Palin lashes out at reporters, demands Nick Begich resign from congressional race immediately


In a tense press conference on the lawn of her Wasilla waterfront home on Monday, congressional candidate Sarah Palin lashed out, casting blame for why she failed to get enough voters to win the temporary seat for Congress, and calling her Republican opponent names, such as “Baggage” and “Negative Nick.”

For a half hour, she lashed out at Nick Begich, who is also running for Congress. And it was Suzanne Downing of Must Read Alaska who is especially a “problem,” she said.

She lectured the media and told them if they don’t respect her property they won’t be invited back, and scolded them to stop hiding out in the woods by her home. If they want to get pictures, she said, contact Kris Perry, her campaign manager, and Perry will help them with pictures.

Then she called for Nick Begich to drop out of the congressional race because “conservative votes are obviously being split and ranked choice voting is obviously a scheme,” she said. “It’s a racket.”

“And I want to clear up some lies that some of you reporters have actually helped perpetuate,” she said. “And that’s not fair, and that’s not right. Those who have, Suzanne Downing, you particularly perpetuating the problem. You give journalists a bad name. Like that this isn’t really my home, that I don’t really live in Alaska, which cracks us up…” She went on to explain she had lived in the home since her children were small.

Must Read Alaska did report on Sarah and Todd Palin purchasing a lot in Arizona and getting ready to leave Alaska. Those plans were dashed when Todd divorced her.

Palin did not call on Libertarian candidate Chris Bye to drop out, nor did she attack Democrat Mary Peltola, who won the temporary seat for Congress. She and Peltola have become something of political allies.

Source: Sarah Palin Instagram.

Palin had special ire toward Nick Begich, who she pronounced “Nick Baggage.” After insulting him, she said he has until 5 pm Monday to resign from the race. The Division of Elections cutoff is 5 pm for the Nov. 8 ballot.

“I’m calling on negative Nick Begich to get out of this race,” Palin told reporters and supporters gathered on the lawn outside her Lake Lucille home. “He does not represent the best of Alaska. He represents the good old boys network, the establishment and yes, the liberals, the liberals in the Democrat Party. Only a Democrat sympathizer would selfishly stay in this race after getting thumped three times, three times in a row by his GOP opponent, just to enable a Democrat to hold the Alaskan people’s seat in the United States House of Representatives.”

While others have called on Palin to drop out, she said she will not.

The half-hour press conference can be watched at this Alaska News Source link on Facebook.

Begich took the high road, and said he will not be withdrawing from the race and said that mathematically he has the best shot at beating Democrat Mary Peltola in November, since Palin’s negatives are so high, with over 60% of Alaskans viewing her unfavorably. He spent the day at the Alaska State Fair meeting as many Alaskans as he could on the fair’s final day.

 “We are confident that we are on a positive trajectory to win in November,” Begich said. “Ranked choice voting showed that Palin simply doesn’t have enough support from Alaskans to win an election and her performance in the Special was embarrassing as a former Governor and Vice Presidential candidate. Pollsters have been telling us for months that Sarah Palin cannot win a statewide race because her unfavorable rating is so high. These same polls have consistently shown that Alaskans are looking for a less polarizing alternative.”

“I have introduced myself to Alaskans, I have steadily increased my percentage of the vote since the June 11 Special Primary election. I will continue traveling the state, making the case that this election is about a choice between Mary Peltola and Nick Begich,” he said in a statement.

At present, 41% of Alaska voters lean Republican, while 31% lean Democrat, and 28% have no particular preference, but are swing voters.


    • Oh, absolutely.

      Sarah is right to insult another candidate, attack a member of the press because the journalist provides a forum for her opponents, and demand that someone who beat her fair and square step off the victory podium.

      Yeah, absolutely. Sure.

      There is this word. Delusional.

  1. So MS Palin thinks she represents Alaska? I don’t think so. Sarah: You will be taking the Road to Nowhere when you slam Mr. Begich like you have. Most people here are decent well abiding citizens and (I for one ) take your vitriol against Suzanne and Nick with distain. Grow up and let us know what your will accomplish for Alaskans. Really for me an old lady, you sound like a spoiled brat.,

    • Sorry, Marge, but the coverage here on MRAK has definitely been anti-Palin, pro Nick Begich.
      If Sarah Palin wants to name Suzanne as an enemy, she has a pretty good amount of evidence demonstrating her claim is correct.

      • The truth of the matter is, no reputable journalist can speak about Sarah Palin in a positive light.

        That’s not being pro-Begich or anti-Palin, that’s just having some integrity.

        I’m a hard conservative and like most of us from the Interior we won’t vote for Palin.

        • “……no reputable journalist can speak about Sarah Palin in a positive light……”
          Isn’t a ‘reputable journalist’ sorta like an honest lawyer or benevolent politician?

      • CBMTTek,
        Kindly name one piece of reporting authored by Suzzane that hasn’t been true in regards to Sarah Palin?

        Trouble is CBMTT you cannot. In my observation, Ms Palin sought this Office only as a platform to validate herself personally. She, after all just lost her husband and a defamation lawsuit. Sarah sees this campaign as a new dress and pretty red shoes, attire that draws attention to herself.
        Sarah is greatly underinformed about current issues and at the same time paints the picture that she is a victim of persecution from outside sources.

        It’s sad really, seeing this kind of public meltdown, I blame the people who in their adoration of Sarah fail to see the real picture. If you really care about this poor woman don’t enable her. Have empathy for her, pray for her but don’t help her continue on this path of self destruction.

        • Well, why publish the story about her son getting a DUI?
          How does the actions of her adult son matter? Apparently it did not matter for pResident Biden, especially since almost every news outlet chose to squash the story.
          Is Sarah Palin a great candidate? No. I understand that. But, people will build their opinion, and make their political choices based on what they see in the news. And, so far, I am sorry to say, MRAK has yet to run any article that is critical of Nick Begich in any way, but is ready, willing, and able to run negative articles on Palin.
          Do you really think Nick Begich is some kind of angel that has no negative thoughts, traits, or actions? Neither do I. But, show me a story on MRAK that is pointing at any of them.

          • I suppose that Suzanne decides which stories she’s going to run and which side of the story she’s going to tell. Also the media has been endorsing candidates since the beginning of time. Other organizations do it as well. So it’s nothing new that Suzanne endorses one candidate over the other. As long as she keeps reporting the truth, which she has carefully done, what difference does it make, it’s all news. It might not be the news that you care to read about and if not, you know what that option is.

          • CBMTTeK – MRAK had stated that they would consider running a story about Begich’s suspiciously short term as a staffer for Don Young & his business interests in Alaska. Also, MRAK was supposed to release the voting data on who Peltola voters ranked second yesterday. So far crickets! The dearth of any substantive news articles about Nick Begich’s past, and the hype about how many endorsements he has received from establishment Republicans, has left a lot of voters reluctant to vote for him, as evidenced by his third-place finishes.

      • Read the article, In my opinion, Suzanne reported what was said by both candidates and that is what Journalism is. (would not know it in this day and age) Read the rest of the comments by Alaskans and the majority do not think Ms. Palin did a good job for any of us.I have never seen Suzanne as an enemy to anyone. Thank You

      • The vindictive, hateful Sarah came out on Sunday, ready to scratch out the eyes of anyone who dares to speak out against her. Sarah acted all hyped up, like she was on Adderall or some performance drug. I lasted through that tape for 20 minutes but she was acting hysterical and bizarre. Something is wrong with her. She’s having a nervous breakdown or something.

        • Reason why she resigned is like Val Kilmer in Tombstone. Tapping the gun. Just waiting. When the cops show up. The pain was more than she could bear. See what happens when you call down the thunder Sarah…

    • My money is on Suzanne. Sarah has low argumentative skills, a shrieky voice, and a vocabulary about 1/20 of Ms. Downing. And, SP is NUTS.

