Paul Seaton: Nonpartisan in Democrat primary


Rep. Paul Seaton of Homer is headed home to the Democratic Party. He filed today as nonpartisan to run in Democratic Primary for House District 31, Homer.

Seaton lost support of District Republicans and then the entire Alaska Republican Party turned against him when he turned on the Republican House majority and formed a coalition with House Democrats. That won him a powerful seat as co-chair of the Finance Committee, where he tried to enact several income taxes during his two-year reign.

Seaton sponsored HB 115 last year, with the silent backing of Gov. Bill Walker. It would have created a wide-reaching progressively structured income tax on individuals, partners, shareholders in S corporations, trusts, and estates. The Senate majority Republicans were able to stop it from going into law but several hearings were held in the House and the governor pushed hard to get it through.

Last year, Seaton crammed the operating budget into the capital budget toward the end of session, and hoped to ram it through the Senate, with no success. This year, he led the charge to send an education funding bill over to the Senate, but it had no funding attached to it. He did succeed in adding a $500,000 Vitamin D study to the budget.

Others running for District 31 include Republicans John Cox, Sarah Vance and Hank Kroll. While Homer is a Democratic stronghold, the district reaches into conservative areas near Anchor Point on the Kenai Peninsula.

In February, Alaska Republicans “invited” Seaton to switch to the Democratic Party. That story is linked below.

Peninsula Republicans ‘invite’ Rep. Seaton to switch



  1. He’s always been a whore for the NEA; might as well make it official and become a communist, excuse me, Democrat.

  2. Just to be clear, he’s running as a nonpartisan in a partisan race…only something a Democrat could come up with.

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