Polls close in Anchorage, early results


These are very early results from the Anchorage Municipal election that has just closed at 8 pm on Tuesday, April 5. More ballots will be arriving in coming days and will be tabulated, with results being released by 5 pm Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week, and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of next week.

No further results are expected on Tuesday night.

Anchorage Assembly

Eagle River: District 2 Seat A

  • Kevin Cross – 3,510
  • Gretchen Wehmhof – 2,097
  • Vanessa Stephens – 299

West Anchorage: District 3 Seat D

  • Liz Vazquez – 2,991
  • Kameron Perez-Verdia – 4,040
  • Nial Sherwood Williams – 383

Midtown Anchorage: District 4 Seat F

  • Kathy Henslee – 2,990
  • Meg Zaletel – 3,464

East Anchorage: District 5 Seat H

  • Stephanie Taylor – 3,041
  • Forrest Dunbar – 4,235
  • Christopher Hall -201

South Anchorage: District 6 Seat J

  • Randy Sulte – 5,357
  • John Weddleton – 5,204
  • Darin Colbry -186

School Board Open Seats

Seat A:

  • Mark Anthony Cox – 14,469
  • Margo Bellamy – 19,307
  • Dan Loring – 1,263
  • Cliff Murray – 3,251

Seat B:

  • Rachel Ries – 15,515
  • Kelly Lessens – 19,575
  • Benjamin R. Baldwin – 1,411
  • Dustin Darden – 1,877

Prop. 1 – ASD capital improvements bonds

Yes – 20,506

No – 20,360

Prop. 2 – Facilities capital improvement project bonds

Yes – 20,445

No – 20,374

Prop. 3 – Public safety and transit bonds

Yes – 22,713

No – 18,074

Prop. 4 – Road and storm drainage bonds

Yes – 25,125

No – 15,740

Proposition 5 – Parks and Recreation bonds

Yes – 22,609

No – 18,019

Prop. 6 – Fire protection bonds

Yes – 25,558

No – 15,144

Prop. 7 – Mountain Park/Robin Hill amendment

Yes – 93

No – 114

Prop. 8 – Rabbit Creek de-annexation

Yes – 52

No – 9

Prop. 9 – Rabbit Creek annexation

Yes – 48

No – 6


  1. Good lord……..this doesn’t look good.
    Is there some idea or message that Anchorage voters aren’t getting? Are people in this town actually happy with the way this place is? No one wants it to improve?

  2. Thank you Suzanne your on it ma’am must read Alaska your awesome. Let’s pray oath integrity must not have to move to Florida here Alaskans. Super coverage must read thank you. Come voters integrity

  3. If these numbers stay true it would seem that Anchorage loves to be ruled by tyrants like the hyphenated kid, Zaletel and Dunbar. “Please, please! Give us more lock-downs and masks.”
    Certainly not the frontier-ish Anchorage I grew up in. Seems to be a colony of the greater SanFrancisco/Portland/Seattle metropolitan complex. And lord help the rest of Alaska.

  4. Do NOT complain about not getting a ballot in the mail. You KNEW Barb was gonna do what she could to cook this election.

    You KNEW this.

    There is no excuse for not getting off your butt and going to vote in person.

  5. The school board remaining under the control of the radical left will insure Marxist indoctrination of your children. Conservatives are directly to blame for this when only 17% turn out to actually vote. You get the government you deserve.

    • With respect, nobody outside the electoral process knows, or is allowed to know, how many people voted.

    • Pardon the interruption….but this is a very preliminary result! To my knowledge these are ballots that were received and verified BEFORE April 5th. Why don’t we wait until all the votes are counted? Then at least we have a reason to bemoan all the facts as they stand. Yes, you can call me naive, but it isn’t over ’til the fat lady sings, as they used to say.

  6. Who’s suprised?
    If the goal was to get more money and keep the undesirable political class out of Family business, it looks like things are unfolding as planned, no?

  7. Anchorage is already lost due to the mail in ballot system. Alaska is only an election away to being corrupted for life due to this rank choice voting scheme. If conservative and republican Alaskans don’t get out to vote in drove this coming state election so we can elect the right individuals to get rid of this RCV scheme. Alaska will be just like Anchorage. Like the Democrats slogan “get out the vote”. We need to have a high enough republicans turnout to erase any corruption that might occur. On the flip side to be completely honest though even if we vote in a majority republicans state legislature theres no guarantee they will do the right thing and repeal this RCV scheme but we still need to try.

  8. Amazing! It would seem like the residents of Anchorage are suffering from the political equivalent of battered woman syndrome. You take the bearings and keep coming back for more. If you keep letting the dumbest people in society make the rules, perhaps they’re not actually the dumbest people…YOU ARE.

    • We cannot trust machine counting and mail-in ballots….I have been anticipating shady results….and early counts are confirming my worst expectations.

      I have been busy requesting the costs for a “manual” ballot recount after this election. It is absolutely necessary…
      However, Ms. Heinz, with the elections office is not responding to my emails? Very troubling.

      How can all school bonds keep passing when people can’t afford the taxes now? This does not pass the smell test…. I am afraid everything in Anchorage politics needs to be questioned now.

      Rally your groups and friends to do the same by demanding a MANUAL re-count. It is IMPERATIVE! Everyone can chip in for the cost. I believe the future of our home is well worth this NECESSARY effort with manual recount.

      We will lose Anchorage soon if we don’t demand this now. God willing, we can make it happen. 🙏

      Long time Anchorage resident.

  9. I am so disgusted. People are not paying attention to what is going on. People are voting to tax everyone more including themselves? If people did vote for this then Anchorage is filled with complete morons.

  10. If these results stand, conservatives and freedom minded people just need be quiet. They want to fuss and fuss some more but can’t get out and vote. There is no reason with all the liberals on the assembly have done, that the vote should even be close.

  11. CA, OR, and WA fell, Alaska is clearly in the sights. All that holds this up is placing in a radical governor. If that falls, Anchorage will be like Seattle and Juneau will be like Olympia. Hopefully real estate values hold so I can get a good price and venture on to a freedom state.

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