      • Good points, Maria. I agree with you 100%.

        If Sarah Palin somehow managed to end up in Congress, Alaskans would see quickly that she in only about herself. She doesn’t I’ve a rip about Alaska and Alaskans or our concerns.

        If anybody is in doubt, take a look at her recent, terribly embarrassing television performance on the Masked Singer, during which she wore a fluffy pink bear suit. This spectacle and the vitriol she spewed (using her characteristic “screechy’ voice) today during her 30-minute “look at me session” tells Alaskans all we need to know.

        Vote or Nick! And stick with Suzanne and Must Read Alaska.

    • Suzanne, campaigns run hot! Nowadays, everybody is an expert of sorts and nobody is ever wrong! (As they say, welcome to the new age.) Continue your work: thoughtful persons expect you to naturally have thoughts and aspirations of your own. You owe no body any explanation or apology for the work you do!

  2. We either are voting for nicolas begich or sarah palin. We can’t vote for
    both. I don’t know the difference between palin and her democrat surrogates, though.

    • He has to run against Palin also, not just Peltola.

      You cannot speak truth about Palin without being accused of smearing her.

      Now, just take a few moments, actually a few days. Try and separate what Palin says from what she has done for Alaska…Sarah’s had elected opportunities to make her mark so there should be plenty, right?

      Good luck?

  3. If she’s not working for the Peltola campaign, you could have fooled me. Her antics, may backfire though, as maybe the larger turnout leads to 2-3% of people realizing who she is, and putting Nick back in the drivers seat. You are a fool or a democrat (alas, I repeat myself) if you vote for Nick or Sarah and don’t put the other second. Nuff said.

  4. More irrational nonsense from the drama queen. She needs to come to grips with her negative rating by a very high percentage of Alaskans. She is unelectable.

    • I want to stop for a moment and note something that may be important: As much as I disagree with the idea of voting for Sarah Palin, with only a couple of exceptions, I have not seen her supporters on these pages launching into “full-MAGA” frenzy. It looks like the Sarah crowd now understands that sewing her to the former President isn’t not going to get the job done for them. I view this as progress. Unfortunately, many still want to live in a dream world in which the ex-Guv is a conservative. Let’s continue to talk about Ms. Sarah’s record as an elected official and her skill set for serving in Congress. I would be happy to have those conversations.

      • Don’t waste your time JMARK. Palin supporters are fanatics and low information voters. Their obsession with Sarah is almost equal to the same mental illness we see in the queen herself. Bigfoot and UFOs have more credibility.

        • Alvin, Mitch Hedberg finally discovered why it is so difficult to prove Bigfoot actually exists. He is blurry.

        • “……UFOs have more credibility.”
          The Navy is setting you up like the intelligence community set up Trump. Their UFOs on radar follow perfectly with Obama’s statement that extraterrestrial visitors will start a new religion.
          Yeah, go ahead. Google that one up, Mr. Spock. Get your altar built. Do precisely what government and their gods tell you to do.

      • Look at Sarah’s history. She’ll tie up to any fast horse to pull her buggy.

        There’s every likelihood she’ll go full RINO if that’s the way opportunity wind blows.

        • “…….There’s every likelihood she’ll go full RINO if that’s the way opportunity wind blows.”
          Here’s another “conservative” who hasn’t read the Republican platform. She’s one of the few Republicans out there who isn’t a RINO.

          • Hahahahaha.

            I would say “time will tell” but she won’t have that opportunity.

            Just because we’re conservatives doesn’t mean that march lockstep with whomever shrieks the loudest. Sarah will not be elected, probably not even her endgame

            She spoke very “conservative” as a gubernatorial candidate years ago, but during her very brief tenure…

          • I have been a registered Republican for over fifty years. I have always wondered who or what is a RINO and who gets to decide such issues. Answers to that question have been elusive. I recently saw a statement to the effect that in current usage a RINO is anyone that isn’t under the complete control of Donald John Trump and does not identify as “MAGA.” Is that your understanding, sir? Second question: If I am not on board with Donald John Trump’s lack of common decency, his unbridled narcissism and his acts of sexual assault, am I a RINO? Final question: Doesn’t Sarah’s endorsement of leftist pedophile-enabler Bill Walker for Governor make her a RINO?

  5. No, Sarah. I supported you as governor but now you’ve gone too far with your “demands”. You’ll run; Begich will run, the liberal Democrat will win. Say good-bye to the Alaska we knew. Your place in history, Sarah, is that of the single individual whose selfishness destroyed a state’s economy.

    • OGLila, you are on the right track. The Democrats are intent on shutting down Alaska and consigning its people to a welfare plantation existence. This will happen regardless of how much of a “nice person” Peltola is.

  6. Well guess we get the newbie Democrat! Sarah! Get over yourself! You are her buddy! Doesn’t matter how you vote! You gunna get a Democratic dumb ass!
    Hey? She might to better then Sarah!
    Thank your voted ranked in voting shit show!

  7. Suzanne it’s your site here your free to do as you wish and say as you wish with it ma’am. I enjoy must read it’s all I use for anchorage news. Miss Downing ma’am I was shocked and then flat out hurt, at the way must read treated governor Sara. You all thrashed her in a vicious way, Jesus said let the one who is free of sin cast the first stone. And the grounds you judged by you will be judged by to forgive your enemies is to love your enemies, as I love and forgive you, Jesus taught. Fair and square elections. Nick is the new kid on the block here, Sara asked us for help as she helped Alaskans as governor. Fair and square elections. So help you GOD you all swore oath takers, is all. Sara Sara Sara

    • Jesus wants you to leave Him out of this. I imagine most the rest us us do, too.

      But since you went there, are you gonna publicly chastise Sarah for all the stones she threw?

    • One, yes, she was governor…she served half a term.

      During her limited time as governor she did almost irreparable long term harm to the state economy.

      During her time as governor she involved herself in her sister’s divorce and attempted to use the DPS Commissioner to punish her soon to be ex brother-in-law. DPS Commissioner, long time cop, wasn’t intimidated by her and told her to pound sand. Then Sarah replaced him with a small town copchief friend who was accused of sexual harassment…

      Yeah, real winner we found in Sarah

  8. What did I tell you. Sarah is on thin emotional ice.
    Her psychiatrist told me years ago that she would eventually, and slowly, go insane from an inability to reason soundly and stabilize. Well,…..not so slowly, it turns out. This is a very unstable woman, as is plain to see. She’s melting down in front of her constituents. Vote for her if you feel inclined, and pay the price for being stupid. But her entire family knows better, and that’s why we are all voting for Nick Begich in November. Lastly, Suzanne Downing deserves a journalism medal for exposing the REAL Sarah Palin. Thank you, MRAK.

    • I wish you were in the position to tell those who continue to be clueless about Sarah and her derangement much more …

      • I’m trying to finish my tell all book by October 1st. It’s pretty juicy and I apologize in advance for any sobering truths and steamy passages.

    • SP has the taste of $$ and fame in her mouth and appears to be addicted to having more and more. It would be interesting to do a ‘follow the money’ investigation and find out if there any inducements to being ‘the spoiler’…

    • This is what I am thinking too. Unstable. Having an emotional breakdown. Maybe some serious chemical imbalance or something. Something is wrong with Sarah, she’s coming apart at the seams.

  9. For how long has Nick Begich been running for Alaska House seat? Quite awhile. He took on the immense challenge of running when Don Young was looking healthy as ever. Don Young died and it became fashionable to run for the open seat and that’s when You-Know-Who showed up. “Woo hoo woo hoo, here I am, vote me!” The only person I see splitting the vote is Sarah Palin. Still a disaster after all these years.

