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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Permanent Fund bills moving through Legislature

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ONE IS FOR $1,600, THE OTHER FOR $1,500

House Bill 2003, which is a piece of new legislation to appropriate funds for the Permanent Fund dividend, passed the House on Friday on a vote of 22-12, and was sent to the Senate. The bill provides for funding to pay eligible Alaskans $1,600 dividends this year.

In the Senate, SB 2001 was considered by Senate Finance Committee on Saturday morning. It would provide dividends of $1,500 to eligible Alaskans.

The Senate bill also restores $75 million in vetoed funds to the University of Alaska System, which results in a net reduction to UA of $65 million, including the $5 million reduction recommended by Senate Finance in the committee substitute for HB 39, the operating budget that was passed by the Legislature.

The Senate Finance Committee recessed to the call of the chair, and the Senate will gavel in on the floor on Saturday at 2 pm.

After the floor session, Senate Finance will meet again today, and there will likely be amendments to bring the Permanent Fund dividend back up to the statutorily established level of $3,000.

Gov. Michael Dunleavy is on record in support of a $3,000 dividend.

(This story is a moving target. Check back for updates.)

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • DOA at the governor’s desk. Special Session #27 coming down the pike. Hope you idiots in the Legislature enjoy your summer….or what’s left of it.

  • “there will likely be amendments to bring the Permanent Fund dividend back up to the statutorily established level of $3,000”

    Like how stupid are you? Every single time an amendment for the PFD to be $3,000 has been brought up in the house/senate, it has been shot down. The most votes it has received in favor is 10. When you need 45 votes, that’s a safe bet you aren’t getting your “full PFD”

    I hope you don’t wonder why people don’t take your “writing” seriously. Though, I do feel bad for calling out someone who seems to be mentally slow.

    • Jason, put on a hockey helmet and cover-up your feeble brain. You sound like another loser with a state job and a membership in the Democrat party. Dunleavy won! The PEOPLE elected him by a huge margin. The PEOPLE wanted idiots like you to feel the pain. Get over yourself. Gef help. Many of the current legislators are going bye-bye, voluntarily or involuntarily. Down-sizing of the state government takes time, but it will he done by this governor. The PFD will be paid in full. Use your $3000 wisely and buy lots of psychotropic drugs for your illness, or maybe a flight to Mexico where ant-psychotic pharmaceuticals are cheap. And buy another hockey helmet. Maybe two. Or, donate your $3K to the American Society of Mental Illness.

      • Judie,
        In reading your response, one line jumps out at me…
        “The PEOPLE wanted idiots like you to feel the pain”
        I have no doubt you are harboring these feelings, but to “blanket” a statement like this on the “people” of Alaska is unacceptable.
        “A sadist is someone who enjoys inflicting pain on others…Sadists like seeing other people hurt.”
        ( Wikipedia)
        I have no doubt that you are not alone in your feelings yet I am hopeful these feelings do not represent the majority of Alaskans.

        • Steve, I think Judie is jumping on Jason for his ignominimous comments directed at our beloved Suzanne. If Jason wants to troll around and be intentionally disrespectful, he is the one who should feel the pain. At least, that’s my take.

        • I wanted to agree with this. Alaska is one of the last places on the planet where you can break down on the side of the road and *expect* that someone will stop to help.
          It’s one the last places where neighbors will bring food over to hungry families.
          The governor promised ‘efficiencies’, not pain.

  • The ‘legislators’ just can’t resist trying to steal the citizens’ PFD. If left to them, the State of Alaska would be nothing but a “sugar daddy” for their schemes to bankrupt us. Common sense seems to be an unfamiliar term to them. They don’t appear to comprehend the repercussions of spending more than revenue. Either that or they simply don’t care what their irresponsible actions will do to Alaska. No matter, their ‘convenient’ response is to blame their inane attempts to impoverish their constituents and the State of Alaska on Governor Dunleavy and conservatives. When enough becomes too much, the time for action may be long past. Rest assured, “public” employees will never suffer from the fiscal incompetence displayed by the elected officials. Only ‘regular’ citizens will bear the financial brunt of their feckless, socialist policies. What’s happening in Anchorage is but a preview for their intentions for all Alaska.

  • The Alaska Permanent Fund is a gargantuan mutual fund. Citizens of Alaska are shareholders in that fund. It is our property. Property rights, however, have been under assault by all levels of government since governments were created. Some people cannot resist the urge to take what does not belong to them and people like that tend to congregate in the halls of power, journalism and academia. It’s also been observed that when taking from Peter to pay Paul, you can pretty much count on Paul being on board with it.

    The fundamental issue here is property rights and legal contract. Both are being savaged by the looters of the fund and if we allow them to continue to succeed, the foundations of law and order, aka civilization, erode even further.

    Alaskans gave up sub-surface property rights in exchange for creation of the Permanent Fund. If the state is going to welsh out on the deal then may we assume our sub-surface property rights are now restored? It would be nice to do a Jed Clampett in my back yard….

  • I don’t read the funnies but I don’t have to since I read every day the news of the legislative actions from Juneau, I am sorry if I may offend some people with my statement. considering it is a very serious subject. The legislation however in Juneau is going from one day to the other with approaching the PFD issue depending who’s special interest they defending. Payout of the PFD has gone from $ 300.00, $600.00, $900.00, $1100.,$ 1300.00,$1600.00 $ 3000.00, give or take a couple of dollars in between. In the meantime, the per diem pay for each Legislator of $ 305.00 per day is continuing ($9000.00)per month. The PFD is $ 3000.00 plus for a registered Alaskan resident Stop playing games whit our money and once this is paid out you then can solve the Budget issue

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