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Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Palmer to consider mask mandate at next meeting

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The Palmer City Council will take up the matter of a proposed mask mandate, offered by Council member and Deputy Mayor Sabrena Combs, at its Nov. 18 meeting.

Combs, a registered Democrat, has proposed Ordinance 20-016, mandating a face covering in all public settings for a period of no more than 60 days.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has generated a public health emergency that threatens to overwhelm our health system, endangering the lives and well-being of our citizens. The governor has issued an emergency alert asking citizens to remain diligent in social distancing and masking,” the summary reads. “The CDC recommends wearing masks or face coverings in public settings in addition to maintaining 6 feet a physical distancing. In line with his recommendation, the city puts forth this emergency ordinance to preserve the health and safety of our community.”

In addition, employers would be required to ensure employees who are present in the workplace have access to and wear masks or face coverings when with others.

Children under two would be exempted and those under five years would be encouraged but not required to wear a mask, which is defined as a “medical grade” mask.

“The City reserves the right to use all available enforcement options to ensure compliance with this ordinance. Violation of this ordinance does not create grounds for residents to harass individuals who do not comply with it,” the ordinance reads.

The meeting is Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020, at 6 pm, City Council Chambers, 231 W. Evergreen Avenue, Palmer.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Geez why not wear masks it’s a good way to slow the virus down

    • Over 70% of positive cases wore masks.

      • Over 89.6% of auto fatalities wore seat belts, your argument is invalid.

        Source: NSC 2018 auto fatality data (most recent published information)

        • Valid, but there are many that believe wearing a mask and not wearing a mask is the difference between not getting infected and getting infected. It’s just not true at all. Actually, when they survey a clinic or a daycare that has a positive case, they ask who was wearing a mask and the people wearing a mask they might consider to be safe to continue working. That’s a crazy sense of false security coming from our official health advisors.

          And the worst thing about masks is the finger pointing and judgmental Karens blaming anyone not wearing a mask for everything bad going on with covid19. Like covid would just disappear if everyone is wearing a mask, which is what the studies purposed at 80% wearing a mask and that has turned out to be false.
          Perhaps they shouldn’t have been mandated anywhere this whole time until hospitals became close to capacity like they are now. Then people might be more trusting of the government and listen when they announce and suggest things. Shoot, things might not even require a mandate.

        • 100% of auto accidents/fatalities are due to driver negligence.

          100% of COVID-19 spread is due to personal negligence.

          Seatbelts and masks therefore offer no protection by your logic. Simple fix, stop driving, and stay away from other people.

        • Apples and oranges. Anything except a medical grade N95 or the like, are worthless.

          • Actually that’s not true. N95 masks only filter anything when you breath in. They do not filter on the exhale. So they are also worthless to anyone around you. And that’s only if I’d they are worn properly and for a maximum of 2 hours

        • How many crash survivors wore seat belts. Isn’t that the more important metric?

      • Good — wear a mask to stop the spread to others and wear the mask correctly.

    • That’s wrong and just what Event 201 organizers want you to think.

    • Is nobody wearing masks in Palmer? They might not be, but I just don’t assume everything requires a mandate. Call me old fashioned.

    • Freedom. People should be free to wear masks or not wear masks. Businesses should be free to require them or not require them. The authoritarian democrats should move to China.

    • If masks work why this huge spike in cases? They don’t seem to work at all.

      • Pepe,

        Maybe all vehicle operators should wear masks. Probably help prevent vehicle fatalities, just like with wuhan v. What a crock. Masks do not work. Even medical grade masks. The only effective ‘mask’ prevention of wuhan v is a complete respirator suit, closed atmosphere with separate sterile air supply and positive air pressure inside the suit. The rest is leftist BS with the masks and wuhan v.

      • Don’t think it is people don’t wear masks. But if you do not wear mask by all means get out there and test how that works and let me know how that goes.

  • Folks that wear a mask get it too Morons

    • Yup!

  • NO

  • Does all available enforcement options include shooting resisters?

    • You mean those who won’t resist and wear a mask? Most people who get the Wuhan have been wearing a mask.

      • No. I mean for those who resist the dictatorship!

        • That’s exactly what I said.

  • Communists bring Sharia Law~ that would be a fitting title for this one.

