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Pelosi gift to Peltola: Seat on Natural Resources Committee

Alaska Congresswoman Mary Peltola has been given a plum seat by Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the House Natural Resources Committee.

The committee, chaired by Arizona radical Democrat Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva, is where legislation that pertains to Alaska’s vast lands and resources is considered, and is also where bills and issues pertaining to Native concerns often are heard or originate. The Natural Resources Committee also deals with fisheries and climate change. In years past, Alaska Congressman Don Young, a Republican, had chaired the committee and was serving on the committee when he died March 18, 2022. Peltola will be the committee’s most junior member.

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Peltola, a Democrat, ran on issues such as the right to abortion and the importance of healthy fish stocks. On the committee, Peltola will be soon be assigned to subcommittees and she will have just 10 working days between this past Tuesday and the Nov. 8 general election, when she will face three opponents on the general election ballot for the two-year seat.

With so much on the line for Democrats in Congress, who face the very real prospect of being in the minority in January, observers expect that Speaker Pelosi will look for other plum positions or even some favorable legislation to give Peltola, who is a Democrat representing a Republican-leaning state.

Peltola did a Facebook video with Speaker Pelosi earlier this week, as she gets introduced around to the national Democratic machine. Peltola will attend a candidate forum at Southeast Conference on Thursday by video. Sarah Palin will also attend by video. Nick Begich is at Southeast Conference and will attend in person.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Maybe we can make lemonade out of lemons. Let the Dems pass some bill to help Alaska (in a futile attempt to hold the seat), then let’s replace her with Nick Begich this November .

    • Pure delusion.
      Petola is going back to Congress in January as a full term Representative because too many idiots in AK refuse to rank Palin in any way.
      End of story. Because of the morons that want to take a stand because they do not like Palin, we are going to have a socialist for the next full Congressional term.

      • It’s not our fault, it’s the fault of the morons who support a candidate who is a Democrat in everything but name (Sarah Palin) instead of a true conservative (Nick Begich). I for one am a fiscal conservative, so there’s no way I can support Palin.

      • The “idiot” is Ms. Palin.
        Everyone knows she can’t win, except her.
        She could care less if she trashes AK a 2nd time

  2. LOL…hilarious. A seat on the Natural Resources Committee as a gift from the Speaker to screw Alaskans. Climate Change activist Democrats HATE oil and gas development, which just happens to be about 90% of Alaska’s economy. It fuels the villages with energy and jobs and gives the Natives employment if they want it. Mary Peltola, you aren’t just compromised, you are a sell-out to your own people…….who incidentally are the only ones you purport to represent.

    • Chrissy B, if you keep up that racist crap it may ruin our chances to write comments if MRA strikes that privilege like ADN has already done.

    • So is in the ocean levels increase 2 to 3 ft like what is being reported, it means absolutely zipped to these villages and towns that are coastal. I’m not a huge proponent of climate change because I believe it is a natural occurring phenomenon. Ocean levels need to rise in order to bring on the next ice age. This cycle has been going on since the beginning of time. I do believe that for the first time in history we are able to slow down this process

    • Hi, I’m a liberal Alaskan, and I just wanted to say we likely agree on this matter when it comes to oil and gas development. While I’m maybe not a full activist when it comes to climate change, I am definitely a proponent of alternate energy sources that are protective of our future generations and the environment we enjoy. I definitely do not “hate oil and gas development” I’m 100% for it because the alternate energy sources we eventually want are just not here yet. They don’t have the support, technology, costs, or widespread availability needed to shoulder the burden of our energy demands that oil and gas currently supply.

      We need our own energy and gas development to bridge the gap until we achieve those goals, and also to become more independent as a country and less reliant on other countries whose power comes from exporting oil and gas to others. Eventually we do want to ween off of it when we have better solutions that are robust and prepared to step in, but now is not that time. I voted for Peltola and I hope she recognizes this too, and if she doesn’t, well we get to vote for someone else to give it a shot in two months.

      God Bless

    • Oil and gas is 90% of Alaska’s economy? That reminds me of the Army guys who would get in my face claiming that Fort Wainwright is 90% of the Fairbanks economy. About as truthful, too. You must be blind to the decline of the oil industry and the rise of health care and nonprofits in recent decades. The latter attracts people who have never known a livelihood based on voluntary commerce and tend to be acolytes of the Bernie Sanders agenda. Settling in a community and building community is old hat. The order of the day is indiscriminately throwing your resume against every wall you possibly can and landing wherever it sticks. Under such a scheme, giving rise to these sectors of the economy provides a means for these people to spread their message hither and yon. I’m surprised and at the same time disappointed that people so consistently fail to understand this and how it factors into the election result.

