Paging Pete Buttigieg: FAA computers break down, outage grounds planes for hours


The Federal Aviation Administration issued an advisory at 4:18 am Eastern Time, saying the Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) system had failed. All flight departures were temporarily halted. By 9 am, flights were slowly getting back on track, the agency said later this morning.

“Normal air traffic operations are resuming gradually across the United States following an overnight outage to the FAA’s Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) system that provides safety information to flight crews. The ground stop has been lifted. The agency continues to look into the cause of the initial problem.”

This was the first time all domestic flights were grounded since Sept. 11, 2001, after the terrorist attack on the United States. Critics are laying the blame at the feet of Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg.

“Biden’s FAA set ‘racial equity,’ ‘inclusion,’ and ‘environmental justice’ as its top priorities. Now, it can’t keep our planes in the air. Wokeness is always a weapon for making everyone’s lives worse,” wrote conservative Charlie Kirk, referencing the FAA’s new top priorities, which are inclusiveness.


  1. Maybe instead of sending another $70 billion to Ukraine, Joe Brandon and Pete could attend to this little problem.

  2. Another triumph for Biden’s diversity picks.

    Imagine if he’d gone for quality instead of tokens. But we’ll never know.

    • So a computer system goes down and it is somehow a result of a “diversity pick”? We know nothing about what happened to the system or if there is anything Pete could have done to prevent it. Do you just wake up each morning with unfounded disdain and have to let it out on the MRAK comment section?

      • No, but it’s funny how these sorts of breakdowns just seem to magnify enormously under ‘diversity’ hires.
        I’m sure that it is all just a giant series of coincidences —- like all the healthy young people and athletes suddenly dropping dead from heart attacks. Yep, that has always happened, absolutely nothing to see here.

      • Yeah, he’s done a lot for us. Clearly it was more important for him to ensure the NOTAM system is no longer ‘offensively’ named. How much money was spent revising all the signs, forms, letterheads, business cards, etc., instead of actually maintaining and updating the system itself? Pothole Pete may be the worst person in Brandon’s cabinet.

  3. Another resounding success for so-called “wokeness”, the glorification and elevation of mental illness, and the ongoing march of creeping incompetence.

  4. ” To promote environmental justice”. This is news to me, I thought that maintaining navigational aids and controlling crowded air space was the FAA’s mission.
    Now it appears the Biden Administration’s grounding of flights is a major component in achieving environmental justice. I mean, as long as those jets with their Pratt or G.E. engines remain idle on the ground they won’t be spewing out all of that awful CARBON. Genius!
    This is beyond incompetence , you have to plan and work hard to get a system this screwed up, and to think it only took a little over two years!

    • Thankfully, the new House majority GOP conference is going to keep the IRS using 40+ year old software, so we won’t have these problems now that Congress understands all voting and tax collection needs to be done for in-person on paper forms.

      • They should completely defund the criminal and tyrannical IRS, and be done with it.
        I mean, with Jerome’s printer at the Fed, who needs to collect taxes anyway, when they have rooms full of printers going BRRRRRRR?

      • Sounds great except they should take away any tech the irs is using and replace it with 1 slide rule for all to share

        • They need to go to a flat tax and get rid of the irs. The tax code is too big and complex designed to help the rich. Put everybody on the same playing field.

  5. Even the Secretary of Transportation doesn’t know what NOTAM is – Notice to Airmen, NOT Notice to Air Missions. Good grief, the monkeys are running the circus…..

  6. When you hire someone for checking the “right” boxes and not competence, this is what you get.
    He wasn’t called Pothole Pete for nothing.
    The whole Biden administration is filled with box checkers.

  7. Just like the entire corrupt Biden Administration, MIA! Birds of a feather, corrupt, inept, incompetent, I would keep going except it is very depressing. The country is being run by illegitimately elected fools and liars. Make America Great Again! Solution to this problem? Fix the election system, hold military tribunals for treason and make them all pay for their crimes against America. Expose their collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party. Bring severe economic sanctions against China and cutoff their infiltration into our Universities and Government. Clean out our intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies through investigations with teeth. Defund them through congressional action. The time to save America is now!

    • It’s not at all like that. Consider evaluating the world evenly. Some issues are 49/51 and are diminished by extreme statements like these. Finding a sensible calm in the middle(or Right of middle), would benefit this discussion and , I’ll bet, your personal relationships.

      • No Lucinda that time has come and gone. It’s time for other means as your leftist side has shown how they us power. Enough is enough. You can turn the other cheek but the left doesn’t care.

  8. Go easy on Sec. Pete. It is not his fault he was promoted way beyond his capabilities.
    This is the inevitable outcome when you hire people because of what they are, not because of what they do.
    Sec. Pete is in that position because of his choice is spouse, not because he has any clue whatsoever how to run an organization comprised of 50K+ people with a budget of $142B. After all, he was elected Mayor of South Bend, IA (Where??? has anyone outside of Indiana ever heard of this place) for the same reason he was named Sec of Transportation. And, hint: It was not his management ability.

  9. Everybody knows that mayor Pete got this job in order to pad his resume and to groom him for higher office. With his record presiding over crisis after crisis, and seemingly getting caught each time with his pants down, we are in a world of pain if he fails his way up the chain.

  10. The next time this happens permanently will you be content to be with your grub permanently on this or that side of the divide at the Unveiling of the ugly, cold underground ice prisons having their melt down with only a turnstyle for in designed for the oppositional, hated ones?

  11. Isn’t it funny how they don’t talk much about this freedom of travel; pursuit of happiness in these days of covert weather warfare (mass queer raiding as climate change) as we do run out of reserves. Keep carefully monitoring tv. You’ll be told by those that love you what has really been going on. Thanks ever so much for your mental health.

    • MASQUERADING SORRY MISPELLED WORD WHILE COOKING DINNER. The unconventional war includes making weather patterns to appear to convince the unwary that earth no longer has natural weather patterns. This expertise is known in in many countries. Russia has a very active weather program. Australia also has an active weather changing industry. SO do others. They are proud of their skills at making it rain or not. Very well financed technologies. The dems say oh climate change but it is an industry. LOOK it up if interested. Knowing about it innocculates one from believing climate change agendas are anything but political agendas to dispossess populations, make them sick, suffer from the cataclysm that are now seen preparatory to wholesale movement of weather up hill socially speaking. God is sitting on His throne and He will keep His property – the earth ? inhabited whether evil people disagree with him or not.

    • There you go trying to censor people. You’re exactly what we don’t want need or deal with. Let’s take away some of your rights. I don’t know who you think you are but I am sure it’s not someone of importance.

  12. WHY? I’m a woman. Who do you think you are. Lisa murkowski herself placed proud photos of herself in Ice Study Buildings Underground on her fb page to show us the work the government is doing to monitor the ice melt knowledge. UAA sponsored studies at depths So “they” are doing something like this. Other channels of serious content gasp about the dangerous underground detention camps that are awaiting prisoners in Alaska. An Ambassador (once an ambassador always an ambassador) said the detention camps have one way in and no way out turnstiles. If made with ice they will collapse. They are somewhat empty right now. You would have us genuflect to you due to your superior skills, abilities, and knowledges. Which is it? Are you in the in crowd and know what the in crowd knows about us or are you a pollyanna like the rest of us.

  13. The FAA computers should have been replaced decades ago. It is a wonder that with all of the money flowing into the FAA that they could not have set aside enough for a new computer system. But then, this is a revival of the gang that couldn’t shoot straight – or at all.

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