  • For those who believe this would be an over reach of Government authority, I disagree. Certainly each of us have legal and or God given rights, however those rights stop when they would cause injury to another person. Knowing that this disease spreads from asymptomatic people, and its fatality rate being what its makes mask wearing a simple duty human beings owe to each other. That it must be mandated is a disappointment, but its what I want because of those who for whatever reasons of inability to trust or self justifying pride refuse to comply.

    • Perhaps you should get a hazmat suit…

  • This is nuts. Over 70% of those testing positive attest they wore their masks consistently. A medical grade mask is not re-usable. And requiring a “face covering” is a joke. An old sweater, a bandana, a home-made mask, are not effective protection.

    “The CDC recommends…”, “The Governor… [is]… asking…”, and Ms Combs wants to go full enforcement with every available option. Are the Palmer police going to set up a hotline for neighbors to report on non-compliant neighbors? What “enforcement options are there? What will the statutory penalties be? Fines? Jail? Will you get a hearing, or is simply not wearing a mask enough to convict? How about mandatory re-education? Public service? A day in a pillory?

    The party of science has left out the science part of the argument here: the numbers. How close is the hospital system to being overwhelmed? How many ICU beds and ventilators are in use, how many remain available – and what percentage are actually used for COVID patients? Are the number of deaths, not just positive, asymptomatic tests, trending upward precipitously? How accurate are the tests? I’m really surprised Ms Combs didnt’ fall back on the old saw “…if if saves just one person…” Well, that person should have stayed home or wore a mask. Oh, wait, over 70% of people testing positive are.

    Finally, based on what, exactly, makes me a threat to public health? My mask protects me. Your mask protects you. The argument was flipped to provide public pressure – pitting neighbor against neighbor, making enemies of strangers. You want to live like this? Then, move to Anchorage.

    • I have heard that number is 85%.
      Don’t forget that even Gov Coumo admitted that 66% of NYC that stayed home contracted the China Virus! So, those 34% that went out and practiced their freedom didn’t!

  • Only government approved “science” is to be recognized. Follow the new religion of the white lab coat demi-gods that don’t have to be accountable anymore than the pharmaceutical or medical industries.

  • The mask is the modern day Burka. Can’t leave home without it. You can argue for and against but the fact remains this…its giving people a false sense of security thinking a piece of cloth draped over their face will save them. The virus can go right through those fibers, its akin to trying to stop mosquitos with a chain link fence. I was professionally fitted with an N95 and I was amazed how tight it had to be to keep out the test gas. Any slight movement would let the stuff right in. Please, get a professional fitting and see for yourself.

  • If masks are the solution, why did the number of positive tests (different from “cases”) skyrocket in anchorage following little Ethan’s mandate in the summer?
    Masks do little to nothing, beyond “feelings” of help.
    The virus will run its course and cannot be “stopped”. It’s what viruses do. Perhaps slow the spread, but most people will test positive sooner or later creating herd immunity, or until there is a safe, effective, vaccine.

  • Oh well it’s your choice! Enjoy

  • I will be at the meeting and will oppose! I will be calling for a boycott of the City of Palmer and/or civil disobedience.

    We need a ton of people to show up and especially those not living in Palmer but do business in Palmer supporting a total and complete boycott and disobedience! As I say at the end of my speech, “If this does pass, I am also calling for civil disobedience and not wearing a mask in defiance of this ordnance. The city does not have the authority to arrest for not complying! I also call on a total and complete boycott of Palmer! I call on all to hurt the City of Palmer in the pocket book! I realize that the Socialists do not care for Capitalism, but for those assembly members who do, I do hope that you take heed!”

