Order from Speaker Pelosi: ‘Don’t mess with me’


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lectured a reporter during a press availability, when he asked her if the impeachment proceedings had to do with her hatred of the president. She referred to her Catholicism, and said she has a heart “full of love.”

“Do you hate the president?” the reporter had asked.

Pelosi replied, “”I don’t hate anybody…As a Catholic, I resent your using the word hate in a sentence that addresses me. I don’t hate anyone…So, don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that.”

It’s clear that Sinclair Broadcast Group reporter James Rosen will not be invited to the cool-kids’ table at the next reporters’ luncheon. After the exchange, “#DontMessWithNancy was a hashtag that raced to prominence on Twitter, where politics is a blood sport.

Rosen maintains that it is a fair question in the context of Pelosi hurrying the impeachment proceedings along in the House of Representatives.


  1. Pelosi is far from being a Catholic. As a Catholic you would not allow abortion and anyone who says differently is a Liar. The teachings of Catholism believes life begins at Conception.

  2. She’s about as insane as it gets. Heart full of love? Give me a break.. She’s the biggest hypocrite standing!! She totally hates our President. Hiding behind religion doesn’t make it any better.

  3. The speaker is about as deranged as you can get….she is so full of hate for the president and Republicans in general. She had little or no regard for the general population other than something she can harvest from them to hold on to her power..

  4. If Pelosi does not want anybody messing with her….as to being questioned about hating President Donald Trump in a sentence addressed to her. Then what do you call what Pelosi is doing? ???

  5. She’s lying. They all hate President Trump because he has accomplished so much in spite of them. She has and continues to abuse her position as a wealthy elitist, passing legislation which favors her husband’s businesses, her children appointed to high level positions for which they have no qualification by government contractors. Complaining about the aircraft provided her at taxpayer expense to fly back and forth to California, limousines at both ends with armed drivers.. Doting MSDNC, CNN, WAPO, NYT …. the propaganda arms of dIMOCRATs, they all know it and won’t report it. The average person has no concept of the wealth, privilege and corruption this “don’t mess with me” hero represents. I will pass on the accolades. The press has two standards and it’s patently obvious.

  6. Pretty sure the Vatican said “No communion for Pelosi” since she is not considered by the Pope to be a Catholic, what with her advocating abortions on demand and all. But nice try playing the Catholic card, Nancy.

  7. So the Speaker has declared: “Don’t mess with me” with regard to a question about her motives and feelings for the President. What does that mean, exactly? What might she do if someone messes with her? Send some goons to harm the questioner? Dispatch investigators to rifle through the questioner’s home? Intimidate members of the questioner’s family? What a thug. Your bluff is called, Madame Speaker: People are “messing with you.” Now what?

  8. Or what madam speaker? What are you going to do to us that you are already trying to do to us like take away our inalienable rights. You hate the president because he’s doing good for the country no. He’s creating jobs boosting the economy making the world a safer place you know everything that Obama couldn’t do.

  9. I think what Pelosi and compatriots are trying to pull off could be called a “turkey trot”. The ‘turkeys’ (dems) keep trotting out other leftist ‘turkeys’ to “testify” against President Trump. No conservative ‘witnesses’ need apply. They won’t be allowed to tell the truth. Everything is based on hearsay, with nothing except ill will towards our President and all he has accomplished and all he stands for (America). Now, Nadler (the rotund small fellow) is saying, “if we don’t impeach him, he’s sure to throw the 2020 election and win”.
    Treason is a word. It has tremendous implications when used correctly. To throw this accusation around about President Trump, with absolutely no evidence or any other proof, with first person testimony of both sides not allowed by dems. Tor them, the word ‘treason’ only applies to any action of our President, proof be damned. It’s the ‘thought that counts’ now, according to the dems. The “maybe motives” our President is now being accused of are absolutely asinine. That’s not how it’s supposed to work. They (dems) seem to think the entire populace is slower than that plane, bus, train or green light you’re waiting for. Justice and truth is only for the ‘little people’ (conservatives), not them. Pelosi is the pseudo ‘ring leader’, but I think her strings are being pulled from a dark place by even worse people. Alaska is headed there with the sham “impeachment” of Governor Dunleavy unless conservative voters decide to take action. The phrase “mark my words” is kind of ‘cliché’ but, “mark my words”.

  10. Well, in the old days, the Catholics didn’t have a braggable story did they? Tried to kill off the protectors of pilgrims in the crusades over money. Changed the Sabbath. Helped Nazis escape Europe through Spain. Kind of sounds like Pelosi’s kind of club.

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