the coffee shop, and the elderly people living upstairs. The head of library security stated that she had the phone number of a Portland Police Bureau sergeant on speed dial and that she was happy to call him the instant a crime was committed. They asked us to consider canceling our event. Several of us had the distinct impression that they thought we would be surprised to hear about the behavior of antifa thugs. They seemed genuinely to believe that we would be afraid enough to cancel our event. We were not surprised to hear any of what they had to tell us. 

We had seconds to make our decision. One of the main organizers said that we were determined to continue with the event. Another of the organizers suggested that in order to avoid any violence being visited on library staff, audience members, nearby coffee shop patrons, and/or elderly residents of the space above the library, we continue with the event, but that we do it on the sidewalk where we were. The last thing we wanted to do was put innocent people, including children and the elderly, in danger. We asked the head of library security to clarify that Portland police officers were in the area and that as soon as there was any sign of a crime being committed, she would call them. She assured us that she would be nearby and would not hesitate to call in the police at the start of any criminal activity.

We need to be very clear about this: We were a small group of women who had booked a space in a public library to talk about protecting women and children. We had done nothing wrong, and we did not intend to do anything wrong. We live in a society in which women ought to be able to speak at a public library about protecting women and children but can’t do so without antifa thugs putting women, children, and elderly people at risk of violence.

We exited the van and walked with our banner reading “WOMAN = ADULT HUMAN FEMALE” to the nearest intersection, just a few blocks from the library. We did this having been assured by the head of county security that the police were nearby and that she would call them in at the first sign of criminal activity. Our planned speeches covered many of the current harms women and children face, from prison rape to addictive and destructive online content. 

The women never got to give their speeches and the police never came. WDI USA president Kara Dansky gave an introduction, and halfway through the very first speech, the women were noticed by the library mob, which advanced on them. The mob began screaming, chanting and throwing cans filled with liquid at the speaking women. Cans landed on the ground, exploding with carbonated liquid. They landed on the bodies of the women standing there. Soon, the mob rushed the women and sprayed copious amounts of blinding, burning chemicals in their faces. The first woman hit with liquid spray was president Kara Dansky but for unknown reasons, she wasn’t badly injured by it. She reports that the impact of liquid being sprayed in her eyes hurt, but the liquid did not appear to be poisonous. The pain subsided fairly quickly. Other women were injured much more severely. The mob sprayed poisonous chemicals directly in women’s eyes. The women were blinded and in excruciating pain. Several women called 911 immediately. 911 dispatchers could hear women screaming and antifa mob members yelling at the women to “GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE.” While the women were reporting these crimes against them, antifa mob members stole their phones out of their hands, sometimes throwing phones to the ground and smashing them. They also stole two out of the three body cameras that women were wearing. 

They punched several women, who fell to the ground. While the women were on the ground, writhing in pain, antifa mob members repeatedly kicked their bodies and heads. They attacked an old woman passerby, shoving her to the ground. WDI USA volunteers quickly helped the woman to safety at the home of a neighbor who had come outside to view the commotion. A local man tried to intervene to stop the violence, but the crowd continued to beat the women and threatened him. As far as the organizers know, the police never made it to the corner, just a few blocks away from the library where they had claimed to have increased patrols. Throughout the entire ordeal, not a single one of the women participating in our event broke our commitment to nonviolence, even once.

Eventually, our group made their way into a Whole Foods nearby. The security guards were immediately helpful in escorting the women to the bathroom and again calling 911. Soon after, antifa thugs entered the Whole Foods and began taunting the women, saying “where are we going now?” At least one security guard got between them and the antifa thugs who were taunting us.

We called the vans, exited Whole Foods, found one of the vans, piled in, and left to return to the house. 

When we got to the house, we faced another conundrum: what to do now? We knew that antifa knew the location of the house. We had reason to believe that if they knew the location of the house, they might also know the door code to enter it. We had no faith that Portland police would do a single thing to protect us from theft, assault, arson, rape, and/or murder. Four of the women who were the most injured went to the emergency room to have their wounds treated.

We called 911 anyway, and they eventually showed up, hours after women were viciously attacked on the streets of Portland. They took our statements and promised to file a report. We are reasonably confident that this report will be filed, but not at all confident that anything will come of it. The city of Portland simply does not care about the lives or the safety or the civil rights of women. PPB sources tell us that officers are on orders from above not to intervene when there are groups clashing unless there is an imminent threat to life. 