  10. I’ve seen this before in high visibility personalities. People with past meteoric fame, followed by an accelerating decrease in credibility and popularity, rarely rise from the ashes. They may strive to relive their past glory, but life’s consequences and misfortune usually play determinative outcomes that prevent that. In the case of Sarah Palin, I’m only inserting my objective, professional opinion. The woman is not rational and she has too many emotional problems that would get in the way of future public service. She should drop out, seek professional counseling and take care of her family.

    • Good assessment, Doc. Palin has mental illness for all to see. And her supporters might want to get checked-up too.

        • Yes, we can see that you comment on people you don’t know. But how do you properly diagnose people who you haven’t properly examined? Are you an FBI profiler, perhaps? That would be perfectly expected in a congressional politician race. You guys have been quite active in politics of late.

      • Jim Wilke, what makes our country unique among all others is our protected civil rights. Among those is freedom of speech. As long as we don’t lie about someone in a manner to cause damage, we are free to express our opinions.

    • You do know it is a violation of professional medical ethics to pronounce your “professional opinion” on someone you have not personally examined, yes? Or are you just an armchair quarterback pushing out your sloppy opinions and trying to make them sound important by claiming to be a doctor? Try again, this time being honest.

      • Everyone was given by God the right to an opinion. Some opinions are wise based upon skills and knowledge. We shun those of unsound mind especially when they seek power. A disordered personality executive is bad for any organization be it a family or a political organization.

      • Tamra, in response to your failed attempt to make up law, please consider the following facts. What makes our country unique among all others is our protected freedom of speech (1st Amendment). We are not allowed to damage someone with lies but we are allowed to express our opinions. Dr. Dan’s comments are protected speech.

    • Thank you for this assessment, Dr. Dan. I believe you are correct. Sarah is completely deranged and the last place she should aspire to be is in the U.S. Congress.

  11. To be fair, Suzanne, you have treated Sarah shamelessly. Sometimes it seems like you are becoming the yellow journalists that ADN produces. You may not like Sarah, but continually “reporting” by choosing to use nasty words to describe normal interactions is really not honest. Disagreement is fine, but smearing with unpleasantness that is not really appropriate does tend to make you look like the problem, rather than your object being the issue.

    Maybe you don’t care for Sarah, fine, but it seems she is more able to collect votes than your paramour Nick Jr. And maybe, if you are trying to convince us, you could show us any time when Nick Jr. actually did a single thing that was more than saying he is a conservative. Would be nice to thing he is, but so far, nobody has seen the proof.

    Talk is cheap, after all.

    • Tamra Nygaard:
      Incredible that you refer to Begich as Suzanne’s “paramour “.Do you know what you really accused both her and Begich of?
      Definition of paramour: ”a lover, especially the illicit lover of a married person”.
      Talk about using “nasty words”. You win that one. And you should be ashamed. You just accused Suzanne, who is married, of being an adulteress and Begich of being a an adulterer. What kind of person are you?

      • You apparently have an issue with hyperbole in discourse. Do you really think I meant they were lovers? How perfectly ingenuous. But I guess that is how online arguments progress, making mountains out of molehills. You go with that, because I’m sure it will make you feel bigger and better than you felt before.

        Get over yourself.

        • Really? Exactly what did you mean when you said said that Palin was Nick Jr’s “ paramour?
          Words mean something Tamra! What you say does not make me feel
          anything other than disgusted. You slandered Suzanne and now laugh it off as hyperbole? What you should do is simply apologize. Surely you know that what you said was unacceptable and plain wrong. Step up to the plate and admit you were wrong and make the apology.

    • Right! We all love you Suzanne but most of us are sick of being told how to think.

      On another note: Does everyone see the Rank Crap Voting scheme. Split the vote and get your candidate elected. That’s how we get Petola and now it’s the permanent way to cheat in Alaska.


  12. Dear Sarah,
    Please drop out. I am your parents’ age as well as Jim and Faye. Sarah, you are not apprised of Alaska politics. You didn’t even know who Jamie Allard is. You are not up to speed with RCV. PLEASE GET CREDENTIALS! You must drop out and give Republicans a chance to win. Dear Sarah, I never did vote for you. I feared your lack of expertise. I know that statement hurts. If you love Alaska and Republicans, please drop out of the 2022 General Election. You have decades to improve. Get voice and command control. Go to school. Become more mature. In your 70’s, you might be ready to represent in Congress this largest state in the United States.

    • AKan, Your’s is a good comment but it contains a fallacy. Republicans actually already have an excellent chance to win….. better than Democrats actually because they outnumber them. However, as usual, Republicans are screwing up their chances by the choices they make in the voting booth. We can’t really blame Sarah Palin; she is not the problem; rather, she is only the symptom.

    • “I am your parents’ age……”
      Well, you’re old enough, and you appear to be quite savvy and knowledgable. Why don’t you run? After all, look at President Joe. Age has become such a blessing, cognizance isn’t even required anymore.

    • Archie, in order to persuade her to submit, we will need to use more sweetly persuasive language than that in your comment.

  13. i cannot vote in Alaska, but well connected to those that can, and i am amazed that Ms Palin cannot see the writing on the wall that it is over for her in Alaskan politics. she had her time and now that the Republican voters have said, enough, she should respectfully channel her efforts on he other endeavors.
    she is the one that should withdraw from the election.

    • I agree Ken. Sarah should of thought long and hard about getting back into Alaskan politics. Alaskans don’t forget or forgive easily. November 8th will be interesting.

  14. After this meltdown, Palin will likely finish third in November. So the best thing Palin can do now is to urge her supporters to pick Begich second.

    • Dan, tellingly, she actually publicly said that her 2nd rank vote is going to Peltola. Try to imagine the intellectual clarity of her (so-called conservative) supporters in the face of that fact.

  15. Well, I’m not the only one who has noticed that SD is in the tank for trans-conservative Nick. I hope the ad revenue was enough for selling herself

    • Chuck, kindly elucidate why exactly you believe Nick is not conservative. I have met with him six times in 18-months and have seen no such indications. Moreover, given the grilling I have laid upon him during those meetings, and his consistency, I can say it would be impossible for him to be faking his conservative nature. It is absolutely consistent over time. I challenge you to show me why I am wrong.

      • No way to be sure , since he has taken no stands on issues,check his campaign site. That tells me he has something to hide. I was assured by many that Romney was conservative. See how that turned out.!!I guess it oh expect me to just take the word of some internet rando.. You.

  16. Palin, I don’t think you have the strategic wherewithal, but if you are serious about getting back into politics and really serving the people, back out of this race and make a big deal about doing it for the public good. Don’t split the vote, help Begich win, and DEMONSTRATE you are not a self serving has-been. Show us you know how to do the right thing and we might vote for you next time.

  17. These reporters are tightwads. They could have rented the house next door like the book author did. Or, used drones. But creeping around her bushes might get them shot. Palin is trigger happy and more than half-cocked.

  18. An excellent example of why she is viewed so negatively. She may go down in history as the reason that Alaska starts changing from Red to blue. And, wouldn’t it be something if the Congress stays blue or within a Representative or two of staying blue. All because of Palin. Her motto should be “all for one and one for one”.

  19. Sarah, get help. Truly. You sound like a shrieking banshee. Blame everyone, Sarah. We get it, we hate RCV like you do, but you said nothing in 2020, the year when we could have used your help. Where were you? Playing grownup somewhere not in Alaska. Thanks for coming back and telling us how bad RCV is. Welcome to the party. Now go away. We can’t take two years of this screeching and whining and name calling temper tantruming. In fact, I could not even get through your whole press conference. It is painful.

