Peltola had nothing to say to Alaskans about Easter


Did Rep. Mary Peltola just forget about Easter this year?

Peltola didn’t put together any kind of social media or press release greeting to Alaskans about Easter this year. Every other statewide political leader did — Sen. Dan Sullivan, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and Gov. Mike Dunleavy. In fact, across America, political folks from both sides of the aisle acknowledged the highest holy day on the Christian calendar.

Even President Biden, who had declared Easter Sunday the Transgender Day of Visibility, wished the nation a happy Easter. And so did Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who wrote: “Wishing all who observe a Happy Easter in the #12thDistrictStrong and around the world. In this season of rebirth, may you and your family be filled with hope and prosperity.”

It’s a tradition, but not Peltola’s tradition, perhaps.

The last time Alaskans heard from their congressional representative on Easter was in 2021, when Congressman Don Young wished all of Alaska and beyond a happy Easter. He died on March 18, 2022, and Alaska had no congressional member that Easter.

Peltola, who jumped in last year to raise awareness for Trans Day of Visibility, stayed under the radar this year, not mentioning it on social media, as she had in 2023, shown at the top of this story. Biden, whom she endorses, got out over his skis when he made a major proclamation for the day, which happens to have fallen on Easter this year.

Congressional candidate Nick Begich III Easter greeting for 2024.
Congressional candidate Nancy Dahlstrom’s Easter greeting for 2024.

Peltola is traveling around Alaska for the Easter recess that Congress has every year. She was spotted in Homer and other coastal communities in Southcentral getting photos of herself for her campaign, and will be holding a campaign-style town hall meeting in Ketchikan on April 3. Congress reconvenes on April 9.


  1. The romans had hundreds of holidays by the end of their empire. The U.S. is following their path.

    We need leaders who will stand up to this trash. Nick Begich for this house.

      • Not me, I voted for him last time. MRAs disdain for Alaskan Natives only reporting their negative actions is switch my vote.

        • Well if you guys actually did something good for a change it would make national news. In fact it would be such a unique occurrence you might even get another holiday for yourselves.

        • Jimbob, Begich is more Alaska native than Peltola (who is half white) will ever be. Being for Alaska is more than your ancestry. Its about your mind body and soul.

          Dahlstrom and Peltola are bought and paid for by Washington. If either of them wins, DC is happy.

          Who are you for, Washington or the people. Begich is for us.

    • Peltola is in Alaska campaigning and not so secretly looking for Husband #4. She’s out shopping. Look out, guys. This is a black widow.
      Gene had no idea.

  2. Well you know, that’s ok because “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth. And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the Father God.” (Philippians 2:10-11) Too bad some folks won’t do that BEFORE the judgment!

    • Amen SOV8!! Glad to know another Christian who understands what is happening!👍 Let’s spread the word! 🙏

  3. Well. US Rep Peltola’s Native-corporate elite circle think Easter is colonization ignoring that the rest of Native Alaskans care a lot about Jesus, Christianity, Christmas and Easter. Her small Native college degree crowd is a minority within a minority. Just the White leaders of Republicans and Democrats this small corporate crowd don’t hang with the rest of the Native community, which is why she and the few others got ahead because of their mind don’t think backward. They focused on what they needed in this life and went for it.

  4. Molly of Denali doesn’t even do anything for Christmas and Easter, despite that Native Alaskan kids are still opening up Christmas presents and Easter baskets and going on Easter egg hunts

    • Excellent points Jen. Many AK Natives are Christian, many pray before they eat.
      MP is an elitist, plain & simple. She cares about money & prestige.
      Her “cabin” at fish camp is nicer then my house in ANC.
      All it takes is Federal dollars & Federal paychecks.

  5. Biden is her lord. He took the Christianity out of Easter. She preferred the trans crowd, like him. Where does it stop?

  6. Mary’s suggestions that she is the reincarnation of Don Young don’t seem to be working out real well in real life!

  7. Yet native organizations & laws don’t recognize non-natives, their rights or even provide health care to non-natives outside of emergency and by law don’t recognize the civil rights act of 1964. They don’t even recognize descendants who are family for being “real natives” . Peltola supports these concepts and even has other native corporations recognizing her more than their own because it’s political. Everyone else can be themselves. Yeah.

  8. From my point of view, i.e. my opinion, the meaning of it all seems a bit lost for those whom the religious celebration might be most significant i.e. Matthew 23.

  9. Proud Coast Guard mom, blah-blah-blah. Hearing her campaign ads, I knew she would be a train wreck. She proves me right on a daily basis. This clown show needs to be voted out during the next election. Don’t expect rural Alaskans to help in this effort. They worship the ground this person walks on.


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