By popular demand: The list of Alaskans who gave $ to Maria Cantwell


From the Federal Election Commission database, the 73 Alaskans who support Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington in 2017.

Cantwell is leading the charge to remove the provision in the tax bill being debated in the Senate today that would allow drilling in the 1002 Area of ANWR, the coastal plain that was always intended for oil exploration.

Ordered by level of donation, most of the listed donors gave during or around the time of Cantwell’s fundraising trip to Alaska in August, hosted by Mark Begich, Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and Democratic campaign strategist Jim Lottsfeldt:


  1. Thanks Suzanne! The who’s who list of backstabbing Alaskans. Time for them all to leave Alaska and and go to the lib-mecca of Seattle. Begich, Van Tuyn, Ulmer, Mallot, Syzmanski – Alaska-hating socialists, all of them.

  2. Suzanne

    Thanks for taking the time to educate us Alaskans.

    I hope you keep the communication up!

    You look really good in that hat. Run for governor!!

  3. Thank you for listing the Alaskans who don’t have to worry about a job or paying bills as they want to shut down development in Alaska. Yes give them all of their PFD if they will move out. Us common folks need good paying jobs to live here. They can go live in Seattle with all the LIBs.

  4. Thanks very much for this list. Congratulations to Governor Walker for finding a way to be on both sides of the ANWR issue (as the 3rd Floor is entirely represented on the list). I’ve come to expect no less from Governor Walker.

  5. I can count no less than 6 of these Cantwell donors who have at least quasi-official roles as greeters and helpers at the Governor’s Christmas Open House going on at the mansion in Juneau right now!

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