Of course, this was not an incident in which “groups clashed.” This was a brutal, unprovoked attack on unarmed, unresisting women—and the men kicking prone women in the head posed a clear imminent threat to life.


    • It’s NOT police incompetence, it is directed from the mayor’s office to keep hands off of ANTIFA activities unless there is push back then arrest those that are defending themselves from ANTIFA attacks for assault. The liberal judges will give them, the people defending themselves, fines and jail time as the aggressors. Does this sound familiar, Hamus & Israel?

    • The police were not incompetent. They have specific orders to not interfere with “mostly peaceful” protests. No LEO wants his face pasted all over mainstream media declaring him a thug. This is what you get with Liberal ideals.

  1. Sadly, and I mean sadly, I don’t feel sorry for these women. By looking at them I can tell they’re Liberals who advocate for defunding the police, abolishing prisons, and no cash bail. I remember old sayings my grandfather would tell me… “the chickens have come home to roost” “sleep in the bed you’ve made.” BTW, what ever happened to the #MeToo movement?

    • # used to be called the “pound” sign, before it became hashtag.
      Which makes #MeToo a very different message.
      But, good point. The feminist movement is now getting destroyed/vilified by the opposite of feminism. The left are eating their own these days, and frankly, I am enjoying the show.

    • You have to be kidding. Who wants to defund the police and abolish prisons? You can tell by looking at a group of women that they want that? Being liberal does not being stupid, in spite of your comment. We have seen what defunding the police in Portland has done and it was not pretty. We are gradually bringing our numbers of officers back up.

      • Joan, these are the very women who were protesting in 2020. Defund the police, burn police stations (with people inside), burn the Federal Bldg with the Portland mayor nearby. Bringing number officers up? Good luck with that.

    • I see a bunch of middle aged white women. So you are saying because I look like a liberal to you I am fair game for any lunatic? I imagine you don’t believe women have the right to work or buy a home or be safe from sexual assault? Because that is what women’s rights have been about my whole life. Being able to go to a restaurant with a female friend and not have men bully you, which I have had happen because I sent back a drink a stranger sent me. Being able to be out after dark and not be assaulted, and not he held to blame because you were wearing pants too tight if you were. Most of us women who fought for women’s rights just want to live without fear of male assault and violence. I certainly don’t believe in defunding police. But I look like these ladies so I suppose you feel if I get assaulted it is fine. Maybe if some men were not such pathetic POS who like to hit women and get mad when we don’t want to have x with them we wouldn’t have to keep fighting for our rights. Certainly men like you are either part of the problem or turn a blind eye.

  2. This is the dystopia you wanted. Hope you like it.

    I’m in the camp of letting west coast cities (Anchorage included) burn. Figuratively and literally if it comes to it.

    This didn’t happen by accident. They worked hard to join the third world. Let them reap the rewards.

    I only wish there was a legal way to compel them to stay. Too many flee and infect other places.

    • Started in California many, many, years ago and slowly worked north claiming Oregon, Washington, and Anchorage. Lately, they’re heading east invading Idaho and Utah. The cancer is spreading more rapidly with the help of naive generations…

  3. I say let it happen. Don’t fight it nor complain. I think my conservative and the 1950s and 1960s evangelical Christians grandparents generation made mistake complaining and criticizing about their hippie boomer adult children. I heard they responded in the same way as people like Riley respond with what sounds like harsh criticism to those strongly believing the other opinion. Eventually hippie Boomers came to their senses years in the some of them decades later, while some never recovered from their own parents criticism and complaints whom still support such hippy radicalism and violence today. Eventually Democrats and leftists will come to their senses when they see what destruction and abuse their worldview brings as it affects people they know including self, they’ll come around sooner if they aren’t constantly continually pressured defending their arguments.

  4. Is this theater coming to Alaska? How about an update on the latest antics of Peltola? Surely Peltola has ‘skin’ with the LBG6gamahairTangoUniform community in Juneau!
    Oh my, I deserve a good flogging,,,

  5. “We planned a series of training sessions in the tactic of nonviolent direct action, beginning Friday evening and going through Sunday morning. Nonviolent direct action is a very specific tactic for political movements. It confronts power directly and nonviolently. In any nonviolent direct action movement, the violence of those in power already exists; nonviolent direct actionists do not bring the violence, because it’s already there. The purpose of nonviolent direct action is to make existing violence visible to the public.”

    It worked.

