Peltola fundraises on the backs of aborted babies


Rep. Mary Peltola and the Alaska Democratic Party have a message for Democrats: Abortion is her campaign currency this year.

Before, she was “sweet Mary.” She was all smiles during her first campaign for Congress.

Now, she’s going out with the angry message: “Stay the hell out of our exam rooms.”

Peltola, an abortion extremist who believes in up-to-moment-of-birth abortions, and her party sent a pro-abortion fundraising plea to her Democratic base last week. The edginess in the subject line was an effort to get people to open the email. But Peltola’s views do not line up with most Americans or Alaskans, as she is on the far edge when it comes to abortion.

 “My campaign in 2022 was centered around abortion rights and reproductive rights, and I’m working every day to protect these freedoms,” she wrote. Actually, it was centered on “fish, family, and freedom.”

“To me, reproductive choice is deeply personal – and I believe that DC politicians and the Supreme Court should stay the hell out of our examination rooms,” she wrote in her fundraising appeal.

The logic may extend to anything doctors and patients decide to do in the exam rooms of America’s clinics and hospitals. She is, by inference, saying all medical care should be deregulated.

The Supreme Court did not get into exam rooms, however. In fact, it liberated them from federal control when it undid Roe v. Wade and sent the decision about abortion back to the states. Each state now sets its own laws about abortion.

That’s not how Peltola sees it, however: “Unfortunately, my opponents disagree: They claim to support small government, but when it comes to abortion, they want the government to make decisions for women.”

“…the difference could not be more stark: I’m fighting to make sure DC politicians keep their hands off of our bodily autonomy, and my opponents are fighting for the opposite,” she wrote, and asked for money to help her stay in office for another two years.

The message was likely focus-group or poll-tested among the Democrat faithful, most of whom are pro-abortion. She’s going for the younger, angrier voter, catering to young women, who in Alaska are most supportive of abortion, hoping to make this an issue to cover her voting record against Alaska and her endorsement of Joe Biden.

Peltola actually doesn’t need the money for her campaign. She has raised more than five times what either Republicans Nick Begich or Nancy Dahlstrom have raised. But she’s shoring up her base with a message that she believes will work on them: Abortion all the way, with no restrictions at all.


    • Mary Sattler Kapsner Nelson Peltola has the morals of an alley cat.

      We need Mary to explain why she left the Alaska Legislature. She had no challengers from the YK Delta lining up against her…hard to believe she’d take money over FISH and go willingly too work as the Trojan Horse for the Donlin Mine…. where cyanide leaching and autoclave aerial release would be just a short uphill hop and a skip from the Kuskokwmin, the largest natural food source in the area…. surely she wouldn’t take a job that flew her to every Delta Village to preach and pander for the need too support a mine…..that ultimately had the high likelihood of destroying the fish of which is the touchstone of the local Native Culture….

      Western Alaska is madder than hell at Mary this last week for selling them out and throwing her support behind Donlin Mine…which she swore she was “fully opposed” to. Mary burned her bridges with the Native Groups fighting the mine. She alienated a lot of people that are hard core left democrats, moderate democrats and those that gave her a one time pass and a vote “because she’s one of us”

      😂 Naw she ain’t one of us, she’s always been about her own self serving self, from one marriage to the next political marriage to the next…..

      Leopards don’t change spots.

      • Willy in the past I have heard you say anyone against the mine was against good paying jobs for the people of the Delta? I guess since you a perennial loser to whichever Democrat you run against you just come out and attack them no matter what their position is.

      • Good to hear that Alaskan Natives are starting to wake up! Willy, check out and consider getting involved.

  1. “My campaign in 2022 was centered around abortion rights and reproductive rights, and I’m working every day to protect these freedoms,” she wrote. Actually, it was centered on “fish, family, and freedom.”
    Thank you for including that statement, Suzanne. We all remember the catchy 3 Fs she pronounced and promulgated at podiums and public places.
    But now it was abortion she sold us a couple years ago for our votes? Nope.
    We positively know two things about Mary now:
    She is a liar.
    She cares not for the most vulnerable of women – the ones almost born.

  2. As far as I’ve researched, there isn’t an Alaska Native language word for abortion. Ironically, Peltola has bought into the notion of unborn lives having no value which is counter to what I’ve read about how Alaska Native parents historically treated their offspring. The abortion activists are using her in a bizarre cultural appropriation that her elders are likely ashamed of. Or at least they should be.

