Oil tax petition signatures to be turned in on Friday


“Alaska’s Fair Share” oil tax initiative proponents say that they have collected over 40,000 signatures to place their initiative on the ballot.

On Friday, Jan. 17, the group will turn their petition booklets in at the Division of Elections between 2-3 pm. There will be some fanfare for the television cameras at the 2525 Gambell Street building where Elections is located.

The initiative asks voters to radically change Senate Bill 21, Alaska’s stable oil taxation system that voters approved in 2014. The change would boost the tax rate and eliminate net tax credits for the largest oil fields. The leader of the initiative is Robin Brena, the law partner of former Gov. Bill Walker.

A Senate bill that mirrors the Alaska’s Fair Share initiative was filed by Sen. Bill Wielechowski on Jan. 10. SB 129 is much longer than the initiative, but seeks to enact the same tax plan. If passed by the Legislature, it would knock the initiative off the ballot.

[Read the initiative language here.]


  1. Who didn’t see this coming? The full PFD rhetoric pushed by our current administration has led to where we now find ourselves. Big oil should have been lobbying Mike to tone it down just a little bit. So stupid.

  2. Interesting that all of these initiatives are being driven by disgraced former Governor Bill Walker through his proxies……lawyers that either work with him now, or worked with him when he was governor. Bill Walker, was probably the biggest crook to sit at the Third Floor in the Capitol Building. A complete disgrace of a governor who is trying some revenge politics on those who kicked his a$$ in the 2018 election. Walker’s soul-brother, the Lt. Governor, ran like a coward when discovered that he was trying to hook-up with underaged girls. Walker and Mallott were both a couple of old codgers who disgraced Alaska. I hope Walker’s initiatives go down like he did.

  3. Isn’t it “shooting the goose that lays the golden egg”? I would wager that none of the proponents of the “fair share” have anything invested in producing oil. Pretty easy to expect for those that didn’t share in the risk and trials of exploring and developing the fields. The oil companies spent billions and billions finding, developing and transporting the oil. I don’t particularly love oil companies but fair is fair. A ‘deal’s a deal’. It’s almost like a penalty for being smart and able enough to make big money. I asked a local “petitioner” why he thought the tax was good for Alaska. He said: “The oil companies make too much profit. We deserve our fair share”. He had no answer when I asked how the lost jobs from this tax would be replaced. No answer, change the subject. No explanation. Only “We Deserve”. Young guy. I think he actually believed what he was saying.

  4. Vote for Salmon initiative went down in blazes, just as all of these other Bill Walker inspired initiatives will too. The people aren’t stupid, even though Bill Walker believes they are. This is the arrogance of the Left and the corrupt Democrats at work when they have been spanked by the voters in the regular elections. Bill Walker and his sex abuser Lt. Gov should be in jail.

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