  20. And so goes the Republican party, infighting and individualism over party. One thing Democrats know is how to tow the line. Better get to work Sarah. Apologize for your mistakes in the past, and campaign in all corners of the state. Don’t rely on your celebrity because most folks don’t care for it. Hopefully this time folks will rank the red…or we’re doomed.

    • “And so goes the Republican party, infighting and individualism over party……..”
      That’s what RINO is all about. It’s a party of long knives. Et tu, Brute?

  21. In fairness, she right about Ranked Choice.

    What was her platform, exactly? Can anyone remember her actually campaigning up here?

    • “…….What was her platform, exactly?……”
      It’s called the Republican Party platform. Don’t feel bad or be confused. No RINOs read it, so you aren’t alone.

      • Again, EXACTLY what did she run on? Besides her name?

        The “republican party” platform is a sad dodge. Especially since the “republicans” are only marginally better than democrats. Bill Walker, Kelly Merrick, Cathy Giessel, Lisa Murkowski, Click Bishop, all ran on the “republican party” platform.

        For that matter, so did Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, and any number of Bushes.

        I appreciate you’ve joined the cult, but if you want to attempt to sway opinions outside of your cult, you have to be able to ….ready now?… articulate what your cult leader actually alleges to stand for in a way which is neither condescending or vapid.

        Can you?

        • “Again, EXACTLY what did she run on? Besides her name?……”
          What, did any other candidate of any party publish their own platform? If so, please provide a reference. Party platforms for all three parties are published and easy to find. Again, the RINOs are easy to root out: any Republican supporting or even mushy on abortion is, by definition, a RINO. That isn’t difficult to understand, but it is easy and common to reject.
          “…….Bill Walker, Kelly Merrick, Cathy Giessel, Lisa Murkowski, Click Bishop, all ran on the “republican party” platform…….”
          I haven’t bothered to research all those people’s voting and campaigning records because most will never appear on my ballot, but of those names, Walker and Murkowski are clearly RINOs simply due to their positions or record on abortion. Click Bishop was a sponsor of the ill-fated SB91 “Criminal Justice Reform” which was an utter disaster here, was quickly repealed, and which was part of a national movement which has been just as disastrous nationwide. While presented in a way which might not be a violation of the party platform, it was clearly stupid beyond belief, and he should be ignored as a valid elected official forevermore just for that.
          “…….if you want to attempt to sway opinions outside of your cult, you have to be able to ….ready now?… articulate what your cult leader actually alleges to stand for in a way which is neither condescending or vapid.”
          I don’t give a rub about “swaying” anybody, especially a know-it-all who is already fully invested in whatever. Readers might consider my words, and they might not. That’s up to them. AFAIC, if one is representing a party, one should do so IAW the party platform. If they can’t do that, they should run as an independent, but they won’t, because they whore for the party money. You know it, I know it, the milkman knows it, and THAT is one of the main problems with the current system. The Republican Party should whip their elected members into shape or run them off. Again, one of the best things that Palin ever did was get a collection of Republican mobsters put up against the wall and criminally prosecuted. Again, unfortunately, the cops and prosecutors were worse than the criminals………

  22. Reading what Begich said about polling shows just how delusional he is.

    The polling showed Begich in a distant third place. He could have dropped out before the special election withdrawal deadline, but refused to do so. So, one may fairly conclude he’s either in this race to ensure a Democrat victory, or he is not competent. Either way, he is responsible for electing a socialist Democrat who wants to ban certain firearms and will push the Biden/Democrat agenda that includes reckless, deficit spending, open borders, the destruction of our economy and the banning of certain semi- automatic rifles.

    Sarah was speaking about the obvious. The conservative vote was split. Now, what do we do about it? Logic dictates that the candidate with the least voter support resign.

      • Bob,
        The election was a poll. Sarah and the socialist Democrat were neck and neck. Sarah garnered 48.52 percent. 51.48 for the Democrat.

        Elections, like polls, can have skewed outcomes based upon a lot of variables. If you conduct a poll, and the poll is too long, (or too complicated) respondents start to ‘drift off’ with their answers. We know RCV is complicated, and is disenfranchising Alaska voters. A sizable percentage of voters just don’t care as much as we’d like to think. In this election over ten thousand voters did not select a second choice. It will be worse in the general because there will be a lot more candidates for voters to have to sort through.

        The solution? Begich drops out. This makes it easier for voters. And it ensures we do not have a Biden Democrat from Alaska working to destroy our country.

      • Bob Hemtner is exactly right. In a state that is roughly 60% red / 40% blue, Palin should have been a shoo-in if she could have persuaded more Begich voters to rank her their 2nd choice. But she was not able to do so. She has a hard core group of supporters but could not pick up nearly enough Begich folks to beat Petola. Nothing is going to change between now and November.

        What she needs to do is to display a firm grasp of the obvious and retire gracefully and encourage all Alaskan Republicans and conservatives to support Nick. That will deny Pelosi and and Biden another D seat in Congress.

        But doing so would require her to put the state’s and the country’s interests first. I doubt that is going to happen.

    • M, let me get this straight, Nick should drop out because his candidacy helps Mary by splitting the ” conservative” vote.

      I disagree, your view is decidedly mercantile and excludes the fact that MOST Alaskans did not vote.

      I say paint the picture of what a Democrat Representative and Administration will look like. Let’s have this conversation. My money says that the turnout will be greater which will resoundingly defeat the Democrats.

      In summary M, go big or go home.

    • What difference would it make if Begich dropped out, under the ranked choice system? His voters would go down to the second choice.

  23. Neither dropped out, so just stop the finger pointing and do what’s best for Alaska. Rank both Palin and Begich, in whatever order you like (1 or 2). Don’t rank Peltola, unless you want Biden’s Alaska.

    Stop all the hate and vote how we need to in order to stay red.

  24. I’ve been meaning to send Suzanne another $100, but have been procrastinating.
    With this latest unhinged screed from Sarah, am motivated to get up and get something for Suzanne ready for tomorrow’s mail.
    Keep up the fantastic journalism, Suzanne.

    And as for you Sarah, YOU are who needs to drop our of the race.
    You’re not a serious person. You’re too lazy to educate yourself on the issues, and have no knowledge of them beyond catchy slogans that fit on a bumper sticker.
    Nick on the other hand, is a serious, successful, and hard working person. I voted for him the first time around and will again.

  25. God, Democrats are having a field day with this. Readership and contributions from Democrats must be off the charts. Suzanne plays no favorites. She calls them as she sees them. Sarah Palin has been exposed. And I will not vote for a mentally ill mother who’s children all have problems.

  26. Such hubris.

    Now Ms. Peltola can sign an extended lease in the DC area.

    Even diehard conservatives like me wouldn’t vote Palin for dogcatcher. She’s a fraud and slightly bent.

    Palin has gifted the seat to the Democrats. She is so narcissistic as to be delusional.

    Well, let’s hope the Alaska GOP fields a decent candidate in 2024.

  27. Nick Begich, the true gentleman like his grandfather, but raised conservative Republican by his maternal grandparents. Sarah Palin, the National Enquirer queen who thinks of herself as 1/2 Annie Oakley and 1/2 glamour madame. But now that she has outed herself as a mentally unstable Charlatan, the choice is clear……..Nick Begich us #1. Mary Peltola is #2.

    • Please for the love of all things holy, do not rank Peltola! Why? Pro-life is the biggest reason, Hunter’s laptop and the crimes in the Biden admin second, and last (but certainly not least) our minerals-based economy! Peltola will sell all the above down river voting in lockstep with the Democrat agenda. And she will work her ass off to keep RCV, the abomination that fixed her election.

