Permanent Fund dividend week is here; prepare for crime wave


On Oct. 5, Alaskans will start receiving their Alaska Permanent Fund dividends — either deposited into their bank accounts or mailed to them.

The $1,100 being dispersed to qualifying Alaskans is something criminals are preparing for as well.

After all, more than $672 million is about to enter the Alaska economy. People will be shopping, packages will be arriving, and thieves will be on the hunt.

Most Alaskans have already experienced a dramatic increase in crime in their communities, so now is the time to be extra vigilant.

Property crimes in Alaska rose nearly 19 percent last year, according to the FBI. It was the biggest increase in the nation, which has overall seen property crime drop 2 percent.

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A reader shared these tips:

“Spend some time thinking about how to be extra safe. Don’t go from store to store and load up your vehicle. Don’t shop alone. If you are going to shop online, avoid doorstep deliveries. It may take a bit more effort, but better to be safe and keep your PFD windfall than succumb to victimhood. Think about it. Do something about it.”

About 640,000 Alaskans will receive a dividend this month. Must Read Alaska wants our 135,000 monthly visitors and their families and friends to be safe.

So spread the word: Please share this post on Facebook and remind your Alaska friends to take extra precautions in coming weeks.


  1. If Post office, UPS, Fed Ex, and any other delivery services were required to put package in arctic entryways if available instead of door steps outside and ring the door bells, the crime might be down

    • Youbcan ask USPS to hold your mail at the post office abd you can also set up MANY alternate delivery options with UPS & FedEx as an option to leaving it on your doorstep. This is pretty common knowledge.

  2. Mine stays in my bank as long as possible! If people wouldn’t run out and piss it all away, then post on facebook that they need help with cash, maybe they’d save some cash up. In my opinion, I think crime will drop for a couple of weeks. Maybe a few OD’s will happen. Then when they run out of their PFD, the crime will start up again. I have no faith in our officials and like a few others I know, if they show up at my house, they’ll probably be leaving in an ambulance!!! People are tired of this BS!!!

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