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Palin: ‘Drill, baby, drill’ is still the right call for America

Former Gov. Sarah Palin wrote at the Breitbart news website on Wednesday that America needs to return to drilling for oil and providing energy for the world.

“When I took on Joe Biden and Barack Obama in 2008, they used ‘Hope and Change.’ Now, Biden is the inspiration for ‘Let’s Go, Brandon,’ she wrote. “My slogan was ‘Drill, baby, drill.’ It was true and necessary in 2008, and it’s needed now more than ever.”

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Palin argued that while President Biden shuts down oil and gas opportunity at home, he is encouraging the import of  oil from abroad. “His response to high energy prices is to run and beg OPEC, the international cartel, for more oil,” she wrote.

Palin explained that the slogan “Drill, baby, drill” was never a call for more oil, but “is a call for more of America.”

“As the former governor of Alaska, I am well versed in energy production and how government regulations and overreach can stifle the industry.  Biden’s decisions, such as killing the Keystone Pipeline and stopping responsible oil and gas development on federal land, were all deliberate and illegal actions made by an administration that does not understand whatsoever how we produce our energy. Consequences took a few months to kick in, but we’re feeling them now. Drilling has slowed. Exploration has slowed. Investment has been scared away. Devastating ramifications are around the corner,” Palin wrote.

“America now suffers because two million fewer barrels of oil are being produced every day compared to just one year ago. The diminished supply caused the huge spike in prices, which gets compounded across every other sector of the economy, including agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, and job creation in general. Much of our current inflation (a record 6.2 percent in the last quarter!) is driven by these energy costs. The entire domino effect was started at the White House by a president who won’t learn his lesson,” she wrote.

Read Palin’s Breitbart column at this link.

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Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Sarah is not wrong.


    There is something VERY wrong when Alaska is one of the three lowest States for Gross Domestic Product.

    California, Texas and New York, being the top three.

    Alaska has a land mass that likely equals or is larger than those three states combined.

    Alaska also is the marine highway for global logistics.

    Wake up, people!!

    • The land mass called Alaska has 586,000 square miles, larger than any two of those states but not all three. That said, only about 1/3 of that mass is actually the State of Alaska and most State land is in disconnected parcels scattered all about the land mass. Another 1/3 of the landmass is Indian land, and the remaining 1/3 is federal land. A major impediment to developing State of Alaska resources is acquiring a right of way to get those resources to market because the right of way has to traverse a patchwork of State, Indian, and Federal lands. Any time there is a Democrat Administration in DC, and often even in Republican Administrations, it is almost impossible to develop anything that involves federal lands.

        • The “Indians” are merely immigrants like the rest of us, that is, unless you EVAN don’t believe in the science of evolution from Africa. #stoppandering #stopwiththediscrimination #weareallequal #weisallafricans

          • Eric and Jefferson: You both chose to get all white defensive by my comment. My point was that the term “Indian” doesn’t include Aleuts or Yupiks.

    • Interesting to note that the same companies that invest the permanent fund are putting the people’s money in investment funds that don’t support drilling or financing of North Slope oil projects !

  2. Palin states in that Breitbart article: “During my vice presidential debate against Biden, at the time a four-decades long senator, the price of gas was $3.65 a gallon and a barrel of oil was $97 dollars.”

    Yep, and George W. Bush was the president.

    Now Joe Biden is the president. And today a barrel of oil is 67 dollars. President Biden is doing great!

    • Slip, you stand with only 32% of the country that think so, which continues to decline every week, making Biden the worst President in history. Some people are just dense or loyal to the end or more likely both.

  3. Sounds like Palin may be considering a run for some statewide job. Senator maybe?
    Tell me again why she quit her job as Governor. Many of her then supporters spent a great deal of time and money putting her in office. . Her resignation was a slap in the face and a betrayal of those who worked so hard to get her elected. Pretty sure that most of us will not make that mistake again.

    • She was harassed out of her job, just like Dunleavy is being harassed, by our RINO’s and the AK Legislature.. NOW.. He’s been sued just like Sarah was..

      • KC: harassed out of office was she? Oh please! She could simply not take the heat that just about every elected official gets from the opposition. Is this the type of person you really want as your leader? When things got tough, instead of showing she was up to the task, she cut and ran. That is the definition of cowardly. Not of leadership!

  4. I went looking for proof of this claim, ” Much of our current inflation (a record 6.2 percent in the last quarter!) is driven by these energy costs.” Couldn’t find it, but not surprised. Palin is a hack, in every sense of the word.

    If she had any brains at all, or Alaskans, for that matter, they would have plowed their PFD into bitcoin and would now be sitting on the world’s biggest pile of cash, but they didn’t. The reason is simple: Alaskans are dumb about money, they elect dumb-dumbs, and they will remain as poor as they’ve ever been, just watch.


  5. Dear Sarah Palin where are you, please save the state oil and gas business, run for office, please!

    Here is a plan to reform the oil and gas system that served the Majors and kept Alaskans from the money they deserved and should now get, only a leader like Sarah Palin can get this money for all Alaskans in 2022 in my opinion! Her plan made Alaska productive and then they killed her work, it is time for her to return Alaskans the money they own now! Where is the plan to make Alaska the top Natural Resource producer in the nation if not the world? Alaska is a winner! Alaskans have failed to find the leaders to do this and with the vision to distribute the $80 plus billion dollars currently in Permanent Fund to each Alaskan in the amount of $114,000 shortly after this next election.

