Only media allowed at Homer’s Vance-Cooper debate at Land’s End


The debate between Rep Sarah Vance and Kelly Cooper will be held in Homer on Wednesday at Land’s End at 5:30 pm.

However, the public is not invited.

While the Homer Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring the debate, Cooper asked the organization to disallow the public because of the rising number of COVID cases on the Kenai Peninsula.

Only the media will be allowed, and in Homer, that means liberal media. The announcement was made on Tuesday evening by Cooper.

The debate will be streamed live at this link.

The organization’s promotion for the event included a large photo of Cooper, and less prominent photo of Rep. Vance, as shown above.


  1. I note that downing is always ranting about ‘outside money’. At the top of my page what do I see but an ad by Americans for Prosperity. So downing, are they Alaskan bred and born? Yes, yes of course Google ads and such…

    • Whatever. That’s a paid advertisement which keeps the lights on. If you don’t like it then donate to this site which, by the way is still “free” to read. You must pay to play over at the all coveted ADN and guess what? They also have paid advertising.

  2. Representative Vance should move to cancel the Debate unless the public is allowed to attend. It is We The People not We the Media.

  3. No surprise there. Local NPR (National Propaganda Radio) affiliate, KBBI in Homer, will undoubtedly attempt to spin the debate win to Cooper. They have already aired a puff piece touting her accomplishments as a Borough Assembly person even though the electorate rejected most of her agenda in the Oct. 6th local election.

  4. 1. Those photos are the same size… just different backgrounds making one look bigger; 2. The chamber director loves 45 and dunleavy, he’s vetting all of the questions

  5. Very civil discussion between the two. Excluding SB21 and the abortion issues (deal killers for many people) either would be an effective representative for that area.

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