Pompeo to governors: China looking for suckers; don’t compromise the homeland



Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the National Governors Association on Saturday that China is looking to infiltrate the states, and will work insidiously to undermine American values.

Pompeo was one of the keynote speakers at the association’s winter meeting in Washington, D.C. He warned the governors that when they consider allowing Communist China to invest in their states, caution is advised.

Pompeo referred to a letter from a Chinese diplomat in the United States to the Speaker of the House of a state legislature that he refrained from naming, advising that legislator to refrain from any interaction with Taiwan that did not go through Beijing.

“You add a diplomat from China, assigned here to the United States, a representative of the Chinese Communist Party, in New York City, sending a letter urging that an American elected official shouldn’t exercise his right to freedom of speech,” Pompeo said.

He also warned that China has a list of governors considered to be friendly to the Chinese government, and he inferred that he had seen the list.

That list might have once included former Alaska Gov. Bill Walker, who brought Alaska to the brink of having China take control the proposed gasline from the North Slope to Nikiski, with his sets of agreements that would have placed Chinese lenders, banks, and gasline construction companies in the driver’s seat, and Alaska’s government in debt to the Chinese by tens of billions of dollars.

Walker signed that agreements in 2017, but he was voted out of office in 2018 before the deal came to fruition.

Before he was removed from office, Walker made one more trip to China to take part in the fourth annual China-U.S. Governors Forum.

Walker was the leader of the U.S. delegation of governors, and can be considered on the list of “friendlies” that the Chinese government kept.

Gov. Bill Walker led the U.S. delegation of governors to China in 2018.

“We can’t ignore China’s actions and strategic intentions,” Pompeo said Saturday. “The Chinese government has been methodical in the way it’s analyzed our system… it’s assessed our vulnerabilities and it’s decided to exploit our freedoms, to gain an advantage over us at the federal level, the state level and the local level.”

“Competition with China is happening. It’s happening in your state, and it affects our capacity to perform America’s vital national security functions. In fact, I’d be surprised if most of you in the audience had not been lobbied by the Chinese Communist Party directly.”

“In the words of President Reagan, when you are approached for introduction or a connection to a deal, ‘trust but verify,'” Pompeo said.

“Whether you are viewed by the [Communist Party] as friendly or hardline, know that it’s working you, know that it’s working the team around you,” he said.

“They’ve labeled each of you friendly, hardline or ambiguous. I’ll let you decide where you think you belong. Someone in China already has. Many of you indeed, in the report are referenced by name.” – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Pompeo singled out Florida, saying its state retirement system had invested in a company that invested in a surveillance company that Chinese Communists use to track more than one million Muslim minorities in their country. That is the kind of threat that can even put U.S. military personnel at risk, he said.

Pompeo’s remarks came just 48 hours before the U.S. Department of Justice announced it had discovered the party responsible for the 2017 hacking of credit monitoring company Equifax: The Chinese military. A grand jury in Atlanta has indicted four members of the Chinese military, although they will likely never be brought to justice for the security breach that stole millions of Social Security numbers and other sensitive personal information from Americans. 


  1. Let’s no forget about the “hundreds of millions” of PF dollars currently invested in China.
    Last check there was over 10 pages of Chinese investments listed on the AK PF stockholdings site.
    Why are we still investing so much in China when many of these stocks are currently losing money?
    This money could be better invested in infrastructure (like new ferries) or small business development at home.

    • Amen, let’s make this go viral. Protect Alaska, now. I remember Mike Porcaro absolutely incensed with when this came out in 2017. Another Obama connection????

  2. Thank you for this article. I will share it with all my sites I follow to get the truth out. I love Alaska and want the legal citizens to have control of what happens in our state.

  3. Nearly everyone seems to have forgotten the true definition of “Treason”, which is “Aiding and Abetting the Enemy”. Absolutely no one should do business with Communist China or any other Communist country. If that would happen, how long before all Communist countries would fall?? Not very long I think. The people would have absolutely no future unless they overthrew them. Communism only succeeds because everyone does business with them instead of supporting their own country and Made in the U.S.A. as we use to. Seymour Marvin Mills Jr. sui juris

    • Well you’re guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy, Seymour. Unless you make all your own furniture and tools everything else you use in your daily life, just because most of things that are in the market in America originates in China, because they work for peanuts over there kind of like drones in an ant colony.

