Passing: Christine Hutchison


Christine Hutchison, a conservative Republican activist on the Kenai Peninsula, unexpectedly died Thursday, April 27..

“Live every day, every minute, as if it were your last because one day you will lay down and not get up. RIP my friend. Christine Hutchison was a remarkable lady and today she was called home. You will be missed by all,” wrote former Rep. Ron Gillham.

She earned her bachelor’s degree from Montana State University Billings.

Before retiring, Hutchison worked at Hilcorp, where she was a senior field operations assistant. She also worked for Chevron and Unocal in similar positions.

She served on the Kenai Harbor Commission and was a Regional Representative for the Alaska Republican Party.

“With a bachelor’s degree in education, it came naturally for me to encourage people to become informed about government; however, the difficulty in getting Kenai people inspired enough to become involved confused me,” she wrote when she filed for Kenai City Council in 2016. She was concerned that the city council was not responsive to the needs of citizens, was not as business-friendly as she would like it to be. She also ran for borough Assembly in 2020.

During the Covid pandemic, she became concerned about medical freedom issues, and advocated for early treatment of Covid and the use of medications such as Ivermectin. She served on the steering committee for Convention Yes, which advocated for a constitutional convention in Alaska, and she had a keen interest in reforming the judicial system in the state, including keeping judges from interfering with grand juries.

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  1. She had fire in the belly and a heart for truth and what was right. She was tough as nails and yet deeply cared for people she never knew. While we may not deserve it, our nation needs more people like Christine.

  2. My wife Adele and I have known Christine for many years and have always enjoyed her enthusiasm for conservative issues.

    She has been in the forefront of the fight to hold our elected officials accountable, and she has never been afraid to voice her opinion on various issues, such as abortion, seniors, PFD, government spending as well as many other issues that concerned her.

    She was always involved in the political system, since we met her many years ago. She was a member of my steering committee, when I ran for the Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor’s Office.

    She was so well known, that when she would call the local radio station, they would know her by her voice and would say, “Hello Christine.”

    There are so many things that she has been involved in and accomplished in her efforts to make the Kenai Peninsula a better place to live.

    Adele and I know that she has been a part of our lives and community and has always stood firm in her beliefs, in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ as well as her political views on various issues.

    It is people like Christine, that are willing to place it all on the line and stand up for their beliefs and for that I give her much respect and thanks.

    Christine, thanks for your faithfulness and dedication to the people of the Kenai Peninsula as well as our country.

    You will be missed by many.

  3. The news of her passing is a gut punch. Just yesterday she was sponsoring a talk for those working to defeat ESG legislation. Christine was as gracious and courteous as she was tough. She could quickly see through the lies and would never hesitate to fight for truth. She was as disdainful of RINOs as she was Democrats and liberals. She had no problem inviting the AIP to her Republican meetings to find out how we could help each other. She is irreplaceable for Republicans on the Kenai Peninsula. We have lost a great and vitally important ally.

  4. Tremendous loss to Alaska. Christine was a stalwart defender of liberty and freedom. Her voice will be missed. Our prayers are with her family tonight.

  5. Miss Christine was a key leader in our fight to save our children, our State, our nation. She was right with God, and wore his armour of truth to every battle. We will miss her wisdom, her sticktoitiveness, and focus.
    She trained us out here in deep Sterling to be Precinct Captains. As she did all over. She introduced the Biblical Citizenship program to us, and many other sources and programs like COS. Let’s all continue to champion these ideals in her memory, mourn her, and fight on.
    She will be sorely missed.

  6. Michèle and I were shocked and saddened to learn of Christine’s passing. Nearly every day I would receive at least one or more email updates and calls to action from Christine. Though we didn’t always agree on issue strategy or focus, I knew I could always count on Christine to boldly march the torch of Liberty and Faith unapologetically to the center of any fight. I respected Christine for her unwavering convictions and altruistic commitment to serving our community and state. Michèle and I send our deepest sympathies to her family and will sorely miss her wit and candor.

  7. It was always a joy to see Christine in the chat room for the radio show. Everyday she brought something interesting into the discussion. Sometimes with fire, sometimes with thought provoking softness. She will be missed by the listeners and especially by me. I am so sorry to her family for their loss.

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