Poll: Trump leads GOP field in New Hampshire, but lags behind Biden


While President Joe Biden has the advantage among likely voters in New Hampshire, former President Donald Trump has an undeniable lead at 39% among the GOP field, with business entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley coming in a distant second and third, according to a new poll released by CNN and the University of New Hampshire.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has dropped into fifth in this poll, coming in behind former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

The poll has Ramaswamy at 13%, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley at 12%, and Christie at 11%. DeSantis came in at 10%, a 13-point drop since the last such CNN poll in July.

Support for DeSantis has fallen dramatically in various polls since he first started putting together campaign plans earlier this year. At one point, he was at 43% of the Republican likely vote.

Biden is leading Trump by 12 points, however. In a head-to-head, Biden got 52% support to Trump’s 40% in New Hampshire.

Some 6% would vote for another candidate, and 2% were unsure.

In 2020’s presidential race, New Hampshire voters went for Biden with 52.9% of the vote to Trump’s 45.5%.

New Hampshire is considered a bellwether state. Between 1900 and 2020, the state’s voters picked the winning presidential candidate nearly 81% of the time. Since 2000, New Hampshire has voted for Democrat presidential nominees 83.3% of the time and Republicans 16.7% of the time.

The leading Republican candidates, with the exception of Trump, will appear in the second GOP debate at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Calif. on Sept. 27.


  1. It’s hard to believe anyone would vote for this demented old cockroach. He’s been lying, stealing, and living off the public’s trust account for the past 50 years. Joe Biden is nothing but a washed-up criminal. But WTF. Many Americans are just plain stupid.

      • No they are voting for FJB because he lies and steels their money. The left likes to be told how high to jump and how often. The sheep are not smart enough to know their being led to the slaughter.

      • Love him or hate him , it should come down to one thing. Was your life better under T than B? Was the country safer under T than B? Was the economy better under T than B? It’s not a personality contest and our country is at stake. We are inches away from losing it.

    • My thoughts exactly, Ted. HOW could any sane and decent American vote for this MOST corrupt, not to mention outright treasonous, snake of a potato of a husk of a WEF puppet? And I am not even any particular fan of Trump.

      • Yep, Jefferson. And do we see anyone here at MRAK coming to the defense of sleazy Joe Biden? Do you see any sleazy Joe Biden rallies in America? Any sleazy Joe Biden yard signs, or bumper stickers? Nope! Because people don’t want to broadcast their stupidity. They’ll hide behind their stupidity by voting for sleazy Joe. The bottom line is:
        Sleazy Joe Biden has left this country in a MESS and it will take Donald J. Trump to clean it up. But most Democrats aren’t smart enough to figure this out because of the psychological hatred…….their envy of successful people…..and their rote stupidity.

  2. Trump calling DeSantis 6 week abortion ban a terrible mistake is probably going to hurt him amongst pro-life Christians. Additionally, his comments to General Mark Milley about disabled veterans probably won’t help garner support from military families and veterans.

    • Trump made another huge mistake when He tore the tag off his mattress and now faces another indictment for doing so. They discovered it during the shopping raid in Mara Lago when The FBI was looking for Victoria Secret gifts for their wives.
      He could face life in prison at Gitmo for that alone if tried in Washington DC or New York or any other swamp state for that matter.

      • So you think Trump suddenly supporting more abortions is the direction this country wants to go? He obviously wants to get more moderates to vote for him while killing the voiceless? What has gotten into you “conservative Christians!”

        • What are you smokin or did I stutter.
          I clearly pointed out the case of the missing mattress tag.
          I am sure it was an honest mistake when the FBI had to stoop low enough to search Melania’s undergarment drawer in search of the missing tag. After all some agents suffer from shiny badge syndrome which drives them to act foolishly.

          TDS is totally treatable. DR Dan has some openings and is willing to listen to individuals suffering from sudden outbursts. safe travels.