  28. Ranked choice is why lovely Lisa Murkowski side swiped Alaskans always voting as a Schwab acolyte. Once they had ranked choice installed she was secure. Then they ran Begich as a spoiler against Palin. He’s an unknown closet liberal who played the game well. Wake up Alaskans to the fact you are prized by the global cabal for your oil and gas which they must control to starve us out. They needed to take you down and it was so easy……..Congress will eat up the ‘egg head soft dough boy’ Begich and you will all act soooo surprised when he votes liberal except it will have been totally your fault for supporting him.

    • Howdy Frozen, my first time reading a comment from you. Amazing analyst, and l got to agree with you. A lot can happen in , two months. My gut tells me as grim as it is for Sarah right now I think she is gonna win. 51% first time around. Her 48% is going to increase in the general because the Independent voters who are repulsed by hatred and bullying are going to vote for the underdog. They also show up for 4 year General elections.. Have a great evening.

    • But wait! Ballot Measure 2 was supposed to be all about eliminating ‘dark money’ and that kind of influence. You mean it was really a trojan horse to sneak in RCV? Yes–the globalist cabal is coming at us hammer and tong and people better wake up and wide awake soon. It may already be too late…

  29. Sarah Palin doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to be the 49th’s state Representative in Congress. I wish Palin would debate Peltola and Begich so all Alaskans could see how mentally incompetent she is. Her explanation of rank-choice voting was the equivalent of a third grader explaining quantum mathematical theory. National publications have called on Palin to get out of the race, not Begich. Suzanne Downing writes the truth about Palin. Sarah is an embarrassment to herself, her family, and to Alaska. Quick question; does she have a substance abuse problem? Her behavior seems erratic, irrational and sometimes demented.
    Polls show that much of Palin’s support comes from low-educated people. Time for Sarah to go away. Her poll results are embarrassing.

  30. Masked avenger why did the founding fathers put GOD in the oath of integrity and Jesus wants in the game it’s his turn to trample the tramplers read a Bible masked one. Your a Debbie downer kinda soul.

    • Sigh, with an eyeroll.

      Isaiah 44:17-18
      Psalms 135: 15-18
      Psalm 146: 3

      I could go on and on, but why bother?

  31. I don’t vote for carpetbaggers. Go back to Arizona, Sara…no vote from me.

    If we had a real closed R primary, this conversation would not be happening.

    • “………If we had a real closed R primary, this conversation would not be happening.”

      RINO Kendall fixed that for us, but let’s blame that on Palin and Trump, too.

      • Reggie, wasn’t Kendall a Walker acolyte? Hmm… I think Sarah was all in for Chi-Com Billy, perhaps you could look that up. Seems you answered your own question.

        Funny thing about Sarah is that she not unlike Saddam Hussein has a knack for being consistently wrong about things. And yes, Trump and that stalwart Rand Paul can be wrong from time to time too.

        That said, I’ll rank her as my #2 in November, because as bad as Sarah is, she will be an improvement over Xiden -Pelosi’s stool pigeon, if even slightly so.

        Sad thing is we have an excellent candidate in the race, his Gramps was one hell of a Congressman. Pro Development , Pro Life guy, very likeable and got stuff done.

        • “Reggie, wasn’t Kendall a Walker acolyte?…..”
          He was Walker’s chief of staff for two years.
          “…….I think Sarah was all in for Chi-Com Billy, perhaps you could look that up. Seems you answered your own question………
          I don’t have any questions. Yes, Palin endorsed Walker, and that was a huge mistake. Again, her endorsement came before Walker started sucking ChiCom egg fu yong. Few dislike Walker more than I, and I really liked Parnell, but when comparing Palin and yet another Begich, it’s a no-brainer for me.

  32. When the so called pollsters declare how hopeless it is for any candidate, I usually vote for that candidate. Same with the media, various politicals, ect. Palin received more votes than Begich; Nick should drop out. It’s not that difficult; or maybe they’ll do a coin toss before end of the week.

  33. Palin voters, please show me two pieces of conservative legislation from Sarah. Show me a single prolife law she passed. Show me how she increased oil production, timber or tourism. Show me the reduction in government and spending. Then show me who the most conservative legislators are voting for. I know mine has a Begich sign in her front yard. Sarah is NOT a honorable trustworthy person as evidenced by her public life and public service. The facts speak for themselves

    • “Palin voters, please show me two pieces of conservative legislation from Sarah………”
      You’d have to go back to her tenure on the Wasilla City Council for that. That was the last time she was a legislator. After that she was a mayor, commissioner, governor, then vice-presidential candidate, and that’s when the RINO lawyers running the McCain campaign stabbed her (and, ultimately, McCain and the Republican Party) in the back to deliver us to Barack Obama.
      So, how did that work for you?
      Deja vu?

      • Going that far back? Really?

        You just admitted she has nothing positive to run on for 2 decades.

        Does everyone who isn’t in the cult of Sarah a RINO?

        • “……You just admitted she has nothing positive to run on for 2 decades…….”
          Not at all. I wrote that she has no legislative history since her role on the Wasilla City Council. Since then, she has been executive branch, both as governor and as commissioner. Reading your other comments, I would think you might understand the difference, unless you’re just playing games like everybody else.
          As governor, I had no problem with ACES, even though I also didn’t support it. I thought it was a waste of time and effort to achieve little. Most tax “reform” is that way. Ultimately, as an individual who really doesn’t care about the oil and gas industry here, it was a mute issue to me.
          More important to me was her advocacy regarding the fabled gas pipeline via Canada. I strongly supported that, but as expected, the oil and gas industry here pulled all stops to kill it. Her support for Walker afterwards was an example of her own hope that any gas line was better than none. My own belief is that the Alberta sands is the salvation for North American petroleum independence, and North Slope gas is the key to unlock it, whether that gas comes from Alaska or Yukon. Had ut been ours, Alaska would be making money instead of re-injecting or flaring it. Fairbanks could have become a propane manufacturing hub for the interior river villages, providing more affordable fuel. Ultimately, now, the Demonrats have ensured that it will not come to fruition, even as the world faces utter disaster partially because of that and other disastrous moves.

      • Reggie: She SINGLE HANDILY Got EXXON to drill in POINT THOMPSON so we could ASSES the amount of gas for the Gas Line. EXXON Wanted to warehouse the gas. Sarah said you have A RESPONSIBILIY TO PERFORM, Took them to court and WON

        • Yup. Ultimately, the wars over our North Slope oil and gas industry is;
          1) Against the Gaia religion represented by the global warming nuts who want to depopulate the planet in any way possible, and
          2) Those Monopoly players who are fighting each other for control of that/those pipes delivering the gas, whether it’s to tidewater or Alberta. Worse, the Walker faction wants US as Alaskans to finance the construction (because they can’t find private investors willing to take a loss), and they want control of the pipe so they get a significant cut of the $$$$$ and power.
          I just wantbgas and diesel for my vehicles and natural gas for my home, but untrusting as I am, I’m prepared for it all to collapse.

  34. Palin’s negatives are not going to be lowered. Further evidence is this latest piece of news. She is likely at the ceiling of her support and is done. Plus do any of us want a reality star in residence for the next two years? Hard pass from me on all the drama.

    Begich is weak on abortion. He does not seem to be very charismatic or quick on his feet. He has run a colorless and fairly lifeless campaign. I do not remember one thing he has said other then his milquetoast comments on abortion. He likely will be a follower in DC. I am not sure he will do anything to reduce dependence on federal dollars. Quite likely the opposite. But of the three remaining he is the pick of the lot if one does not want to have a leftist ideologue spreading their money and influence around the state.

    • If you don’t want leftist ideologues, voting for someone named BegichI exactly the wrong pick. Even if they are a trans-conservative disappointment to their whole family!!

