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Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Please don’t send in the counselors and the hot cocoa

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Four years ago, public schools and universities offered counseling for students traumatized by the Trump win.

Parents dropping their students off at urban schools around the country from San Francisco to Boston reported that teachers were weeping uncontrollably, and students were having anxiety attacks. Counselors were advising non-white students that they should fear the new Trump Administration.

Cornell University hosted a “cry-in,” with hot cocoa and tissues on hand. 

Yale University held a “primal scream” event to allow traumatized students to vent, and the University of Pennsylvania featured a puppy and kitten therapy session, so students could snuggle their grief away.

University of Michigan Law School scheduled a “Post-Election Self-Care With Food and Play” with crayons, Play-Doh, and bubbles. The event was cancelled after publicity led to public ridicule of the school, led by conservatives on Twitter.

University of Michigan-Flint created “safe spaces” for students to receive counseling. Many schools and nonprofits just called it a day off for mourning.

And the riots. Oh, so many riots. At universities across the country, the protesters chanted: “F‑‑‑ Donald Trump!” with fists pumping in the air. Many were “peaceful but fiery.”

It seems like just yesterday, but it was Nov. 9, 2016 when large riots broke out in various parts of the country, and protests followed in Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Philippines, Australia, and even Israel. The riots continued for four years, radicalizing a generation as the Democratic Party became more informed by its radical wing. Pussy hats, “believe all women,” Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and Wall of Moms capped off the collective tantrum by rioting every night in the summer and fall of 2020, a curiosity that has been all-but ignored by the media.

Even on Election Night, protesters swarmed through Washington, D.C., which was, by then, largely boarded up against the expected violence. Urban America looks like a war zone even today.

Across America, there are 70 million Trump voters who are not rioting, even though many of them feel the election was not only stolen, but that free and fair elections may be gone forever, due to the anything-goes voting procedures now being accepted across the states. Most Trump voters think ballots appeared as needed in several states.

But the Trump voters are going to work, taking care of their families, and hoping for the best for their nation. They understand that their candidate was flawed and yet, was a fighter for them and all Americans who believe in the Constitution.

Trump voters also see this as an opportunity to retake the House of Representatives in two years, as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris inevitably bow and curtsey to the radical Left, which doesn’t represent mainstream values of most Americans.

The results of the 2020 election are still inconclusive at this writing, and the chain of events that is leading to a probable Biden presidency is deeply unsatisfying.

But what we’re not likely to see are Republicans rocking in the corner with a coloring book and a cup of hot cocoa, a pack of tissues at the ready for the next uncontrollable ugly cry. 

They’re busy keeping America great, with or without their chosen president. They’re busy reloading for 2022.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Thank you, Suzanne. You succinctly articulated what likely all Trump supporters are feeling and yet still doing right now. I awakened at 2AM Nov 4 to follow the latest election results. I still felt some optimism that somehow the wrongs being committed against our great nation and this remarkable President would yet be thwarted. It’s November 6 and I am deeply disappointed that a country I so treasure has come to this point of such willful ignorance by so many Americans.
    I lived more than a decade in many, many foreign countries as a function of my father’s work in infrastructure development. I learned first hand what so many countries lacked, and why so many millions of foreigners (Oh! Is that not a PC word either?) desperately want to immigrate by any means to my homeland, the United States.
    That an entire generation of Americans has been so coddled, brainwashed by the lack of quality education, and now willfully marches like lemmings over a cliff, happily embracing the corruption of one of our most precious institutions, the right to vote, and dragging my generation with it, is deeply affecting. Perhaps it is time to re-institute compulsory military service, to give all these aged boys and girls something real to shrink from in horror, something vivid to remember when they experience the blessing of returning home alive. Only then, perhaps, will they learn the true value of America, her Constitution and her Bill of Rights, and our belief in God.

  • I’m not working for no effing Commisar. Period.

