Parole denied: Murderer remains behind bars


It didn’t take long today for the public’s voice to be heard at Goose Creek Correctional Center during the scheduled parole hearings. The people said “No,” loud and clear with hundreds of letters to the Alaska Parole Board over the past two weeks.

The Board denied the request of Cordell Boyd, who has been locked up since 1985, after he and Winona Fletcher murdered three members of the Lienhart family in cold blood. The family had opened up their door to the two teenage killers who said their car had broken down, and were asking to borrow the phone.

After the parole hearing, which took place at Goose Creek, the Lienhart family survivors stepped out of the room while the board deliberated, but were notified within five minutes that Boyd will be in prison for another 10 years before he can reapply for release.

Boyd will be 52 when next eligible for his next parole hearing. His sentence is for 99 years.

The letters from Alaskans made a difference, the family of the victims said. Some 440 letters came into the parole board after a story appeared in Must Read Alaska, written by a granddaughter and niece of the three victims.

“In 1985, my grandparents, Ann and Tom Faccio, age 70 and 69, and my great aunt, Emilia Elliott, age 76, had their lives cut short, executed by Cordell Boyd and an underage accomplice, Winona Fletcher,” Tamera Lienhart wrote.

Dozens of people responded with notes to Must Read Alaska saying they remembered the murders, how shocking it was to Anchorage, and that they had felt compelled to write to the parole board.

Fletcher, housed at Hiland Mountain Correctional Center, was the youngest person to be convicted of murder in Alaska. She has given birth to two children who were conceived during her time in prison.

Should a murderer go free? Help the parole board decide



  1. Why on earth would we allow prisoners to conceive while locked up? So that the taxpayers can support the spawns of the devil? Glad there was no parole granted, but how long did Fletcher serve? What is she doing now?

    • She is still in Hiland Mountain. She conceived illegally. No one “allowed” her to procreate.

  2. what I’d like to know is why does it cost so much to keep a person in prison? Did you know it cheaper to stay in a hotel. Like everything else…..MONEY MONEY MONEY…..MONEY…..

  3. This was the proper decision! Boyd and Wynona committed an unforgivable act and were in no way contrite. Good for the parole board.

  4. For something that henious and brutal the death penalty should be instated for special violent cases from brutal people. She has even conceived 2 kids in jail illegaly, so its not like she has learned right from wrong by keeping legs closed. If this was put on a death penalty possibility board hearing she wound not have 2 kids and all 4 of them costing us money for 30plus years… Things or issues like these are why anchorage in new GTA city, no sensible goverment people or laws concerned for victims of crimes, just money money money AND oh how can we get the pfd this here from officials…

  5. How was she allowed to have Children? Who is the Father? Guards? Men Inmates? If my money pays for her murderous ass to be in Prison then I think all Tax payers deserve to know EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED

  6. Capital Punishment has a time and place in Alaska. This case is both. I prefer a firing squad over other techniques … everyone in Alaska has a gun, but not everyone has a good rope or the right combination of ‘acceptable’ drugs. (at least legally)

    There are endless sources of volunteers to perform as firing squad members, using their own weapons and bullets, who would most likely jump at a volunteer job…. more so than being selected for jury duty. 🙂

  7. Focus on our New Gov Anchorage Ak, Its all about leadership we need jobs and Mike Dunleavy will
    make it happen. so join me he is all about Labor Unions lets get back to work Alaska lets move are (LNG)
    and he knows how to Negotiate getting the job done thank you larry zenor.

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