  3. It would appear that she’s quickly learned the Art of the Lie. Unless she already had mastered it and is slowly choosing to reveal it. It didn’t take long.

  4. Not all democrats feel or think this way. I have never voted for a democrat and don’t intend to start. Killing a baby, in any form of gestational development is a fast ticket to hell.

  5. Kermit Gosnell, the Patron Saint of this election cycle for democrats. A fitting response would be a photo montage of all the bits and pieces of his work discovered when he was put out of business. This is the future Mary and the democrats (save the fish but not the oil industry) have in store for women and babies in this state. Sleep well. Cheers –

  6. Cloaking murder behind ‘privacy’. Well perhaps it should be a private right to knock of a spouse, or aging parent, or troublesome neighbor. Murder has no place in reproduction rights, nor anywhere. Peltola is a lier, to herself and her constituents. Her narcissistic ‘me first’ world view, shared by too many, if not most of the left, uses words that most of us agree upon in different situations – ‘privacy’, ‘rights’, ‘choice’. Hijacked from our constitution and morphed into acceptance of evil. No one has a ‘right’ to take a life. Any even moderately intelligent person who is actually honest, can look at the stages of human development, and clearly see a developing baby in the womb is indeed a human life and a human form, not a blob of tissue. If they think otherwise they are blinded by the lie.

    • I agree with you 100%! Abortion is murder and it should be a crime. If you listen to the law when a pregnant woman is murdered it counts as two counts of murder. Murdered the mother and her unborn child. That right there says that that baby in her womb is a child and has a life. You cannot murder something that is not alive. Therefore, a baby in the womb is alive and abortion is murder.
      Peltola supports murder! That alone should be a reason she cannot run for elected office murder is a crime, and if you support it in my opinion That makes you an accessory to the crime of murder.

  7. Fish, family(preferably aborted) and your freedom to fall inline and pay up, suckers.. We needs mo’ of your tax money for our pockets.. nOW!!!

  8. Mary Petola supports the dismembering of pre born children.
    She is sick .

    “Mary,” don’t gruesomely kill children because you are to stupid to use birth control.

    The creator will Judge her Harshly.

  9. Well, there is nothing that radical leftists love so much as death, so is it any wonder that they embrace abortion so avidly?

    And I will point out to any radical leftists who dare to post in this thread, that nobody, NOBODY is challenging anyone’s “reproductive rights” by fighting abortion. The last time I checked, no species on earth reproduced, or was able to reproduce, by willfully killing their unborn.

    • It’s part of their religion. Kind of a twisted version of Communion.

      We acknowledge Christ chose to die for us. They celebrate a child was killed to …make them feel better about themselves?

  10. The irony is that Yupik women do not get abortions.
    It is totally NOT a Yupik thing.
    That baby in their belief system is the reincarnation of a respected elder who just passed away.
    The newborn’s “Yupik name” will be the name of that elder.

    So she’s just kissing the A of white liberals to get MORE money
    (can never have enough, right Mary?)

    • George, how many of the younger Yup’ik women still hold to traditional values though? So many of the younger generation have been raised in a society that creates strong desires in them to have “more,” to have “better,” to have what everyone else has-especially what the city folks have. I see changes in the values and morals of the younger village people. I pray that the young adults will see that Peltola could care less if they all were still alive.

    • True!!! She just wants money. Money money money.she doesn’t care about the belief system. She was raised in and she doesn’t care about the unborn children Or the people of Alaska.

  11. Make no mistake. Mt Polly had nothing to do with her leaving Barrick Gold.
    2013 is also the year the Yupik people banded together and just fished because these big boats didn’t have to stop catching thousands only to throw em away.
    This made the Feds nervous so somehow the BIA worked to create the private good ol boys fish commission where once again she accomplished and changed nothing but
    more Federal control.
    She sold us out years ago.

    • Prove her wrong Catherine! Cite your sources Catherine. While you are at it, list the sources for the state(s) that allow “abortion” up to a month AFTER the baby is born please.

  12. As far to her stance on fish, where is my allotment or permit? I should have a franchise on our state resource just like all commercial fishermen so privileged. The limited entry system is fascist government tyranny.


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