  • The left is still wailing and gnashing teeth. Stephen Colbert was cry about President Trump daring to say this election is being stolen…the same Stephen Colbert has spent much of the last 4 years talking about how President Trump stole the 2016 election…the same is true for numerous other leftist media personalities. Hillary Clinton has also spent the last 4 years talking about how the 2016 election was stolen from under her. Just last week Joe Biden supporters were talking about how every last ballot must be counted, but now they are itching for media to “call” the election for him and for him to declare he has won.
    I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, but I did this time. In 2016 there was too much unknown for me, this year his record is one any American can be proud of…sadly many Americans have no idea what his record is and how impactful his legacy will be. The normalization of relationships with numerous Middle East countries and Israel is something that past Presidents couldn’t even fathom. Minorities had the best employment rates in generations freeing many from poverty and government assistance, his SCOTUS appointments, the economy before covid and how it has come back since, the list goes on and on. I don’t care for his personality, or a lot of the things he says or when he says them, but he has been a far better President than I figured he ever could be.
    If Joe Biden pulls it off and is sworn in on January 20th, I don’t expect it will be long before his cabinet or the Democrat controlled House figures out a way to enact the 25th Amendment or the House actually brings up Articles of Impeachment to remove Joe from office and install Kamala Harris as President.

  • I wish I would have thought of this: “We are being told to accept the results of this election by the same people who’ve spent the last four years not accepting the results.”

    • Hilary won the popular vote by 3 million yet lost the election. Yes 2016 was difficult to accept.

      • Yeah, that’s not how it works. Thankfully.

  • YOu are so right…we will take what comes and run with it….God has a plan ….

  • Yep. You got the last sentence right.

  • For the last four years the facist left has continued to assault the American electorate through phoney investigations and a constant stream of false news regarding President Trump. This effort by the left ended in an Impeachment. It isn’t about Trump, it is about you,. Their goal is to isolate and intimidate any opposition to silence them. We just witnessed how the left can silence the will of the people in an election .
    Now is the time to get very loud and resist this corruption. 2022 will be too late. I suggest that protests convene across the country ASAP.

    • Robert, as you know, the Democrat/Communist/Leftist protests of the last 4-yrs backfired to discredit their own collective. Are you suggesting we engage in the same failed strategy of violence? Would that not vindicate the narrative we are violent oppressors? Remember, the communists have been working hard since the Great Depression to infiltrate our education system and program our population. It will not be easy to reverse such an enduring trend of brain-washing.

      See “Harbinger” author Jonathan Cahn lecturing Obama at this link:

      • No Wayne, I am saying that we fight them with the same tools they employed. Only instead of senseless violence we use the truth.. There is real evidence that Joe Biden has been on the Chi- Com payroll. I want us stopping this regime with endless investigations. Trouble is Wayne. The House of Representatives is controlled by Biden’s party. Yes we need to get loud and resist. Now is not the time to give these facist two years in hopes of an honest election in 2022.
        Our effort has to be coordinated and lawful.

    • Saw a buddy for just the second time since Covid started. We are hoping that we can sent to the same re-education camp under the Harris-Biden regime. We agree that based on the serious errors in our thinking that we are both headed to a particularly rigorous and severe environment. I am prepared to be completely disappeared under Komrades Kamala and Creepy Joe.

  • What this election should show more than anything is that those of us who believe in traditional values need to work outside the realm of politics to build strong economical alliances.
    This country was made great by men & women who produced things with their hands, not from the cadre of suits looking to win re-election year after year.

    • How poetic comrade. I doubt you know enough about real history to make any such comment. I’m talking about real history, the kind that would keep a snowflake like you up at night cowering in a closet.

