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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Poll pays you to say which message works on ‘Better Elections’ propaganda


The “Better Elections” ballot initiative, funded with money from progressive groups outside Alaska, is running a web-based poll to find out what messages would make Alaskans more likely to vote for the initiative, which will likely appear on a statewide ballot this year.

“If you qualify and complete the survey,” the polling company says it will give you a $5 Visa gift card or $5 Amazon gift card. The entire poll appears to be in violation of state election laws, and there’s no real $5, nor any way for Alaskans to determine how they might actually qualify.

The poll asks participants to identify if they are an Alaskan, are male or female, Democrat, Republican, or other, where they live, their phone number, and what they think about people like President Donald Trump, former Sen. Mark Begich, among other recognizable names. The poll asks you how likely you are to vote in the upcoming election, and then gets down to the real matter at hand: What argument will most likely persuade you on the Better Elections Initiative:

The questionnaire then proceeds to ask participants which messages would most discourage them from voting in favor of the ballot initiative.

The Better Elections ballot initiative would dismantle party primaries, allowing anyone to vote for any candidate across party lines during the Alaska primary. It would also institute ranked voting. And it would make it harder for third-party groups to conceal the identities of their donors.

Unite America, a liberal group that is trying to take over Alaska’s election system, has contributed over $600,000 to the Alaskans for Better Elections group.

No group has yet formed to oppose the ballot initiative, which many believe would harm conservative candidates.

Ranked voting depends on a complicated computer calculation that could reduce voters’ confidence in the integrity of the election process, since it makes it more likely that the top candidate would ultimately lose in an “instant run-off,” if he/she didn’t get over 50 percent of the vote.

The “instant run-off” works like this:

 If a candidate wins over 50 percent of first-preference votes, he/she is the winner. But if no candidate reaches over 50 percent of first-preference votes, the candidate with the fewest first-preference votes is dropped. Then, the first-preference votes cast for that failed candidate are eliminated, which changes the percentage for the second and first choice candidates. A new count is made to see if one candidate reaches the majority. If not, the candidate with the lowest votes is dropped off and the process is repeated until someone has an outright majority.

The poll doesn’t describe the exact mechanisms of the Better Elections initiative, but only the propaganda surrounding it. There is no disclaimer on the poll, which is likely a violation of state law since it is an issue that is heading for the ballot. It’s unlikely that the Alaska Public Offices Commission will be able to track down the shadow group and penalize it, since it’s impossible to see who is actually authorizing the poll.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Thank you again, Suzanne, for shedding light on the deception and manipulation we are exposed to in order to find out the truth. It takes constant vigilance to keep our freedoms. This tactic should be a crime.

  • I took this “poll” yesterday. It seems my answers to the misleading questions didn’t make them happy. I was repeatedly asked, while answering questions, if I had “changed my mind about many of my answers”, because many respondents “change their mind when they get the facts”. They tried to bribe me with a ‘gift’ card “qualification” if I answered with the right answers (their version). I stuck to my political guns and finished the “survey” with accurate and no nonsense answers. I never received a reply. I guess my “answers” didn’t qualify me. The propaganda offered by the survey is made up of typical leftist tactics, trying to persuade a person to give the “right” answers. I refused to agree with the misleading questions and never heard a word back. Ranked voting is nothing but an attempt to bastardize the entire American voting process.

  • One citizen, one vote, let every vote count.

  • Thanks Suzanne

  • This is the second time I got one of their push polls. The first one was for the proposed (now abandoned) ballot initiative guaranteeing educational funding/immunizing the University of Alaska and NEA from budget cuts. Every time I’d respond negatively, it would prompt their talking points, ask to me to read the initiative again, as it that would somehow persuade me to change my mind. I’m going to contact them asking where my gift cards are.

  • I always rank candidates at the polling booth. The best candidate gets my vote!

    • And you make the decision, not some convoluted computer program. ūüėŹ

  • Their entire campaign has been deceptive. The petitioners collecting signatures presented the petition as being for ‚Äėfair and open voting and campaign disclosure‚Äô. The whole thing is bad news, an insult to the intellect of voters, and does not fit well within the democratic process.

  • It does not matter who votes, only who counts the votes, mostly controlled by the Soros group. Just ask Virginia.

  • The Democrats invented election fraud and have been exposed of it numerous times. So called “ranked voting” is just another form of election fraud, without chargeable criminal intent. Another way to throw elections and put Democrats in power. Obviously, the method of winning by fair and honest means no longer works for Democrats.

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