          • Hunter, I am just challenging the one issue voter. That issue being abortion. If you want to go on and on about the sanctity of life and it begins at conception then you’re going to have a hard time discussing your voting strategy at prayer time! If you think voting for Trump is anything but a pro-abortion stance then you haven’t heard his latest interview ripping DeSantis for his 6 week ban. So are you a true Evangelical or did you vote for Trump because he hates the same groups you do? Try not to stutter BigGuy!

  3. Trump is neither the sure thing or the political panacea many here believe him to be.

    Ignore this at your political peril.

  4. As terrifying as another Biden presidency looks, I will not vote for Donald Trump. I cling, perhaps desperately, to the idea that Americans will demand better (and younger and more rational) leaders than Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Neither offers any new ideas. Both should be institutionalized for different reasons. Stop the madness.

    • “…….Stop the madness.”
      Please recall that in 2016 we were offered Trump or Hillary.Four years later, we’re offered Trump or Biden. You can safely bet that in 2024, the offerings will be as hopeless as the previous half century. You can thank our political parties for this situation.

      • Yes Reggie look at the choices we have been graciously given by our masters. That’s the best this country has to offer.

      • I am not exactly sure why, but the feeling may be mutual. To be clear: I will not vote for Trump or Biden. Neither is worthy or capable of leading this great but troubled nation.

    • Trump has no new ideas? Are you even paying attention?

      -Trump is planning on firing a ton of entrenched bureaucrats in the civil service. Look up ‘Civil Service Schedule F’. This has Democrats running scared.

      -Trump is committing to a fight to restore the right of the President to impound funds, as was permitted since Thomas Jefferson up until Nixon. The power was stripped by Democrats – so they could go on to bankrupt us without a Republican President stopping them. His plan is to lock up the funding for Democrat priorities and assert the law passed in the early 70’s was unconstitutional – forcing a court battle.

      These two reforms alone easily justify supporting Trump over any of the other ‘Jeb Bush’ style weak Republicans.

      • Both of these “ideas” would be litigated and lost, with nothing accomplished in the end. There is no doubt that Mr. Trump likes to fight but I am looking for someone who can lead, win and govern without precipitating a civil war. I am not interested in a replay of the chaos of Trump term One.

        • Defeatist nonsense. Structural changes are required, and if you just assume the fight is lost without having it… Well, we might as well just elect another useless vaccinated Republican that will wave the Gay Pride flag and send billions to Ukraine. I’m not even sure why you seem to think the 2017-2020 years were ‘chaotic’, beyond COVID event late in Trump’s term. And Trump was pushing for a rapid return to normality vs Democrats screaming for more lockdowns.

          The Schedule F reclassification is completely within the President’s rights. Which is why the Biden administration scrambled to reverse it. They can’t really ‘take advantage’ of Trump’s reform – because they know they already have captured the civil service. They need to preserve the status quo, but failed to pass a law before they lost the House. Without a law, any executive defense erected by Biden can be dismantled just as easily by Trump.

          Bringing back the Presidential power of impoundment would require a court fight, but it was lawful for 170 years – and was only stripped by an opportunistic left wing Congress when Nixon was weakened by Watergate. Congress stripping this power from the President easily could be considered legislative overreach. If we are going to have this legal fight – now is the time, while there is a ‘conservative’ Supreme Court on the bench.

  5. Woo! Probably won’t have a republican president for another 20 years thanks to Trumps awful handling. Guess the 4 years of him crying on twitter was actually worth it.

  6. Maybe all you Trump haters should vote for the Donut Blowhard Christy! He js younger and on point every time the Donut truck passes by.🤣

  7. If Biden wins a second term, which will only happen with election cheating, we will have a revolution. Most of the population of our country is fed up with this disaster of an administration. In less than three years we now have an undocumented, unvetted population of illegals that exceeds the population of many countries. We have cartel operatives imbedded with these people. Crime and horrible drugs are rampant. We are approaching a breaking point.

  8. Anyone who believes these polls probably also believes that our elections are authentic. Same folks who are lining up for their next booster.

