Police roundup four in drug-related killing


Police arrested four people Friday and Saturday that investigators say were involved in a shooting death on Oklahoma Street in Anchorage on March 31.

Wutner Buom Lul, 23, pictured above from his Facebook profile; Alaaaldin Alfons Bom, 20; Deavonnie Harford-Lee, 21, and Izaiha Moronta, 21, are facing manslaughter, robbery 1, burglary 1, assault 1, and assault 2.

Police located Lul on Friday evening in the 300 block of North Lane Street in the Mountain View neighborhood, where they arrested him. They rounded up the others on Saturday afternoon and evening. Moronta was taken into custody near Old Seward Highway and 76th Avenue; Born was found at a 400 block North Lane Street address, and Harford-Lee was in the 900 block of Richardson Vista Road at the North Pointe Apartments.

The homicide that occurred on March 31 was believed to be drug related. Police were called to the 300 block of Oklahoma Street in Muldoon to investigate shots fired. They found three people injured outside an apartment building, with one of them — Tion Price, 19, pronounced dead at the scene.

The others were taken to a nearby hospital for gunshot injuries. The victims knew the assailants, police said at the time.

What we know about the suspects:

Wutner Buom Lul attended Bartlett High School and the Alaska Military Youth Academy, and started getting into trouble with drugs by 2015, according to court records.

Alaaaldin Bom was on the lam after being arrested for armed robbery. He failed to appear in court earlier this month on that 2017 felony charge; he was out on bail while awaiting resolution of his case.

Izaiha Moronta was charged in 2017 with theft of a firearm but it was pleaded down in court to concealed firearm while under the age of 21.

Deavonnie Harford-Lee has an unremarkable court record with only minor items, such as driving without proof of insurance.



  1. I bet they all sat around playing video games, smoking marijuana, and listening to rap music. Guess what, they’ll probably be able to do the same in prison.

  2. Sad that these young kids are getting more involved in drugs and shootings these days… I don’t remember gun violence being this bad when I was 20… We were into drinking and having house parties…. I don’t even hear about people having house parties anymore… I haven’t even driven by one in years because that’s not what people are doing anymore

  3. Yep, it won’t be long, because they already legalized marijuana, so yep.. it’s bound to happen really soon.

  4. Really Mongo likes candy, what does it matter what kind of music they were playing if any? How about where were the parents when they were younger? Everyone wants to point the finger at weed and music but yet I don’t see anyone asking about the home life of these kids or anything about the parents.

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