MRAK poll: Most want $3,000 Permanent Fund dividend


In a 23-hour, nonscientific poll on Facebook, with more than 4,000 participants, the early results favored the $3,000 to a greater degree than the final results. As the hours wore on, the poll was widely shared among the liberal elite, with many of them encouraging their friends on Facebook to share it with more of those who would vote against a $3,000 dividend.

Here’s a snapshot of the poll about halfway through the polling period before the Left had fully gotten engaged:



  1. The most interesting part of this is to witness the way some (many?) on the Left maintain their condescending approach to addressing those on the Right. I would think that something might have been learned following Hillary Clinton’s disastrous “deplorables” comment, but no. Apparently, the Left likes losing. Almost secondarily, the Left’s elitist approach makes compromise and solutions nearly impossible. To quote the old folk song: “when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn.”

    • They continue to be sanctimonious Pecksniffs proclaiming moral high ground while the public sector unions rob our State blind. It is called paradigm paralysis. They are afraid to consider information other than what they have been fed by their preferred thought providers. Allegory of the cave.

  2. There are many people throughout Alaska that feel the citizens should receive a small dividend and some believe the government should have an income tax or additional sources of revenue. To all of those individuals that think the state government should have more money, please consider sending the department of revenue a check every month for 10% of your gross income. If you choose not to do that, how about sending your PFD checks to the government and “help” them out.

    Here is the address:

    Department of Revenue
    P.O. Box 110400
    Juneau, AK 99811-0400
    Phone: 907-465-2300 Fax: 907-465-2389

    Please submit your checks.


  3. I’m proud of my Governor fighting and working to keep his promise. I feel we may lose this battle, but the war is not over. November 2020 is coming, and bringing a red tide to Juneau.

  4. They jammed the vote?

    Funny. The liberal elites do the exact same thing with the capital phone lines whenever they have something big on the agenda.

    They jam the lines to make us ALL think that everyone in the state wants to go along with their upside down programs.

    Hint to the libtards: We don’t, and you’re not fooling anyone but yourselves.

  5. The simple TRUTH is that the PFD is not the State of Alaska’s $. It is the people’s $ . Paying the full sum per the formula should be axiomatic. Now… if the Legislature thinks that the Government needs more $ it has plenary power to TAX the citizens. Perhaps an excise tax on the PFD? One that is equally shared by every citizen? Such a measure would take leadership, courage and compromise. All appear to be in short supply.
    Below is a simple formula to illustrate .
    PFD= $3123.00
    Proposed exise tax- 11.75%= $374.76
    PFD revised total- $2748.24

    State of Alaska nets $224,856,000

    Fair enough…

  6. Since the governor got rid of the AK Senior Benefit, which for me was $3000
    and 25% of my income; and the AK Education Grant for my daughter, which
    was $4000; and Medicaid dental, which I’ve never used but now can’t —
    yeah, I’m for a $3000 PFD. Handouts? Entitlement? What do people in
    this state think the PFD is? And they all got their hands out every year.

    • Vern, the pfd is an agreement to share in the state’s mineral revenue and in exchange we allow the state to control the mineral rights of all of the land. No other state does this. In other states the mineral rights transfer with the sale of the land. So this is opposite of a handout. Please do research prior to making ignorant comments.

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