  9. Anyone remember when Hillary was polling at 90%+ in 2016? A poll sponsored by CNN and a leftist university hardly merits a story other than how corrupt and biased all of this crap is.

  10. It is beyond bizarre that anyone would vote for Biden. No matter how severe the case of TDS might be, nothing would be worse than another Biden term. He is only a puppet for Marxist global elitists, most not Americans and all hating the US. Add also, No way he would survive another term.

  11. Ah yes, the ever popular sly anti-Trump article from Bush Co. (and I don’t mean the local strip joint)
    Notice they prefer to focus on Biden vs Trump in a small meaningless state like New Hampshire, yet no corresponding head-to-head comparison between Biden and ‘other’ Republicans.

    The real fight is in the Rust Belt.
    The dirty secret that these corporate Republican shills are concealing – their preferred trust fund ‘controlled opposition’ candidates lose badly in the Rust Belt states because they don’t appeal to the disaffected white blue collar workers that Trump has learned to turn out in droves. Anyone that undermines Trump without explaining how they plan to win Pennsylvania, put Michigan into play, and hold Ohio are likely just quietly working for Democrats.

  12. Well, Ted many Americans are stupid because our educational system has let them down. There isn’t anything taught in schools about our constitution and how our political system works.

  13. Political polls are designed to shape and influence public opinion. CNN is a media platform whose purpose is to distribute propaganda for the benefit of the current regime in Washington DC. It has no connection with factual and impartial reporting of news and events, whatsoever.

  14. Polls mean nothing. Proof from article: “At one point he (DeSantis) was at 43% of the Republican likely vote.” What it will come down to is whether individuals will vote for Biden or Trump in the general election. Anything else is a throw-away vote. If you vote for Biden, and are otherwise not associated with a government job in the Deep State, please don’t complain. You will deserve the country you get.

    • Morris: I voted for Trump….and look where he left the country….in the hands of a boob like biden. I think I’d rather ‘throwaway’ my vote on purpose.

      • Hey Bob, I know you are very astute as to what’s going on in politics, but let me clue you in. Obama got Biden elected to use as a mouthpiece. Now if Biden could only stick to the script on the teleprompter, Obama would have a much easier time of it with his third (and with smart folks like you, probably fourth) term. The Deep State/Democrat Party and all their corrupt Justice Department cronies are running this country (into the ground) and they aren’t going to go away easily. That’s why they are bringing hundreds of fake charges against Trump to try and destroy him. Americans paying attention aren’t falling for it. Trump is what scares them. Wake up.

  15. I have to wonder who could possibly survive another Biden term. I am not surviving this one. There is no way for a retiree to exist under the present madness. And reports from politico say that the real reason for the coming shutdown is that McCarthy will not shut down the Biden Impeachment Inquiry. If this is so, we can’t vote this demented old criminal out soon enough!

  16. Who is the “America First!” guy? Who is the “America Last” guy?. Where Americans fit on this question determines who they vote for and support.

  17. Biden was pretty much a cipher in the Senate, then perfectly incompetent in the vice-presidency, and now he is a monumental disaster in the presidency. Each day that he lingers in office we, the people of this nation, are freshly wounded by his congenital idiocies and his prog/leftist doctrines.

    An ABC/Washington Post poll announced today has Biden down 51-42 in a head-to-head match with Trump. One wonders, who ARE these 42 percenters?

    I hope to see a younger, more qualified Republican – you know, an actual accomplished statesman – win the presidential election next year, but the main thing is to exorcise the evil spirits of corruption and incompetence that now haunt the Oval Office. Nationally and individually, we the people must repent in sackcloth and ashes for Joe Biden’s election (and so much more), and earnestly work to recover from it.

  18. It’s a CNN poll. It means less than nothing! There’s a reason why CNN is mocked as the Clown News Network.

  19. New Hampshire, the only state to have NEVER had a sales tax nor an income tax, suffers from retirees moving north to NH to avoid both taxes and SNAP indigents, and to then vote for Democrats. Also, a US President who brags about grabbing beauty contest contestants by their “p______” assaults some northern senses of decency on that coast. Here in AK, I am not sure we have any shared sense of decency any more, and I suppose that is OK.