  • It’s so nice to see a lot of the people commenting have common sense and do their research. It’s interesting to see that the boxes that these mask’s come in say on them that they are not effectual against corona virus. This is amazing to me, that they have all of us thinking that this is going to save us from getting sick. There was an interesting study done in which Dr. Fauci was a part of. In this study it showed that the Spanish flu virus along with the wearing of masks out of fear of this virus, gave bacterial pneumonia a stronghold in the lungs and caused the majority of the deaths. Again, common sense, we weren’t meant to breathe like this. These masks are quite literally a petrie dish for growing these bacteria hanging off of your face. I can’t wear a mask at it literally makes it impossible for me to get enough oxygen it’s a horrible thing for me personally as I literally feel like I’m suffocating. Just type in “Bacteria were the real killers in 1918 flu pandemic” and read. It is also interesting to have seen a lot of doctors who have been heavily censored by the way come out on the steps of the Supreme Court recently doing a Presser to the American People saying the same thing about what really works against this virus and that masks don’t work. We would literally have to dress up in gear that would make you look like you were working in a biological weapon study lab to prevent catching this. These doctors said the obvious things that are a best offense against all of this is to have an healthy immune system in the first place and that’s done as everyone knows by healthy eating habits,etc. They also came out with therapeutics that were proven to actually work and it wasn’t a vaccine and because they were going against big money and big pharma they were censored. These weren’t just crack pots coming out and saying this but isn’t it amazing how they were all heavily censored you have to stop and ask why who stands to gain from all this. This isn’t conspiracy this is truth. All you hear is Covid, Covid, Covid. what happened to all the cases of pneumonia we experience every year and all the flu we experience every year which has been just as devastating to our elderly and all the other individuals who have compromised immune systems or problems that make them vulnerable during the cold and flu season. That was never important enough for a mask mandate until this time in our recent history, makes you wonder doesn’t it. Was this particular virus bio engineered? Does Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates have something to gain from this monetarily? Is there an obvious power struggle going on in this country between our trying to keep our republic or push us more and more into a communist type system? I could go on and on but this should be quite obvious to those of us who aren’t sheepel in this country as to what is going on here and we certainly need to stop this nonsense by speaking out to the Palmer community council and all of our elected officials in all of our communities or we will be living in communities that you won’t recognize any more. It’s always about money and power, ultimately Good versus Evil.

    • Very well written and true! Anchorage has the same issues because we are dominated by an Assembly of ignorant, agenda driven, leftists.

  • Evil..

    • How do the people of Palmer allow radical people like this to be in charge.
      Scary is what these people are trying to do us and our country, scarier is the public following and wanting it.

      • How? Just a small fraction of the eligible voters in Palmer voted in the last local election. Elections were decided by a mere handful of votes. If you as a citizen don’t pay attention and vote, this is what you get!

  • I have changed my ending: This way I can support Palmer business’ that oppose this travesty:

    If this does pass, I am calling for civil disobedience by both individuals and business’. The city does not have the authority to arrest for not complying! I fully support the business’ in Palmer and I am sure the vast majority will oppose this travesty. So far most business’ ask for us to use a mask but do not enforce those of us who choose not to wear. If a business denied access, then I would and will boycott that business and would call on all to do so. A boycott of any business that goes along with this, will hurt the sales tax income. I realize that Socialists do not care for Capitalism or business, but for those assembly members who do, take heed! Your yes vote will brand you as a Socialist. Be prepared for the adverse outcome of that decision.

    • Don’t wanna argue with you because I’m assuming you’re a guy that no one can win an argument against. You post however makes you sound like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum because they have to brush their teeth.

  • Next Americans will be preparing to send its troops into another bloody civil war, the Socialist Democrats agianst the Union American Patriots. Just as this country will never have legal slavery, it will never be a socialist country. Americans will eventually kill the socialists, those who want America going the socialist route.

    • I pray that it doesn’t come to that but…

    • This is so ridiculous why would you say such a thing to scare people? What you are saying so far out there.

  • America!

  • You guys are looking at this all wrong. Forget if masks work or don’t work (they don’t by the way and it’s foolish to do something with a false sense of security) the deciding factor with mask mandates should be that it is a violation of personal freedoms and a clear sign of government over reach. Not to mention that even in the unfortunate cities that do have mandates most of the fees from non compliance are dismissed because they are not able to legally back them up. Which makes it a scare tactic. Do this or you’ll get fined or do this if your a “good” human being. If people want to wear a mask great, good for them. If they want to stay at home, great good for them. But quit trying to tell people (me) what they have to do. It’s no body’s business if I wear a mask or a seat belt (I am a firm believer in wearing seat belts but am very put off that it’s a law that I have to when it should remain a personal choice) quit supporting overreach as it will not stop at masks. You give this any ground and mark my words more will come. Stand up now or forever regret it. Show up Wednesday night with me and state your feelings about this situation and don’t give them any rope to hand us with!

