Planned Parenthood playing in school board race

Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Northwest is endorsing in school board races with greater frequency, and Tasha Hotch, candidate for Anchorage School Board Seat E, just got the Planned Parenthood nod.
Hotch has never served an elected position before, and thus had no voting record on controversial topics such as the limits of sex education in schools.
Planned Parenthood endorsed Hotch last year when she ran for Seat C against a slate of others that included Dave Donley, who won that seat with 42 percent of the vote.
Why did Planned Parenthood endorse her?
Because the abortion provider sells “safe sex” kits to schools. Planned Parenthood originally called them “Birth Control Training Kits,” but now market them as “Birth Control Educator Kits” and they are $150 a their web site. The kits have male condoms, female condoms, birth control pills, dental dams, water-based lubricants, spermicides, contraceptive sponges, and a syringe with Dep Provera.
Planned Parenthood as a nonprofit is unable to endorse candidates without losing their 501(c)(3) status, but this is the Planned Parenthood PAC, which goes by Planned Parenthood Votes.
Others running for the Board’s E seat are Alisha Hilde, Ron Stafford, David Nees, and Don Smith. The election begins when ballots are in the mail March 13, and ends on April 3.


  1. The NEA National funds Planned Parenthood so this is just using PP as a proxy to get the teachers union (NEA) candidate elected. Here are the dots to connect: Teachers pay dues–local NEA sends dues to state NEA–state NEA sends dues to National NEA–National NEA sends money to Planned Parenthood. That’s pretty easy. BTW, the data re National NEA funding PP is from the IRS Form 990.

  2. HB 250 life at conception act 2017 has the potential to save lives and set the bar on a national level. The language is written in sound order, it could go through in many directions through executive action by the governor voted in by the legislature or petitioned by the people, I encourage resilience in justice in our land for the innocent, prayers to the lord will help the most in this situation but the help from the Lord requires action on our part what ever that action may be act.

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