      • Fairly true statement. Little known fact is that Young WAS going to retire and back NB3 for his seat. Young took the seat of NB3’s granddaddy in 1972. But Young considered his home was Washington DC, and couldn’t stomach leaving his 50 years of power in Congress. Doug Glenn is correct. I know, because I used to work for Don Young in DC.

  3. Harder to tell who is more smug about this. The cult of Palin or the afternoon drive radio host.

    The cult of Palin has made it clear they are happy to see it all burn down if they can’t have it, and the radio host continues to defend his pet RVC project.

  4. It will be temporary. The Democrat scum will be replaced with Republican control after the November elections sweep the moron, criminal Democrats out of power.

    I am particularly looking forward to full fledged hearings on the Biden Crime Family- how POS, drug using, moron, Hunter Biden took millions by selling influence to all manner of countries that hate the United States. We will want to find out how much money the head of the crime family, the demented, criminal, jerk, Joe Biden took.

    Be great to see Joe Biden sent to prison, where he can spend the rest of his life in a jail cell.

    • Another comment full of pure delusional fantasy.
      There will be no hearing on the Biden crime family because the establishment Republicans have zero spine whatsoever.

    • That will never happen. He’s barely hanging on to existence the way it is now. Before that happens he will be erased quicker than they erased Justice Scalia. General Patton too.

    • Many of the “Republicans” in office today are connected to the Biden Crime Family and they would never prosecute their own.

  5. This committee assignment will very likely hurt Alaska. With Peltola strongly supporting climate change roll-back measures she is in the camp of curtailing arctic resource development – along with Biden. For example, you can bet that already either Richardson, Persily or Ortiz, all Peltola staffers, have been contacted by ADF&G biologists who have been finding more previously uncatalogued anadromous fish streams in the Ambler Mining District each of the past two summers. Even if Dunleavy was paying attention he could not do anything about these biologists (anymore than Murkowski, Palin and Parnell could, I must say in fairness); they will either continue to hide until a Democrat is elected governor, or they will retire to work for NOAA, The Sierra Club, or another environmentalist organization. Those same biologists strongly support applying the Roadless Rule to the Tongass National Forest. No, Peltola is an extension of the Biden White House.

    I do recommend to everyone a piece in the Wall Street Journal today about whether Republicans will again screw up Alaska! The writers of that story have Peltola pegged!

    • Mary Peltola worked to promote mining.
      She worked for Donlin Gold after she left Juno
      Dolin will require a road from Cook inlet to the mine, along w/a gas pipeline
      Politics is NOT heroes & villians

  6. Mary isn’t going anywhere. The Republicans will continue to devour each other. Mary will sit back and let it happen

    • Unfortunately you may be right. She might be the next Lisa, winning each election against all odds with conservatives saying “surely she can’t win this time.” She’s already moving to the center by saying that Democrats need to listen more to White Men who have been left behind. A slippery politician!

  7. Unless Alaska Republicans pull their head out of their you-know-what, and give voters a single conservative candidate to vote for in November, this will be the demise of equal access rights to Alaska’s natural resources. The Federal Subsistence Board and our federal land managers up here have run rampant these last few years. (And yes, I am a rural federally qualified hunter who’s benefited from their shenanigans, so don’t start). Are we willing to do what’s necessary to take it back, keep our resource allocation focused on providing for all Alaskans, or are we just going to hand it to Peltola?

  8. Considering Mary has been thru Alaska Senate basic training, she is ready for special operations.
    Hire someone smarter than you. She has endured the non-stop corruption that plagues the Alaska Senate, and their affiliations with outside groups.
    David Eastman comes to mind. Either way, Mary is the most qualified candidate for the Congress.

  9. Say good bye to any more oil production. If you think she’ll be voted out keep dreaming. Was it Stalin who said it doesn’t matter who votes, its who counts the votes. CA, OR, WA are gone and Alaska is the target and quickly sliding away. On the flip side, Juneau is constantly running a radio ad admonishing the Roadless Rule. It states we cannot prevent American Natives from utilizing natural resources, we’ll see what happens.

    • As a Native American, Ms. Sattler (Peltola) worked for & supports Donlin Gold & the road/ pipeline that will accompany it. She wants the Natives here to utilize their natural resources.

      • “She wants the Natives…” and there you go! You let the cat out of the bag George. She is in it for all the Native population…. except the unborn ones, for whom she supports destruction up to the time of birth. As Fagan puts it: “She is Bernie Sanders in a skirt.”.

        • She was representing Bethel a majority Native town.
          Then left Juno & worked for Donlin owned by a Native Corp.
          ALL kinds of people will get good jobs if we can get the greenies out of the way & develop that mine.
          My comment was past tense, when she was a state legislator.

    • Actually it’s not mukluks in Bethel, it’s Kamguk (gum-glook)
      Mukluk is the northern Inupiaq word for skin boots,

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