    Alaskans are going to win big in 2022! If Alaskans can get the new legislators 2/3 majority and a Governor to fix the broken Natural Resource Management and allow oil and gas prosperity once again! Get the right people to run, Alaska needs leaders that can help cause the Permanent Fund to replenish and grow and make regular $114,000 payments to every Alaska over and over again every decade or so with a pro-development government that gives the money back to the people instead of the deal-killing bureaucrats’, greedy Lobbyist and anti-oil and gas special interest groups that are killing the state economy! It is time to get your check for $114,000 with your name on it, all you have to do is just find the right leaders to run in 2022! It is a tough job but Alaskans are winners and it’s time to win big and take the state management back and manage to get your check for $114,000 and set up a better management system to develop baby develop the state’s Natural Resources that are wasting this opportunity to make Alaska Great Again! It is time to win big and put the money in your bank and not theirs!

    • Note to Mr. Donkel: In case you haven’t noticed, oil and gas production is causing global warming, and there’s a thing called the Energy Transition underway, where hydrocarbons will be increasingly replaced by renewable energy sources. Those who have invested in many Alaskan oil and gas leases will eventually find themselves holding nothing but worthless paper. Just look at the low level of interest in recent North Slope lease sales.

      And no legislative body will ever allow the Permanent Fund to be distributed in its entirety as it would deprive them of the funds necessary to run the State.

      Some things, like saving the planet, are more important than profiting from unwisely-purchased leases, and bribing Alaskans with the promise of huge PFDs.

      • I could use a bit more global warming. Damn cold today. When is this supposed to kick in? I have been waiting for 20 years for the great catastrophe, but as usual all the talking heads fail to deliver.
        Sure would cut down on heating costs.

        All jokes aside, the real killer to our planet is commercial fishing. That and taxes.

    • Daniel K. Donkel: That’s not much of a plan, more of a wish list, if you wish to destroy the economy of Alaska by extinguishing the Permanent Fund.

  6. There is plenty of interest by Alaska Native Corporations to negotiate right-of-way/land use permitting to create a means of transportation through Alaska.

    Alaska Native Corporation’s are PRIVATE landowners just as any person is.

    The beaurcacy of negotiations is not with Alaska Native’s.

    It has been because of the “me first” mindset of elected officials that are more comfortable with status quoue than actually taking a risk, withstanding the heckling, and following through with a monumental infrastructure project that is decades overdue.

    As far as the misconceptions or misunderstandings of Alaska Native Land Rights, please do ask.

    Please do express your understanding of it and let’s talk about that.

    It is absolutely not racist to openly discuss what the perceptions are in the spirit of learning what is ACTUALALITY is.

    I worked on a project with the Department of Justice, Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Interior, and the White House to create training material for federal employees to try to navigate the Alaska Native System of Governance and Cultural.

    We have a complex system and it is confusing for most folks.

    I hope no one feels shut down by worry that they will be called racist when trying to express their current understanding.

    I just ask that let’s have a meeting of the minds, let’s celebrate where your perceptions are correct, and also accept being corrected.

    The most dangerous thing is to carry forward our misconceptions out of fear to ask or discuss topics because the words of bigotry and racism are being lightly thrown around, when those words carry such a heavy history in our country and others.

    Ok, that’s my thoughts about that.

    Oh, and Drill Baby Drill!!

  7. And I forgot to say, Alaska Native Corporation landowners are for-profit corporation entities in this trifecta of federal, state, Alaska Native land ownership.

    We are not tribal reservations, national parks, etc.

    ANC’s exist to do business.

      • Jay,

        Let me know what you are referencing specifically.

        There is always more for me to learn!


        • Here’s just one example-S. 3004 – Alaska Native Claims Settlement Improvement Act

          And here’s an example of preference-Contracting preferences for Alaska Native corporations : hearing before the Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Contracting Oversight of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred Eleventh Congress, first session, July 16, 2009
          and another-United States Senate
          Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs

          • Jay,

            Yes, I agree with your statement.

            However, companies such as GCI wrote their own legislation now known as “The Alaska Plan”.

            The QVC Shopping Network owns GCI, literally.

            Large federal contracting companies, such as Boeing, historically have benefitted from sole-source contracting.

            Senator MCaskill, chaired the Oversight Subcommittee that you referenced.

            Out of one side of her face she attacked the Small Business Administration 8(a) Program because of her outrage regarding the fairness of sole source contracting.

            But she did not object to Boeing’s massive sole source contracts to manufacture jets and military plane parts.


            Because That work was being carried out in her state, benefitting her constituency, with the likes of large federal contracting companies preserving her position in that critical ROLE as the Chair of federal contracting oversight.

            My point is, it is a far from perfect system of government that we have, but if another country is doing it better, I would like to know.

            At any rate, it is frustrating and flawed.

            I am often more disappointed than uplifted with most of things “government”.

            Anyhow, I hope that you and everyone that posts and follows MRAK, are blessed this Christmas Season.

            Merry Christmas, Jay.

  8. I specifically gave you a piece of legislation and a congressional investigation and you respond with “two wrongs make a right”? No citation just opinion? It may be graft and corruption but it`s OUR graft and corruption?

  9. Jay,

    I do not represent a “we” or “our” on anything.

    My point (and yes, absolutely my opinion) is this:

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    If it is your opinion, that the players are graft and corrupt, then let’s address changing the rules of the overall game to fix that.

    I was simply pointing out that I do not agree with your interpretation aka opinion that Alaska Native Corporations receive special treatment.

    It is not special to effectively participate in the public process.

    It also is not corrupt, just because you have made a decision to self appoint your worldview as the singular Rulemaker, Judge. Jury, and Executioner.

    I was very clear that the public process is flawed at a systemic level.

    That flawed system is the framework i.e. rulebook in place.

    • Trudy, Halloween is over, time to put away the strawman. I made assertions, not opinions and proved them. If this threatens your view of the world then maybe you should examine your cognitive thinking abilities.
      Which of the following statements are true: Trump peed on Russian hookers. Joe Biden showered with his teenage daughter.

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