  • Biden and his machine represent real corruption. Make no mistake, this stealing of the 2020 Presidential Election is a watershed event. The facist left seeks to quell any voice in opposition. I disagree with Suzanne, this is not a time for quietly hoping. Our families future is at stake. It is time to organize and resist. Failure to do so will be to abdicate our collective sovereignty. Many heros have died to protect and defend the precious freedoms that are evaporating before us. The question is how much do you really care about your Country

  • Spot on as per usual Suzanne! Biden won’t get a whole lot accomplished as long as the GOP owns the senate and in 2 years they should retake the house. Their socialist agenda is going nowhere’s. The whole purpose of this election was for the left and RINOS to remove Trump and those conservatives that voted against him will swing back to the right.

  • Now the corporate oligarchs own Biden, and by default the US President, how will they defend his ineptness going forward?

  • Hi Suzanne,
    You just caused me the best chuckle I’ve had since the election. Loved the pickup and flag with the “Don’t send in the counselors…” this is awesome!
    Keep up the good fight.
    Harv in Juneau.

  • If you think about it, Donald Trump is a fighter and won’t give up draining the swamp. Out of office he can do a lot of damage to Democratic Party. Without the constraints of being politically correct as the president and seeing the corruption first hand, my guess is this isn’t over yet.
    The Fox has been in the hen house.

  • Republicans have picked up six House seats so far. The Democrats have yet to flip a single state legislature, meaning Republicans will draw the district lines for the next 10 years of electioneering.

    The image of a possible future GOP emerged — a multiracial working-class party. Republicans made surprising gains among Latinos, African-Americans and Muslims. Trump won the largest share of the nonwhite vote of any Republican candidate in 60 years.

    This happened because of the party’s reputation for championing personal agency and personal responsibility, and for boosting small businesses and economic growth.

    Add 3 Supreme Court Justices and over 200 Federal Judges. Orange Man did well.

  • What’s wrong with hot cocoa and maybe a cookie or two?

  • If one doesn’t have a devious bend then there is only so much that can be done. We donated, we voted in person, we tried to rally our friends and neighbors and have a rational conversation with those on the fence. That is all we have actual control over.

    Now we need to do all the same things again to get this city back on its proper track, one that respects its hard working citizens and its Charter. This is our immediate back yard and it desperately needs cleaning up. Get busy Anchorage and start pointing out to all those who are not happy with what is going how important it is to vote and to be fully informed on who and what you are voting for!!

    • Until we get municipal elections back to November where they belong and reinstate the 50 + 1 requirement to win these leftist weirdos will continue to dominate politics in Anchorage. Otherwise I agree with you that this is the place to start. School Board, Assembly, Mayor or State Legislature or Governor (provided they can keep their pants zipped) is the path. All politics is local.

  • Comforting thought, entitled right wingers reloading. This country is theirs. They will take it back, God, guns, guts, and all. Saddle up Proud Boys. Johnnie, get yer gun! It’s time for a revolution.
    Sleep well tonight. The rabble is awake and watching over you.

    • Greg, you little pip squeak, bring it on!
      No need to watch over us, start being concerned about your snow flake rear end.

      • Nice. Name calling and vague threats.
        Makes me proud to be an American.

  • LOL yes after 4 years of Trump being constrained to political correctness by the office he holds, I would like to hear what he really thinks! Come on Donald, you don’t have to hold back anymore!

    • But, in addendum to my previous comment, yes, we all can breathe easier and freer now that the Narcissist in Chief and King of Greed and Incompetence is being retired. Perhaps it’s time to move forward in solidarity rather than divisiveness.
      Long live the republic!

  • A President Roosevelt is needed to breakup big Tech, like he did to Steel, Rail, etc. industries. End the ability of a few billionaires to control the media/ability of Americans to know the truth. All you Union folk are surely aware of what President Roosevelt did for the working stiff. If you don’t check it out. He was a Democrat, how far has that party fallen.

  • Nice. Name calling and vague threats.
    Makes me proud to be an American.

  • Hey everyone, can we all agree to ignore Greg R? He is clearly more interested in making infantile snarky comments than he is in an honest exchange of opinions. Responding to his remarks just gives him an excuse to hurl more insults. Perhaps he will go somewhere else if we don’t feed his ego by giving him the attention he craves.

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