    • “…….Begich is weak on abortion……..”
      He’s the classic Alaskan RINO plant, and it’s all about abortion. It has always been about abortion here. It will always be about abortion here. That’s why RINOs run this state.

  35. Sarah, you are once again showing that you are self-centered, and you think you deserve adulation. You caused great damage to our state, and you have yet to apologize. YOU are the one who should drop out!

    • Icy Roads – yeah, that’s the way to do it. Have your strongest candidate, the one who got the most votes, drop out. Of course, a sane & honest political party would be having some serious talks about now with their losing candidate, Nick Baggage. The fact that they aren’t shows how corrupt & deranged the Alaska Republican Party has become in Alaska. The RINOS on here should not take any chances in November and just vote for Peltola and spare us your schizophrenic ramblings & delusional logic!

  36. Well I guess no one is gonna be RANKING the RED this time around. And the Palin people around her have been shown the door.

  37. All this infighting is exactly what the RINOs and Democrats want. They can just sit back and sail on through election season. If every slightly conservative voter ranked both Sarah and Nick this November, one of them wins and Mary is out. Plain and simple mathematics.

  38. I finally found some common ground with Sarah Palin. I’m voting for Mary Peltola as #2 too. Of course, after NB3.

  39. Sarah is right. I used to like Suzanne, but I can’t stand the crap she says about Palin. It seems really petty. Like Sarah somehow personally slighted her before and she is never gonna let it go. She is making herself look bad. She wants to see Sarah go down in flames, but she doesn’t care if she goes too.
    Begich is acting like a Ross Perot in this election and he needs to go. This splitting the republican vote seems like the plan from the beginning. I don’t trust or like Begich. I feel his family is trying to slip one in. One way or another. Backing Peltola. Like it would be the first time someone ran as a Republican here in Alaska and then turned into a raging Dem.

    • Suzanne isn’t running for office nor a popularity contest. She’s running a business and with all you folks yacking about this issue, business is good. It really doesn’t matter who goes to Washington so long as it’s not Sarah Palin. Yes the Republican would be nice maybe, but maybe not so bad as a Democrat who’s willing to work across the aisle. The answer isn’t to shoot yourself in the foot though and send a lit fuse ticking time bomb to Washington just because of what color they wear.

      • “Suzanne isn’t running for office nor a popularity contest……..”
        Suzanne is a journalist. Where do you think all the $billions go during each and every election cycle, national, state, and local? It’s year round income, like clockwork. It almost ALL goes to media and lawyers.
        Suzanne is eyeball deep in this menagerie, just like everybody else in the journalist/lawyer/politician cabal.

        • I said all that so what’s your point? Don’t you have your favorites? Well surprise, so does Suzanne and everyone else. She can run her business anyway she wants to. Do you think that just because you post on here you can dictate what she’s going to write about? Apparently you don’t know the way the world works. You might want to educate yourself.

          • “I said all that so what’s your point?……”
            Follow the money.
            “…….Don’t you have your favorites?…….”
            As a voter? Sure. As a journalist? LOL, I wouldn’t be one of those.
            “……She can run her business anyway she wants to…….”
            Of course she can. So can CNN and everybody else.
            “…….Do you think that just because you post on here you can dictate what she’s going to write about?……”
            Of course not. Why would I? How did you come to presume that might even cross my mind? Because I’m critical of the journalist/lawyer/politician cabal? Did I poke a nerve?
            “…….Apparently you don’t know the way the world works. You might want to educate yourself.”
            I think I’ve got as good a clue as anybody else. I’ve successfully negotiated this world for many decades.

  40. I agree with Sarah Susie an dan fagan give journalists a bad name but these two fit the mold of todays journalist a like Brian skelter.

  41. Shouldn’t this be about doing all we can to get a conservative elected in order to help get our state and country back on track and also get rid of ranked choice voting? Voters and candidates included, it is like a battle of stubborn wills more focused on favorites and self than what can we do to get a conservative elected.

    If 11,222 had simply ranked the red it is very likely Palin would have won and I would rather have her in the position than Peltola. Peltola is going to tow the line with the Pelosi tyrant team and I am pretty sure Palin would not. With that said though the analysis does indeed show Palin has a very negative approval rating, evidenced by the lack of ranking. It is a conundrum. Palin is correct in calling RCV a scheme, it is, and working well for the left as we bicker and dig in our heels.

    I personally believe Palin should drop out as Begich does have more approval and likely would win, but if she doesn’t, I will rank the red no matter how distasteful that might be. We have to get a conservative back into that position and that requires at least putting pride aside as voters if candidates are so incapable of doing so.

  42. I am glad someone finally called you out, Suzanne! You are getting more negative press, and you deserve every ounce.

    • Oh my. Oh boy. How can anyone survive by being called out by a professional shriek artist like Palin?

      What maybe you don’t understand is that Palin doesn’t walk the walk. She spouts conservstive, almost reactionary…then look at her current personal life, her past personal life, and her very short tenure as governor.

      Sarah is no conservative, she just tries to sound like one.

  43. There is dancing in the streets of Seattle today.
    Washingtonians who ran Alaska for decades have their death-grip on our economy renewed by the guaranteed-gonna-happen election of a progressive Democrat. Oh, Sarah? Before you return to Arizona, stick a fork in Alaska. Thanks to YOUR delusions of grandeur our economy is done.

  44. Yikes.
    Well, Sarah thinks Begich may be more Democrat that Republican.
    Well, I just don’t know.
    Sarah has a record here that is undeniable.
    I wonder if she would quit if somebody sued her.
    Aside of that, she is a Woman scorned.
    Hurt. Mad.
    And pretty nasty.

  45. Both candidates are terrible for AK, we need an actual conservative to run for office. Plain is clueless and is only in it to be popular, Begich is clueless and him voting for Berkowitz is all we need to know about him being “conservative”. The AK GOP better wake up, for several years now their weakness has led to Dem rule in the state.

  46. Palin was tax on steriods. And look what they did with that windfall of tax money. I’ll take Transcanada for a half a billion Alex. Funny it wasn’t a “good ole boy network” when she was elected governor.

    • “…….I’ll take Transcanada for a half a billion Alex…….”
      Much of the Western world would be in pretty good shape right now if she had gotten it and Biden hadn’t shut down the Keystone pipeline. Consequently, Canadian oil and American refining cannot save Europe from Russian oil tyranny.
      It’s going to be a long, cold winter in Europe……..not to mention the Central and Eastern U.S.
      Prepare for hazardous times ahead…….

  47. Barbara please don’t put Peltola second pick another republican keep it red please please put down Jamie Allard or somebody else anything to keep it red

  48. Barbara think about this, that’s what happened. last time everybody that didn’t want Palin put Peltola second on nick’s ballot. it’ll happen again and then she will end up winning please just pick someone read think about it

  49. It’s sad we can’t just have open debates. Maybe candidates could talk on what they’re going to do for Alaskan voters. Fight for our energy sector perhaps? Plans for an emergency (like if barges from Seattle were to stop), fighting an ever encroaching federal gov’t and a president that has declared war on many of us? Crime and opioid addiction? Nope, nothing will be mentioned. We just get middle school style bickering.

    • Yes indeed. Open debates and closed primaries. But, with all that has happened the last few years, it has gone from the camel’s nose, to the whole animal in the tent… At this point, I seriously doubt it can be fixed–and we’ll hit some sort of bottom. That’s usually what it takes for sufficient numbers to finally wake up.

      • “…….At this point, I seriously doubt it can be fixed–and we’ll hit some sort of bottom. That’s usually what it takes for sufficient numbers to finally wake up.”
        Hatred at this level precludes a wake up call. Usually it just keeps eating the hater up until a form of murder or suicide results.
        I like this quote from Thomas Paine in The American Crisis:
        “There are such things as national sins, and though the punishment of individuals may be reserved to another world, national punishment can only be inflicted in this world.”