    It’s possible that NH Democrats will not see a Biden box on their primary ballot even if Democrats have not replaced Biden as their putative nominee come January.

    Economics and politics are complicated and confused across the US today. For the first time since statehood, and even earlier, private sector wages in New England are higher than in AK. Government wages remain higher here. ME, NH, and VT are constitutional carry states but the rest of New England has gun control as bad as that of CA, OR and WA. YT, to our east, and PQ to the north of New England have gun control very much like that experienced by Jews in 1939 Germany. AOC told CNN today she still drives her Tesla but she plans to join Biden on the UAW picket line this week. Earlier this summer I saw a media photo that I think showed Senator Dan Sullivan, a colonel in the US Marine Reserves, DANCING with Biden’s homosexual Transportation Secretary. Complicated and confused.

  20. Welcome to the United Uniparty States of America.
    We are now entering a phase of “Democracy” Joe and Nancy continually rant and rave about losing.
    Dont forget his big inaugural “UNITY” speech where He speaks as though Democracy=Democrat.
    The DNC has already chosen the GOP candidate they plan to run against which is why He has 91 indictments against him.
    They thought Hilly had it in the bag in 2016 but when we surprised them they declared war on his term and pissed away millions and used the FBI trying to convince everyone he cheated, (Obama spied too, They are in this together unlike the GOP).
    When that failed and the economy really started ramping up and things started looking too good for Americans a man made virus “leaked” just in time for the next election which also coincided with mass rioting looting BLM Antifa burning cities and businesses across America we hadnt ever seen on that scale. Election laws and methods were changed (some illegally) and Joe Sniffy wins by a record number of votes never seen before in American history campaigning from his basement.
    Three years of runaway policies and spending increases we have never seen before and a new found alphabet population explosion. Record numbers of homeless and uncontrolled crime in all major cities (and now even minor cities).

    Does anyone here really believe the hard left media running the Herd is actually going to let the GOP pick their own candidate. In hindsight of how radical they got in the summer of 2020 I think not.
    Anybody announcing support for Trump or MAGA is labeled a “terrorist” according to Joe. (They were just deplorables in 2016)
    If someone thinks someone else has a better chance than DJT the media as well as DNC AND the FBI will dig up so much dirt it will make the Bidens look like Angels. Just look at how Joe refuses secret service protection for his only opponent RFK. (if He was assasinated it would just be normal cuz he is a Kennedy)..Joe is evil that way similar to Putin.

  21. Might be a better story to write about all the fraud that happened in New Hampshire in 2020….remember that controversial audit where the hard drives were destroyed? Oh, that’s not interesting…..let’s just keep pretending that Biden ‘won’ with 52.9% of the vote.

  22. I predict a third party candidate will step in for the win. For the first time in history it seems possible. Everyone is tired of what is being offered at this point and seeking an alternative to the two party hostilities and Jerry Springer show that has been running too long. Wouldn’t it be nice if mentioning your choice of candidates didn’t result in hostility? There’s just as many never-againers on both sides, in reality. Would like to see that poll.

    • I would probably vote for the third choice. Trump will destroy conservatism to get his way and probably lose; Biden will destroy the nation. Americans need to demand better candidates. Let’s start with unindicted and unbribed candidates. The two old dogs have had their day.

    • I admire your unwavering optimism that Jesus will be born again and save us but sadly the “uniparty”(DNC MSM and FBI) have too much to lose.
      I can see The name Gavin Newsom on the ballot already. He definitely has the money and the political backing of the Pelosis who have become very rich in the past few years as well as the usual big spenders like Soros whose donations alone installed Joey Biden with the help of Sammy “the Bankman” Freid.
      There is just too much big money out there that will buy the next term and Main stream media most definitely has control of the flock of voters.

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