Petitioners now ‘lawyered up’ in Homer council member recall case

Donna Aderhold, Catriona Reynolds and David Lewis are the three Homer City Council members that face recall.

Last week, three Homer city council members, with the ACLU representing them, filed a lawsuit to stop the recall election that had been certified to go forward for June 13.

Now, the petitioners — Heartbeat of Homer — who want to hold a recall election have gotten legal representation. Attorney Stacey Stone of Holmes Weddle and Barcott filed a motion to intervene in the case, and she’s tasked with making the case to the judge that the people of Homer should be allowed to vote.

The ACLU is asserting that the people of Homer should not be allowed to vote in the special election that was approved by the city clerk.

Petitioners, on the other hand, have a bone to pick with the city attorney, Holly Wells, who seemed to be taking the side of the council members and against the petitioners.

The opposition to the motion to intervene needed to be filed by today, May 2 at 4:3 pm, and no apparent action was taken by the ACLU.

The case now awaits assignment to a judge.

Three city council members in Homer have been subject to a recall after they worked behind the scenes to have Homer designated a sanctuary city.

Ultimately the controversy that ensued led to a watered down “inclusivity” ordinance. But their credibility had already come into question over a series of emails between them that had “sanctuary” throughout them. A group of Homer residents got ahold of the emails through a public records request, and scoured them, then publicized them. The three council members faced a scorching rebuke from many Homer residents who felt they were working against the well-being of the city.

Petitions were completed with plenty of signatures to spare, and were turned into the city clerk at the end of March to recall  Donna Aderhold, Catriona Reynolds and David Lewis.

The ACLU says the recall violates the council members’ First Amendment rights. But the petitioners say that voters are entitled to recall their governors for a broad variety of reasons, and that the law favors them.

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