  50. For all of us who have railed against the Ranked Choice Voting system, consider this: without RCV, Palin would probably have beaten Begich in an old-format republican special primary election in June, (and in the August primary vote.) That would have made her the party nominee for the special election in August (and regular election in November). And I suspect she would have beaten Peltola in a one-on-one face-off.

    Maybe, Begich should consider this. Without RCV, he would already have been eliminated from the race and would have (maybe grudgingly) endorsed the republican candidate – Palin. I don’t see any way forward for him. He should realize, at this point, that he has little chance of winning, and that it’s quite unreasonable to ask Palin to drop out when she clearly got more votes than him.

    I don’t like it any more than you, Nick, but it’s time to face the music. What’s better for Alaska (and the country)? Do you really want to see Alaska lose a republican seat in the House?

  51. Just for clarification’s sake, and seeing that the pissing match has begun… In the November election, are we still using the “Rank the Red” formula? Meaning: If I vote for Begich first and Palin second and, Palin wins, she gets the Begich votes? Regardless of Palin’s or Begich’s peceived weaknesses, we can’t afford to let Peltola win because we’re bowing our necks. Think of the damage that could be done in two short years with Peltola in office giving Pelosi and her cohorts all that they ask for at Alaska’s expense.

  52. I am second thinking my vote for her, but I will tell you this. Not voting for a Dem. Begich ranked first, Palin second? And this is why the GOP won’t win this seat. My opinion only. Maybe I’m wrong. I love Pres Trump and voted for her only because of his endorsement. Bit I did not like her performance as Gov.

  53. Nick jumped in this race to primary and take on DON YOUNG! Sarah is an opportunist who entered the race after his death. I’ll admit, I’m one of those who voted for Nick, but didn’t mark Sarah #2. I’m not sure if I’ve ‘learned my lesson,’ as I’ll vote for Tshibaka in the Senate race, but I’m not sure I can pull the lever for RINO/leftist Murkowski. She’s a disgrace to her surname.

  54. Hey. Sarah. Why did you resign? Where’s the HUGE account everyone got but the Birthright owner? Why did Russia and Jerusalem upchuck graves? Where is that descendant at now? More importantly where’s the money honey?

    • In Alaska, working in the home health industry. Oh. But that one is mentally ill according to Sarah. Uh. You can’t work with the mentally ill if you are mentally ill. Try again. New excuses to not notify that one. Oh. Incompetent. Uh. That one is studying law and qualified for a magistrate. Then you send Dave Parker to the Alaska Judicial Council. Now that one is a fox. Keep trying Sarah. Maybe up the domestic terrorism activities now? Oh. Bummer. Now the hunted is doing the hunting. Poor poor Sarah. Stepped into it again. You just gave that one a PUBLIC PLATFORM. ? Uh oh.

  55. I don’t know how any “conservatives” can support Palin. I never forgot how she threw Ted Stevens under the bus at the first politically favorable moment, while even Lisa the Cow was steadfast in support for Stevens through thick and thin. Not to mention Palin endorsing Walker for Governor. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    All that being said, Begich voters need to rank Palin second or else we are stuck with a Pelosi schill for two years! I’ll plug my nose and rank Palin second.

    • “……I never forgot how she threw Ted Stevens under the bus at the first politically favorable moment…….”
      Palin never threw Ted Stevens under the bus. She rightly alerted the correct authorities regarding clear crimes, and the corrupt authorities grew the investigation into a political prosecution (just like they’ve done with Trump repeatedly, and by the exact same monster) that Stevens got caught up in.

  56. I voted Trump twice and Palin never.

    I’ll vote Begich then Peltola this time around. If Trump manages to somehow get the GOP nomination, it’s unlikely that he’ll receive my vote…because only one thing needs to happen…

    The reason is this and I’m sure the GOP leadership agrees.

    Most of the nation is tired of crises and drama, the nation doesn’t want Biden or Harris, but it doesn’t want a screaming self-serving halfbaked nearly lunatic extremist Trump either.

    The first calm and rational candidate, either D or R, if either can find one, will run away with 2024.

    • Genuinely curious. Will you rank Mary 2nd as a protest vote, or because Palin has just burned too many bridges for you?

      No trolling at all just trying to read the room.

      If this past election was a referendum on Palin, is it also a de facto one on Trump?

  57. What is wrong with Alaska Republicans? They endorsed and pushed Nick Begich-knowing that he had no interest in election integrity and apparently neither do they! No one has yet to tell me what is so great about Begich! I support Trump, so does Sarah Palin and she has every right to call for Begich to drop out

  58. Nick was in it long before Sara, the spoiler, jumped into the race. What is she, like 13? I certainly don’t want my congressperson embarrassing our state with all the drama and stupidity that Sara will surely bring to the table.

    • After she “Jumped In” She beat Nick by 10 Points in the Primary, and BEAT HIM IN THE GENERAL,. After all the HATRED Dumped on her by Begich Supporters, especially the BLUE ONES. Talk about embarrassing Red voting Blue. And the saying Sarah made them do it. Their logic is TOXIC.

  59. I ranked Sarah second on my ballot but after seeing how unhinged she is, I’ll be voting Begich 1 and Peltola 2.

    Sorry folks, I’m a Republican but Sarah embodies everything that is wrong with politics today. She just proved it for me.

    • So voting for a ” NICE” Democrat is better than voting for the person who Trump campaigned for. The same person who worked to get Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley, and Rand Paul elected. You would rather SUPPORT BIDEN, SHUMER, PELOSI . Locking up ALASKA For A Green Agenda. Than cast a vote for Sarah.? She Beat Nick in the Primary, and the General, and would have won if Rank the Red had worked, EXCEPT RED VOTERS VOTING BLUE, Like you just profess to do.. Makes Perfect sense if your a DEMOCRAT.

      • Trump came to Alaska for Kelly, if he had known about Palin’s attitude, policies and the fact she left the state for 13 years and comes back thinking everybody should bow to her one would not have supported her, I would not ever vote for that.
        Begich # 1, Peltola #2

        • Joe: Sarah was one of Trump’s top Campaign Advisor’s early in his campaign. She told him— what they are doing to me, they are gonna do to you a whole lot more. She left the Trump Campaign cuz Trak was having problems. When reporters asked Trump why he was going to Alaska, he said to Help Kelly against Lisa, AND TO HELP SARAH—–BECAUSE I OWE. HER..So take your Phony Sarah hating Story and STICK IT.

          • That’s not exactly true. Yes after she lost her VP run, she hitched her bandwagon to Trump throwing some support his way. Her support quickly waned though as voters soon learned the true Palin instead of her blabbing on stage about putting lipstick on a pitbull and soccer man I’m sending all that garbage. That lasted about 10 seconds. Educated voters saw right through that dog patch and garble and began looking at the record of Palin. If there was one advice that she should have given Trump it was to keep your damn fat mouth shut and try not to piss anybody off and act like you’re holier than thou and in fact I want to be God like figure. If Trump had just done the things he did that was good for the country and not opened his fat mouth, he’d still be president but his narcissism just like palins got the best of him and that’s something that voters don’t like. So Palin’s off her pedestal except for a few uneducated loyal followers and that’s fine. Everyone fades away in due time.

          • You are inccorect, Sarah is a quitter, the most dirty despicable and shameful thing to do. She thought Africa was a nation, . She lacks knowledge, is unintelligent.
            I wish to hell she would have remembered Winston Churchill’s never give up speech when she was a half term governor.
            Begich is far and away more intelligent, a business man, conservative.