  • Sure worked out for Anchorage…lol

    Facts over politics.

  • If Palmer makes it mandatory, and say that businesses etc have to provide them / have access to them.

    “In addition, employers would be required to ensure employees who are present in the workplace have access to and wear masks or face coverings when with others.”

    Does that means is businesses will need to pay for them ? Who handles them as medical waste because they are “medical grade PPE” correct ? Don’t say the feds because Palmer more than any other city in the MSB is the least prepared for anything and bucks trying to cooperate with any other level of government including the MSB itself.

  • You know when you watch the news and think, “I’m glad we’re up here in Palmer, Alaska and don’t have to deal with stupid.” but then all these people in your city are protesting against wearing masks in order to slow down a pandemic so you do the head slap and realize that your city is just like those you have seen on the news. Then people throw out that people are brainwashed because they are wearing masks yet they don’t feel like they are brainwashed into thinking the virus isn’t real, so they spread a “fake” virus that they don’t believe in around and don’t care because they haven’t experienced a personal tragedy with, but don’t realize that they may have just caught and passed along that same “fake” virus to someone and caused a personal tragedy in another’s life. But who cares, right? As long as it didn’t effect you! Gotta love humanity.

  • FYI- Everyone will eventually get Covid. That’s not what we’re trying to prevent because it is inevitable. We’re trying to prevent hospitals being to the point of exhausted space and equipment so they cannot provide proper care for not only those who are affected by Covid, but for all the non-Covid hospitalizations as well. Slow the incident rate to allow for proper health care.

  • Wasn’t that the original reason? Flatten the curve so we don’t overwhelm the hospital? The mask requirement have been in place ever since in anchorage and yet we still got a huge spike. You know why? Because it’s winter! People get the flu, common cold. Just another coronavirus. If the folks who want to wear a mask to feel safe then by all means wear it. But stop asking the government to force everyone to make you feel safe. That’s your responsibility. Wash your dirty hands folks, stop sticking things in your mouth that don’t belong. Stop touching your face, rubbing your eyes or picking your nose with germ infested hands. Stay home if you feel sick and stay away from sick folks if you don’t want to get sick. That’s everything we should have learn at childhood. The hospital already had months to prepare and get the required equipments. The Governor never relinquished his emergency power so the state have the ability to set up temporary beds at a moment’s notice. Let’s just keep on moving forward, stop mandating and start living. Some of us will die but that’s what life is, we live we die. But I will not live in fear of a virus hoping everyone around me is going to keep me safe.

    • Interesting to see how in world war 2 the Jews were forced to wear the star of David. Today the star has been moved to the face of every one in the world.

  • I live just outside Palmer and have enjoyed NOT having to wear a useless mask when I go to town. If I lived within the city district, I definitely
    would have voted conservative in the recent city council election. Palmer has had very few wuhan cases compared to other greatly masked cities like Anchorage and Juneau. That’s something to think about.

  • Look at the science…….right. The computer model says by C02 manmade global warming will destroy the planet……… that just means more plants can grow. The computer model says 2,000,000 Americans will die from covid 1984 by the fall………did not happen. Trust us we are the experts……..then why do my experts disagree with yours? If you are vaccinated or wear a mask you should be protected right………let ME make MY choice not by your paranoia of me.
    If you want to where a mask, do it, but leave me alone. A mandate is NOT a law. It is not legal or constitutional, it is only what someone will say to dupe you into thinking you must conform.
    You want to start telling people how they should live and what they can and cannot do? Then you pay may taxes, utilities, food etc.. and I will stay home so I do not have to deal with all the blind leading the blind. (Do you see yet)

  • People have become brainwashed that they think health comes from masks and needles. Now we are being conditioned to believe that our FREEDOM is no longer a right? It is merely a reward to be earned by obediently adhering to the latest non-sensical government regulations.

    “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

  • Excellent comment!
    I couldn’t agree more!

  • Yeah! Let’s all Antivax and revolt from hospitals! Don’t listen to your doctor, it’s all a rues! God didn’t invent vaccines, the government did to trap us! Everyone is against us for some unknown reason.

  • Safety vs freedom is what it comes down to. America land of the safe and home of the hiding from inevitable death, I think not. Even if the masks prevented the virus 100% it would be unconstitutional.

  • Easy choice… the masks don’t work!

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