    If non-violent action action is not protected from the violence utilized by communist/bolshevist agitators, at some point, vigilante justice will move in to fill the void. Not a threat, just an observation on the natural course of events, and it kind of seems like one of the goals of the agitators. It only escalates into further and rapid deterioration of polite society from there. On a national level, law and order has been subverted by essentially the same group of agitators. Considering those natural rights which have been stolen,are they going to just give them back? Are they going to just let us fix this mess? With elections?

  6. The Left attacking the Left??? Ahhhh What a relief.
    For a moment I thought there were innocent victims involved.
    Lets Get BLM GLM ALM TLM QLM NLM LGTBQRST involved in this skirmish.
    I feel they should all participate and get their licks in while Portlands finest proudly “stands down”.
    Nothing like a good brawl to settle their differences (if they have any)

  7. I have absolutely no sympathy for either side in this absurd fight.

    The ‘woke’ lunatics are predictably attacking each other, as the self-aggrieved victim groups become further and further divided and fragmented.

    A pox on all their houses!

    • It is wildly intramural. The only thing keeping them from tearing each other apart is their hatred of us.

      Look at the history of any totalitarian or communist state. Despite the current popular notion, our side didn’t invent the purge.

  8. The left is eating each other: feminists v Antifa, liberal Jews v Palestinian sympathizers.
    It’s what happens when you have no actual moral underpinning, only relativism and situational ethics based on feelings.

    • So…
      Because a woman is not all excited about transgender males taking over, that makes them terfs?
      Surely you have to realize that absolute unconditional support of transgenders is not a requirement? One is allowed to have a less than ideal (in your mind) picture of the situation?
      Or is blind compliance with whatever the latest woke fad is a requirement?
      Asking for a friend.

      • The violent, mentally ill men were not sent. They sit around waiting for an opportunity to go out and destroy and maim, knowing the police have stand down orders.

    • You speak for the entire city??? Really??
      Then you are okay with people being assaulted while exercising their right to free speech? That’s not how it works KDC!
      So what did we learn from this?
      You pit two lefty approved victim groups against each other, women and fake women. Both maintain that their existence is more victimized than the other.
      The only thing this entire episode proves very clearly is fake women in the final analysis do not behave like the real ones with shrill yelling and guilt trips. Instead fake women make it clear, they are really men, who answer ANY provocation with their fists, a demonstration of their superior strength and beat people into submission.

    • Not justified, but the snake they raised turned and bit them. They were protesting in 2020 and had their thug Antifa and Oregon Anarchists to do their dirty work. Well, they turned on them.

  9. Ever notice the people who have the coexist bumper stickers and the “love wins” signs are the most angry, bigoted people out there?

  10. Violence against people demonstrating is against the law. What sort of person would condone this? I would say what kind but then my post would be deleted again. As usual.

    • Exactly, Citizenkane. This is one of the few reasoned and logical comments here. Without the freedom to speak, free from violence, we all lose our freedoms and rights.

  11. Grandpas generation of WW2 settled their disputes with a butt-head by throwing a good punch in their jaw. that was Before boomers, GenX, and millennials or we call them snowflakes began retaliating filing assault charges against their challenger just for pointing out the obvious about the butt-head they were being a jerk. But also Grandpas generation , WW2, the men had more testosterone than men do today. At CK.

  12. I’m for peace. I am also for the person knowing the law of your state so one maintains the control under the law to legally know how to fight back that is allowed. So If they must they can run into the battle scene to defend someone and self from a terrorist or butt-head jerk. I wonder what those trans fighters would do if the women formed a Muskox circle linked together ready to fight and successfully throwing punches into their attacking assailants thwarting them as they are coming at them? The snowflakes be surprised before calling Portland police tattle tailing the feminists were being violent, if they maintained self control fighting within what the law allowed, then the judge will have to rule in their favor hopefully unless the state justice system is corrupt.

    • The left has been engaged in Orwellian “newspeak” for decades. And never underestimate the stupidity of people.

      Often the easiest way to understand their goals is to look at their terminology and think the exact opposite.

  13. Thank you Clarke, no matter our politics, right and wrong do not change. Or at least they should not. When a Man offends you, turn the other cheek. When a Man come to kill you, arise quickly, and kill Him. These are the words of our LORD. Life is not a game, it is a test. The LORD however, will not turn the other cheek unless you you repent and ask HIS forgiveness. We are all sinners, but We must try to please HIM Who created Us. It is a choice. Choose wisely.

  14. I am surprised no was packing. Next time beware. Police do nothing to protect law abiding citizens this will escalate.

    “ They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. *That’s* the *Chicago* way!”

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