  60. @Jmark
    A Rino is Murkowski.
    A republican is Tshibaka.
    Someone who calls themselves a republican, but then has a voting record that would make AOC look conservative.

  61. Palin is gonna spilt the republicans so badly recovering will take years.

    Imagine what the left will accomplish while the right bickers over the Queen.

    Walker must be laughing. The Queen did what he couldn’t. Turn Alaska blue.

    • “……Walker must be laughing. The Queen did what he couldn’t. Turn Alaska blue.”
      Bill Walker is neither red or blue. He is as green as a dollar bill, and he will ride any color horse to the greenest pastures he can find.

  62. Sarah threw her own Gov Lite under the bus and gave us Bill Walker and Byron Mallott. Sarah turned her back on Ted Stevens. She bailed on Alaska. She was the spoiler in this race. Nick filed for the seat long before her and she should be the one to drop out.

    • After she had Sean fix the system to where if you sue the State of Alaska and lose, you pay.
      Well. I guess financial sanctions against the US for being a dumbass is coming around soon.

  63. When the city paid someone to stick inverted sewage pipes in a downtown green space, the municipality called it art. When asked for a definition of art, it was explained as anything that causes a reaction to the observer. They nailed that one. I hope that the reaction to this artful journalism will also be a stronger turnout at the polls. This may well be our last chance to voice our opinion at the polls and I am glad to see so much dialogue. I made Nick my preference long before the passing of Don Young after talking to both during the beginning of the campaign. The more people research the candidates with an open mind, the better the outcome will be.

  64. “…….I recently saw a statement to the effect that in current usage a RINO is anyone that isn’t under the complete control of Donald John Trump and does not identify as “MAGA.” Is that your understanding, sir?……”
    Absolutely not. All “Republicans” who violate the Republican Party pkatform would be a RINO. Tgat would include all Republicans supporting abortion, for example.
    “…….Second question: If I am not on board with Donald John Trump’s lack of common decency, his unbridled narcissism and his acts of sexual assault, am I a RINO?…….”
    None of those sins are Republican platform planks, so you would just be a lousy Republican if you voted for someone else. The proper way to respond as a Republican would be to abstain like the 11K who didn’t rank a second choice. If as a registered Republican Party member you voted for Peltola, you would be a traitor.
    “……..Final question: Doesn’t Sarah’s endorsement of leftist pedophile-enabler Bill Walker for Governor make her a RINO?”
    No. At the time, Bill Walker was a registered Republican running as an independent, albeit with a registered Democrat as Lt. Gov. I would more akin that as semi-traitorous than RINO, but she had already initiated the 2006 Alaska Corruption investigation which targeted Republicans (one of whom died last night in a car “accident”).

    Many called her a traitor then and since for her role in that, but ADAIC, turning in criminals can’t be traitorous, and it isn’t her fault that the cops and prosecutors are even worse criminals who refuse to prosecute criminals among the Demonrat Party.
    Moreover, nobody at the time knew if Lt. Governor Mallot’s (and others) sexual proclivities…….or, at least, it wasn’t common knowledge. Certainly, nobody would reveal them to Palin, who had a well deserved reputation for turning criminals in to the authorities, whether those authorities were corrupt or not.

    Finally, you can believe whatever you wish, and you can vote accordingly, and all with my blessings. But what you and others cannot do, either morally or successfully, is try and convince me to vote other than the way I choose. I really don’t give two rat tails who the people of this state elect. I believe in the efficiency of the washing machine, and I love the models with the glass windows so I can watch the dirty laundry tumble and twist.

    • If you don’t care, why so continually worked up?

      I would no more try to convince you of the unfitness of your guru to hold office than try to talk a glacier into speeding up. It would waste both our time.

      Especially with your track record of implying people who don’t vote as you prefer are RINO, traitors, or somehow less than children of God.

      It IS possible to have a different opinion than you hold and still want the best for Alaska.

      • “If you don’t care, why so continually worked up?……”
        Worked up? As in upset or something? Are you peering into some sort of magic mirror or glass globe? What makes you think I’m “worked up”?
        “…….I would no more try to convince you of the unfitness of your guru to hold office than try to talk a glacier into speeding up……..”
        You have numerous comments on this and other stories that desperately try to do just that to all Palin voters. Apparently I’m special?
        “…….Especially with your track record of implying people who don’t vote as you prefer are RINO, traitors, or somehow less than children of God………”
        I believe I’ve defined “RINO” for you twice, and that definition had no relationship to my voting preferences whatsoever. We are all children of God, even Satanists. It is possible, however, to be less in The Kingdom of God, ir even be banished from His Kingdom. Traitor? I’ll refer you to your Funk & Wagnell.
        “…….It IS possible to have a different opinion than you hold and still want the best for Alaska..”
        It most certainly is, however, one might still be a RINO or traitor to the party and want the best for Alaska…….as they see it.
        So, having pointing that out, why don’t you just blow off all the politics and let others of any party or ideology freely handle things? After all, they likely want the best for Alaska (as they see it).

  65. So who is paying for all the pricey TV commercials and such for Peltola? Isn’t there a limit as to voter contributions?

  66. Palin seems to have a death wish for her campaign. If she really wanted to win, she should warm up to Begich and appeal to his voters to rank her as their second choice. She lost to Peltola in the special election because only 50% of Begich’s voters cast their second choice for her. Peltola got across the finish line by winning just enough 2nd-choice votes from Begich’s supporters. Ranked-choice voting gives the two candidates the ability — if they work together — to hold onto the seat for their party. And in that scenario, the winner would likely be Palin. But she seems determined to destroy any chance of that. Could Palin possibly be a plant by the Democrats to take the seat?

  67. The Palin loss had everything to do with how a large portion of conservative voters feel about her personally. Additionally, RCV candidates don’t have to bother to declare their their political philosophy on being liberal or conservative and, unfortunately, voters don’t necessarily bother to research where a candidate stands. Also, critical is I believe a lot of voters didn’t really understand RCV. RCV voting feels like a Vegas crap shoot. Had we still been on the regular way to vote, the Palin/Baggich issue would have been worked out and the general would now be an actual choice of conservative or liberal, but now we are running the same game in the general that happened in the so called primary.

    Consequently, Alaska voters need to understand this clearly and rank accordingly on the next vote or this red state will be sending a liberal to Washington after the general election. Also, RCV needs rescinded.

    • 79% of Begich voters cast a 2nd-choice vote. 50% gave their second choice to Palin; 29 percent gave their second choice to Peltola. The remaining 21% did not cast a 2nd-choice vote. It’s not rocket science.


  68. “Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion.”

    Thanks Sarah. You made this easy for me.

  69. Howdy Lee, at this point nobody knows. Hopefully tomorrow when Sarah’s and Mary’s Second Ranked votes come in we will have a better understanding. Even with new data,
    everything could change in a day. I think the Gap between Sarah and Nick is too far to bridge. I see everyone going their own way—–Especially the Voters. Mary is gonna have a TON OF MONEY come her way, and the best Add People Hollywood can produce. In fact it could be a Tsunami that completely Swamps both Sarah and Nick.. The PRIZE IS ALASKA’S $100,000,000 PERMANENT FUND, and ALL THE STATES RESOURCES.. Tipping Alaska from RED to BLUE won’t be hard to do. While Nick and Sarah where fighting each other, Mary and the Democrats where practicing DIVIDE and Conquer. It’s still a Toss Up, But Mary has HUGE ADVANTAGE.

  70. “Reggie, Nick isn’t Mark. Please consider that.”
    Yeah, Nick III isn’t Nick I, Pegge, Tom, or Mark, but they’re all Begich, and I just don’t need any of them, thanks.

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