    • Amen, why has it been forgotten??? what happened to the word and true meaning of Communism? Or is it that I am just old enough to remember it from High School and it was an ugly word.

  4. This past year and half I have been to Costa Rica and Cambodia. Both countries have strong Chinese influence. Costa Rica is being solicited with gifts that are growing with now passive aggressive repayment requests. Cambodia is being overtaken overtly through eminent domain tactics to usurp the Khmer people from their long standing family homes and rice fields in order to build Chinese owned, operated, and exclusively employed Chinese. This Chinese business plan is happening all over the world. Under the Walker administration there appeared to be an increase in Chinese fast food employees in Alaska. How is that being possible when there are so many Alaskans needing work? Should we be watching out for who is purchasing Alaska Over the Counter DNR land?

    • Ken,
      Very good points.
      I had a remote parcel of land on the MLS last year and the only offer that I was aware of came from a Chinese investor from Florida.
      The Chinese are also sweeping in and buying large swaths of land after natural disasters in the Lower 48.

  5. Thankfully the Walker to China connection was severed by the people of Alaska. We need to sever the remaining Chinese connection where we hand the Chinese everything they want and we get cheap trinkets in return.

    • Steve O,
      You need to do more research.
      There is no lack of investment in China.
      Please look at the PF portfolio and see how Alaska is currently heavily invested in China to the tune of nearly a billion dollars.
      The money brokers at the PF have us invested in totalitarian regimes from Saudi Arabia to China yet domestically there is not a single long distance ferry available for travel?
      Not very conservative in my opinion.

      • Steve,

        What part of we hand the Chinese everything they want and we get cheap trinkets in return don’t you get? I never said there was no lack of investment in China…in fact that’s the everything they want part of what I said.
        I’m thankful he Permanent Fund doesn’t invest in domestic long distance ferries and I’m even more thankful that they don’t invest in Alaskan Ferry service since they would lose money on that investment and it would be fiscally irresponsible to do so. The Permanent Fund isn’t a transportation arm of the state or federal government and it certainly isn’t an entitlement program.
        You clearly do not understand what the word conservative means.

  6. I hadn’t realized there was any significant threat from China until all the environmentalists descended upon Alaska, to “save” everything. Come find out that they’re financed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), with the goal of obstruction and delay of America’s self-sufficiency.

  7. In 1962, I had a U.S. Army (Captain) instructor predict that if there ever were to be another WW that it would be between Russia and China, with the US allied with Russia.

    • My dad said that if we were to nuke China, there would always be some “Chinaman” crawling out from underneath a rock…..that we couldn’t get them all. He was a Navy man in the 1950s.

  8. “Whether you are viewed by the [Communist Party] as friendly or hardline, know that it’s working you, know that it’s working the team around you,” he said.
    Predator animals, when making their final lunge at their prey, have the ability to narrowly focus their vision, and all their other senses, so to be able to single out, isolate, and home in on their prey.
    Prey animals have a wide peripheral vision, and all encompassing other senses, which take in everything, with even the slightest movement out of the corner of their eye catching their attention. That’s why prey animals get spooked so easily.
    Northern China, in historic times, had some of the most intelligent people on the face of the earth. They’re the ones who invented gunpowder and hot-air balloons. They were conquered by the Mongols, whom were supremely predatory, and very organized. They eventually interbred.
    The Chinese in power since then have mostly been the interbreeds. Very intelligent, very organized, and supremely predatory. That’s what were up against. Couple that with their base philosophy that all other races must die so that they can live. That’s what makes them so dangerous to us.
    Meanwhile, we mill about aimlessly, getting spooked by every little thing, freezing in place when we should be taking action. So many bad things must happen before we truly sense the danger and formulate our reaction. America is a fairly even mix of predator and prey, hawks and doves, so when we finally react, we do very well.

  9. Walker is a complete ignoramus and came perilously close to giving away control of Alaska’s number one resourse to the Red Chinese. Complete idiot! But what do you expect from a guy who chose to share power with a child sex abuser.

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